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Online mediums are now the most preferred and effective sales channel for every industry, and the real estate industry is no exception. In fact, the real estate business is heavily based on the online visibility and popularity of real estate agents and real estate agencies to gain new clients. Thus, digital marketing for real estate agents is the most remarkable marketing strategy to get an unstoppable chain of leads.


The real estate buying process is done online by the lion’s share these days, with over 90% of potential real estate taking the assistance of online sources as their first move in the home buying process. Hence, it is paramount for real estate agent to prioritize their online presence to reach their potential clients.


Digital marketing is undoubtedly an all-encompassing way to quickly and conveniently get your real estate brand across millions of people. Though it covers all the prominent online channels, the real deal is how to strategize and execute it with perfection to get you new leads and conversion to raise your sales. This blog post will cover the fundamentals of why realtors need real estate digital marketing campaigns and the marketing tactics to achieve them.


Importance of Digital Marketing for Estate Agents

Modern technology has become a massive part of the real estate industry, expanding the avenues for realtors to reach a wider audience. Whether it is the business website, social media platforms, or even email marketing, digital channels have made it extremely convenient for realtors to communicate with their audience on a global scale.


Digital marketing for real estate agents is the need of the hour because just your website is not enough to convert your leads. You must have a solid online image to persuade your audience that you’re better than your competitors.


To do that, social media presence, social media ads, positive reviews, and dynamic Search Engine Optimization strategy helps. So if you’ve not yet added internet marketing, then now is the time to start!


Now that we’ve highlighted the importance, now let us get into the deep of real estate digital marketing for realtors.


Internet Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents


We’ve listed out some of the most proven marketing strategies, which guarantee leads and traffic for real estate agents. Executing these strategies carefully, you can turn leads into customers.

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Web Design

The website of your real estate services is the most essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Having a website makes people take notice of your business and the services you provide. Think of your website as your store online, which is accessible to your customers 24/7.


An easy-to-navigate user-friendly website, acceptable page speed, property listing with clear descriptions and quality images/videos, and a positive image online should be enough to get the trust of your potential clients.


Get help with real estate web design and development now.





The best service you can do for your business is to create high-quality, engaging, and informative content, be it a blog, case study, service page, infographic, newsletter, or ebook, and post it on your website for your potential clients to go through them.


When an interested real estate client looks for information content around real estate topics, and your content adds value to them, you gain loyal readers vouching for your expertise and sharing your content across mediums.


It not just boosts your visibility, but people get interested in trying your services because of your expertise.


If writing is not the piece of your cake then hiring an expert real estate content writer will be great or hiring a real estate content marketing agency for creating an SEO-friendly content strategy will definitely rank you on top of SERPs.


Real Estate Listing

What you’re doing via digital marketing is to build a strong presence of your business so that you get the interest eyeballs and leads in order to generate sales for your business. Thus, what you need to focus on is getting your property listing rights.


Be it on your website, social media platforms, GMB, or anywhere else, ensure your real estate listing provides the full description of the property, its neighborhood, location, and nearby landmarks and includes images and videos.


Interact in Social Media

With billions of people active on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc., social media platforms are a digital marketing boon for real estate agents. You get to display your services and knowledge to billions of people with a simple post; now, imagine how great that is.


First, Make a social media marketing strategy then create a dedicated social media handle for your real estate services, and publicize your services, listing, offers, service area, and expertise in the real estate industry.


Take social media as a way to get in touch with your audience on a one-on-one level. Reply to your audience, answer their queries, take their suggestions, and build a loyal bonding.


Offer Virtual Tours

Offering virtual tours of the property gives the real feel of the home. Giving a full-fledged 360-degree 3D tour of the property helps the audience conceptualize and visualize the property as it is far more immersive compared to pictures.


You have complete control with virtual tours to show which part of the house and from which angle to accentuate the beauty of the property. Since virtual tours give the audience the full feel of the property, you get inquiries from interested parties; thus you close more deals.


Leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is the soul of your digital marketing that actually gives life to all your marketing strategies. Even though a considerable population of people is looking for real estate services and properties online, it all boils down to being discovered to get the leads for your business.


SEO for realtors can get your business discovered in the Google search result for relevant queries. Thus, invest in SEO, and keyword research and optimize your content for the right keywords so that your potential audience finds you before your competitors.


Invest in Paid Media

Paid ads are an easy way for real estate agents to reach a wider audience and generate high-intent leads for their businesses. Considering the ROI, paid media is definitely worth it, as one has to pay only when their ads get clicked.


PPC for realtors is a game of using relevant keywords and the terms your audiences use to find the services of your niche so that the ads are visible to the right audience. With a well-researched and well-understood paid media ads campaign lead growth is not a hard sequel to discover.


Changes Estate Agents Can Make Today

While the strategies mentioned earlier are effective for real estate agents to build their online presence, they take time to show results and require proper planning and execution.


For quick results, we’ve listed some strategies you can add to a successful digital marketing campaign to get instant results and conversion.


Email Marketing

Undoubtedly, email marketing is the proven way businesses have been nurturing their leads and following up with existing customers. Newsletters, inquiry forms, and social media are some of the methods for you to acquire the emails of your audience.


Now you can design personalized emails for your audience and make them aware of your services, special offers, property listing, real estate guides, and much more on a timely basis so that they remember your real estate business and services.



Going live is the best way to instantly connect and get the pulse of your audience. You can interact in real-time with your audiences via the live chat feature available on social media platforms or show the property tours and receive feedback from your audience then and there.


Also, podcasts are the most trending medium for broadcasting your services and business and speaking on your expertise. People are tuning into podcasts that add value, so consider podcasting or partnering with podcasters that have a name for themselves to share your real estate knowledge and publicize your real estate services so that the interested audience finds you.



Interviews are a great way to get your name out there in the market. You can collaborate with media houses and do a one-on-one interview where you share your real estate stories, and experiences, guide new buyers, or even speak of your business and services.


The motive here is to spread the word about your real estate services. Interviews with Youtubers and a little chitchat with influencers can help you explore a new dimension of audience.


Local SEO

While SEO is generalized and caters to the global audience in search engines, Local SEO for realtors focuses on specific regions. 97% of online searches are to spot local businesses, and 78% of the local searches make the conversion according to the Sarafri Digital data on local SEO.


Thus, optimizing your content for local keywords and creating and optimizing location-specific pages are important to get a stream of leads for your business.


(You can also refer to our blog on local SEO strategies for real estate agents and get detailed information on this topic.)


Video Production

Videos are far more compelling in boosting sales than pictures, and thanks to technology, all it takes is a smartphone to get a high-quality video. Adding a virtual tour element gives an edge to your business.


Videos are proven to be more engaging to audiences than text or pictures. In fact, real estate agents focusing on video production get higher inquiries and meetings than those that just rely on photos.


Proof of Success

Do people even make a purchase or call a business without reading their online reviews in the current times? Be it to make a small purchase such as clothing items or to invest hard-earn money in real estate property, reviews shape the decision of buyers to select the best among the lot.


Client testimonials and success stories are the magnets that compel your audience toward your business. Request your past clients and existing clients to leave a review and share their experience of hiring you as their real estate agent.


Don’t miss out on showing the client reviews and testimonials on your website, social media platforms, and anywhere possible.


We Can Help

It can be time-consuming and tedious to find a digital marketing agency that understands your industry and brings the desired results; after all, you depend on an external party to grow your business.


Splendour Group has become a prominent name in the real estate industry and will successful collaboration with numerous real estate professionals and realtors by shaping their business to success.


We work with the belief that our client and their business are ours, so we develop conversion-focused marketing strategies and prepare tailored marketing plans to enhance their real estate business.


Partnering with us, you’ll never have to worry about the marketing side of your business, as we’ll handle it all with care and perfection to deliver the results.





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