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Splendour Group is a 360° real estate digital marketing agency. We have been providing top-notch marketing solutions to real estate businesses thriving to scale digitally since 2017. Our digital marketing services for real estate include consulting, management, and close progress monitoring to achieve the desired goals.

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Our Approach

Being a determined PPC Marketing Agency, our goal is to provide an ideal outcome for our clients for which we adhere to a strategic action when running the campaigns.

Must-Have Digital Marketing Channels
For Real Estate COMPANIES

Real Estate Website Development

Your website represents your brand online, based on which users are steered to follow the sales funnel for conversion. Our digital marketing for real estate consists of a team of excellent web developers who will prepare an excellently optimized real estate website to help you achieve your goal. Our main aim is to deliver a user-friendly, fast and robust website. We also implement SEO features on your website right from the design stage, so ranking your website becomes a smooth process.

Real Estate SEM Services

PPC online marketing is an essential component of our digital marketing service for real estate clients, and we make the most of it to drive direct traffic to your website. We conduct thorough research to determine the keywords for your real estate services that lead to clicks and purchases. Your real estate business is sure to receive the profit and clients it needs with our revenue-driven PPC campaign.

Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Our digital marketing service for real estate business includes Social Media Marketing, where we help your real estate company stand out amongst your competitors by creating original and engaging social media campaigns. The campaign includes creating your social media account, posting targeted content, and posts to boost your social media presence. Utilizing popular social media platforms with high user engagement, such as Facebook and Instagram, we will help you create the trust and recognition your brand requires locally.

Real Estate SEO Services

Splendour’s digital marketing for real estate services focuses on driving the right traffic to your website and persuading them to invest in your business with our SEO service. The SEO experts at Splendour will optimize your website by implementing the best SEO strategies and integrating the targeted keyword for real estate to make your business the most visible in the search engine by directing traffic to your website organically.

Real Estate Content Writing

We understand how crucial it is to have relevant content to drive traffic to your website. At Splendour, we focus on producing impactful content for your website, blogs, ad campaigns, and social media posts with the assistance of our expert content writers with abundant knowledge in the real estate domain. Splendour Group, the dedicated real estate digital marketing agency is experienced with the market, trend and potential audiences.

Local SEO for Real Estates

To tackle the fierce competition in the real estate industry and secure qualified leads, our Local SEO for Real Estate service works like a charm. Our industry experience in running successful Local SEO campaigns will boost your presence on local searches and bring qualified leads to grow your business.

By building an immaculate online presence, Splendour Group will help you earn the awareness and leads your Real Estate company deserves.This is the digital era where almost everyone seeks and validates the information they get from the internet and makes decisions and purchases influenced by it.



Online platforms are a place to be visible in front of your target audience in the most efficient and quickest possible way. Your online presence makes you visible to the billions of people worldwide using the internet, and it becomes effortless to reach your target niche and promote your business locally and on a global scale. It helps to bring the desired traffic to your website and gain leads much more easily.

Increased Exposure

If you successfully build a positive online presence, then exposure is something you’ll inevitably gain from it. Digital marketing gives you the platform to build your connections and focus on your specific customer base.The online awareness your business gains from the digital marketing will support your pursuit of buidling a name and reputation around your brand.

Increased Engagement

Digital marketing revolves around creating campaigns, blogs and post which sparks the interest of your target customers, motivating them to engage and interact with your company. Social media posts, blogs, and advertisements are created with the goal of increasing engagement, which contributes in expanding your reach and gaining a dedicated audience. Having compelling content on your website and social media platforms benefits in turning your audience into a paying customer.

Evaluation of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

With digital marketing, you can monitor progress and conversions with the assistance of analytics tools, see the outcomes of your real estate marketing efforts relatively quickly, and make adjustments depending on the data to make your marketing even more successful.

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Digital Marketing Experts

Collaborating with numerous clients across all regions, industries, and scales, we've gained profound knowledge and experience in the real estate digital marketing landscape. Our team of skilled professionals with expertise in the different areas of digital marketing collaborates to drive businesses to their highest potential.

Data-Driven Performances

Our unbeatable success streak with all our clients is because we strongly rely on the data to plan our digital marketing solutions. Our industry experts, combined with cutting-edge analytics tools, study the data to plan and execute an audience-driven strategy.

Personalized Marketing Strategies

When you partner with us, you're never pressured to take up services that don't benefit or contribute to the growth of your business. We consult with our clients to understand their business vision. We then devise a personalized marketing strategy for each client for their holistic growth.

360° Marketing Approach

We follow the 360° marketing approach to provide our clients with a comprehensive and integrated marketing solution. We embrace this practice in our marketing strategies to ensure our client's business reaches its target audience across all channels to maximize their return on investment.

Continuous Learning & Growth

The growth mindset drives the working culture at Splendour, and we're continuously in pursuit of bettering our abilities. It is a must within our agency for every employee to be updated on the latest tools, trends, and market practices to stay ahead in the game.

Our Real Estate
Strategic Objectives

Startup Marketing

It is challenging for any new brand to make its mark in the real estate industry where big players have already dominated the market. Our real estate marketing strategies will assure quick growth for any startup real estate business working with a limited budget.

Brand Positioning

Focusing on your niche and designed to appeal to your target audience, our marketing strategies keep your uniqueness at the forefront to build a strong identity and differentiate you from the competitors.


From building the brand awareness of your real estate business to nurturing old and new leads and everything in between, our comprehensive real estate marketing strategies will make you a notable name and increase your sales to grow your business from strength to strength.

Content Marketing

Our experience helps us deliver strong content along with strategic marketing of the content that forms the bridge to connect you with potential buyers looking for real estate services. Not just that, we’ll establish you as the leader and authoritative entity in your industry by producing content that appeals to your audience.

Digital Marketing

In this digital age, digital marketing plays a crucial role for the success of your real estate agency. From strengthening your online presence, fostering relationships with your leads to escalating your sales and revenue, we’ll do it all.

Make Your Google Presence Stand Out

Okc Home Reality Services

Leveraging our full suite of digital marketing services carefully crafted for real estate business has helped Property Management OKC grow its business to new heights of success. From building a professional website to delivering SEO services, we’ve done it all for them and organically paved their way to #1 on the search result.

Implementing the strategies of our expert SEO specialist has amplified the clicks, traffic, and impressions, all accounting for their profit. As a real estate digital marketing agency, we worked diligently to boost the clicks from 20 in a day to 58.9k in just 16 months for OKC with the assistance of our expert SEO Specialist.

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Digital Marketing

Real Estate Marketing FAQs

A real estate company requires the support of a digital marketing agency to build online awareness so that your business gets the eyeballs and focus in needs to form the trust and credibility required to compel your prospective user to interact with your business. To withstand the real estate industry, digital appearance is a core for exposure. Digital marketing helps you to expand your business to your potential customers, generate leads, and boost your business one step closer to the goal.
Real estate digital marketing can generate online exposure with proper research, expertise, and strategy planning. There are lots of factors like content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, attractive web design, paid ads, and many more that a digital marketing agency implements to generate lead. Read more about the strategy
Splendour is a complete digital marketing company with proven experience working for real estate clients. Our digital marketing for real estate includes SEO, web design, PPC, content creation, social media management, and more. We also deliver customized services for our clients depending on their requirements to make their business profitable.
To withstand the real estate industry digital appearance is a core for exposure. Digital marketing helps you to expand your business to your potential customers, generate leads, and boost your business one step closer to the goal.
Splendour has years of experience providing our clients with the finest result-driven digital marketing services. Our clients range from broad sectors, which also include real estate. We have always emphasized researching and familiarizing ourselves with our client’s niche to understand the industry and competitors operate. We build our digital marketing strategy after properly studying our client’s business.