OKC Home Realty Services' Road to Success

Back in January 2019, Scott approached us for website development and SEO services for his home realty business based in Oklahoma City. After a free consultation about our business services and work ethics, the project got finalized. 

The session was beneficial, and it helped us understand our potential client’s business, its needs, working ethics, and expectations from us. 

Our team of enthusiastic developers built the client website, and it is now well-developed, fully responsive, and mobile-friendly which meets global standards. The developers developed the website in coordination with our SEO specialists, which is the sole reason why the website stands as an SEO-friendly site today. 

Besides, we have continued to work on and off the site (link building) to yield the best results and broaden the customer’s business potential.

okc domain overview

OKC Home Realty Service’s website stands strong with more than 4k backlinks, 5k organic keywords, and 3.3k organic traffic. And we are pleased to announce that the website is currently ranked #1 in organic search results.

Here, in this case, study, we will discuss our client’s business background, the road to success from January 2019 to the present time, what tactics we used to meet their expectations, and how we can help other businesses achieve success in the same way OKC Realty Services has achieved. 

Business Background

OKC Home Realty Services is one of the trustworthy property management firms in Oklahoma City that provides property management services, including tenant screening and home inspection services. 


With years of experience in the industry, the business serves both property owners and tenants in different service areas in Oklahoma. 


As a result of our Search Engine Optimization services, the business has been able to serve local clients from OKC and nearby cities regularly.

Google Search Console Stats

google search console stat

Over the last 16 months, changes in the total website clicks and website impressions can be significantly noticed. The website got as few as 20 clicks initially, and now it gets clicks in hundreds. 


Similarly, there has been a boom in impressions as well.

Google Analytics Stats

google analytics stats

Similarly, comparing the traffic report for the last 16 months shows a dramatic rise in the graph. Over time, the total number of website visitors, user sessions, conversions, and other metrics have shown positive growth.


The website is receiving traffic from different sources/mediums, including google’s organic results, Google Business Profile (previously known as GMB or Google My Business), social referrals, etc. We want to highlight GMB’s result here. It is the third source/medium contributing to the max traffic to the website.

Google Business Profile Stats

gmb insight overview

The performance overview of the Google Business Profile of OKC Home Realty Services shows an increment of 61.2% from Dec 2020. The insight above justifies why this medium is the third-highest contributor to traffic to the website. 


A distinguished boost in the number of calls, directions, and website clicks can be seen. These exceptional results could be achieved over time via our numerous strategies. We would love to share our plan of action that helped us attain this success in the next section.

okc geogrid before
Local Ranking GeoGrid (Dec 21, 2021) 1.0 Mile Radius | Source: Local Viking
okc geogrid after
Local Ranking GeoGrid (May 15, 2022) 1.0 Mile Radius | Source: Local Viking

Splendour Group’s Winning Local SEO Strategy

We opted for numerous strategies before the results could be notably seen. We figured that some practices were black hat practices, and we filtered such strategies along the way. 


The milestone is not achieved yet, it’s a journey, and we’re continuously working to reach the goal. 


Here are the detailed, refined strategies we used to have booming results in the local SEO:

1. Tiered Link Building 

Tiered link building is the practice of building links from various sources to the business website. This technique has been used in multiple ways, some of which manipulated backlinks and rankings against the search engine guidelines.

We carried out this technique combined with other strategies in ethical ways, making sure that the guidelines were not violated. We created high-quality, original content for the first tier and published it on relevant sites. Further, we worked on link building for that content. The idea was to bring attention to our main site via the first tiered link. 

The tactic proved to be effective because we ensured all the best practices without trying to manipulate Google.

2. Proximity Push

The proximity or physical nearness of the searcher and the business is one of the most significant local search ranking factors. We ensured to make our business appear on the SERPs for relevant local business keywords through proximity push. 

3. CID Manipulation

Each business is assigned a unique Google CID (Customer Identification) number. These numbers help reduce ambiguity for Google and strengthen the location signals for pages on a site. 

Via this strategy, we signal to google the availability of a particular business for a specific keyword at different geo coordinates. 

4. GBP Post Silo Push


A silo structure aims at creating a complete, go-to reference set up for site visitors around a specific topic/post. In our approach to GMB (now GBP) post silo push, we focused on creating a series of videos, high-quality blog articles, images, and infographics for the main topics on our site.

5. Local Business Schema Implementation

A schema precisely tells the search engine what the web content is about. Search engines then use this information to serve the rich results. 

Talking about local business schema, it is a structured data markup that provides essential details (including business description, business hours, location details, contact details, business type, etc.) about a business to search engines. It is a significant ranking factor that helps optimize websites for local SEO.  

6. Optimized/Tuned GBP Website Content

The Google Business Profile (GBP) posts were well optimized before publishing them. We made sure not to use low-quality/paraphrased content. We used high-quality, relevant images for each post and made it compelling for viewers to click on.

7. Google Stacking

Google Stacking or G Stacking, or Google Entity Stacking, is an authoritative SEO strategy for local SEO growth that allows building backlinks on several Google platforms to the company’s website. 

It is possible to build backlinks faster via this method which might appear to be a black hat technique, but it is not. Google itself favors this technique.

8. GBP Content Optimization


Optimized GBP Service pages, descriptions, product pages, and business site with business-related keywords & LSIs

9. Local Business Citations

A local citation is the online mention of a business on local business directories, websites, and social platforms. Local business citations impact local search engine rankings and help internet users discover local businesses easily. 

We ensured that the business details were consistent throughout the web to ensure data accuracy.

All these strategies helped us achieve great results. We’re continuing to practice all the strategies to help our client’s business be seen in the local results more frequently. 

We helped them; we can do the same for your business!