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Staying on your A-game is a must for real estate businesses because of the massive competition and huge investments at stake. Now is the time when real estate agencies must be agile and focused in their marketing strategies to generate leads and sales and establish their market dominance.

Why Choose Splendour

We take PPC campaigns and brand-boosting hand in hand for the continued success of estate clients. Invest in our Real Estate PPC Agency to get the best PPC campaign to get leads faster and cash on the brand visibility to earn new customers. We have years of experience and the best PPC team in the market to generate real estate leads online within your budget.

Real Estate PPC Services

We at Splendour have tried and tested various industry-proven tools and techniques to establish the process that produces the leads and converts them into paying customers. As a real estate PPC company, we aim to understand clients’ unique requirements and design a PPC campaign that aligns with their business goals. Data drives our PPC campaigns in identifying the relevant traffic seeking real estate services and delivering the conversion.

Keyword Research & Optimization

Keyword research and optimization are a significant part of our PPC campaigns for real estate clients. The real estate PPC experts at Splendour will start by identifying your target audience and then list the relevant keywords and phrases that are effective for the campaign. Incorporating the right keywords in the PPC campaign is the key to our success.

PPC management

Our specialized real estate PPC services comprise PPC management to handle your PPC campaign from start to finish. Don't stress about managing your PPC campaign on top of all the demanding work you're bound with. Our experienced PPC agency has delivered on the promise of faster leads and excellent brand visibility to all our real estate clients.

Landing Page Optimization

As a goal-oriented real estate PPC agency, we don't bank only on the clicks on the PPC campaign. The real estate PPC experts are Splendour, known for creating conversion campaigns to display your real estate services in the best light possible and convert your website visitors into sales. We focus on optimizing the conversion rate of your landing page to promote conversion and user experience and minimize bounce rates.

Google Ads Management

The real estate PPC experts at Splendour have the proficiency and skills to manage and optimize your Google Ads campaigns to generate the desired numbers. Our complete PPC management service overlooks everything from ad sets for conversion to timely tracking of the performance.

Why We're The Best Real Estate PPC Agency

We want to sow the seed of long-term growth for all our clients by developing successful PPC strategies. Our strong association with real estate clients has equipped our industry knowledge and trained professionals to take on any challenging work. Your real estate business will grow from strength to strength by attaining your goals from our personalized PPC services.

Client-First Mindset

We are nothing without our clients, and we work by taking into consideration every opinion of our clients. Our customer-focused policy drives us to orient our collaboration towards a common goal and create the PPC strategies that drive success for our real estate clients.


We are transparent with our clients at all stages. We include our clients from the inception stage of the campaigns and provide an honest progress report. Trust is the crux of all successful collaboration, and we want to maintain that trust at all costs. Count on us for a truthful report for all your campaigns and progress report.

Data-Driven Strategies

We study the industry data and monitor the past campaign data of our clients to get a comprehensive understanding. Our real estate PPC experts work closely with data to develop customized campaigns targeting the right traffic.


Having run hundreds of successful PPC campaigns for our real estate clients, we've built a rhythm of researching, testing, and launching PPC campaigns that attract conversion. We have an unbeatable success streak with our real estate clients in bringing them the desired leads and numbers, all thanks to our experience and effective strategies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay-Per-Click(PPC) in real estate is a paid marketing practice to drive high-intent traffic to the website of the real estate service provider or specific listings. It is an effective and quick way to get to potential clients searching for real estate services and information online.
The Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign operates where the advertiser will allocate the maximum amount to charge for a click on the ad. It charges a fee every time the audience clicks the ad up to the specified ad budget.
Pay-Per-Click(PPC) benefits for real estate agents are targeted advertising, top ranking on a search engine, cost-effective marketing, measurable results and instant results.
The essential elements for the success of a PPC campaign are targeting correct keywords, the ad’s content, ad budget, landing page and conversion path to operate together in sync and complement the business goal.
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