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by Splendour Group | May 16, 2023 | blog

A real estate investor is on the hunt to make lucrative real estate deals, whether by purchasing properties at competitive rates, flipping properties for profits, leasing estates, or simply selling houses.


Estate investors are eyeing to get the best deals, and to do that, their services and name must be popular in the market.


Depending merely on the realtors and referrals to get the motivated leads via the traditional ways can be extremely frustrating because of the insufficient leads and deals not going through.


Digital marketing for real estate investors is a necessity today since people start house hunting first online and then contact realtors or estate agencies to proceed forward.


Thus, a solid marketing strategy is necessary for real estate investors to build their digital presence and expand their business reach.


And fortunately, now, with many avenues of digital marketing like social media, websites, and marketing tools, it’s easier to launch an effective marketing campaign that drives the result.


As a starting point, this article will provide you with an overview of real estate investor marketing that includes the strategies and quick tips you can act on right this moment to build your presence.


Importance of Digital Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors must recognize the numerous benefits and growth opportunities of digital marketing.


Apart from the givens like the growth in your online presence, and leads, it gives you the edge against your competitors and makes your company/services unique.


Competitive Advantage

Digital marketing gives investors a competitive edge in a competitive real estate market.


By staying ahead of the curve and leveraging innovative digital strategies and campaigns, investors can differentiate themselves from competitors, attract more leads, and close more deals.


Targeted Marketing

Digital marketing enables real estate investors to target specific demographics, regions, interests, and behaviors of their target audience.


Leveraging data analytics and online tools, investors can create highly targeted campaigns that reach people who are more likely to be interested in their properties or services, resulting in higher conversion and desired return on investment (ROI).


Brand Building and Credibility

An effective digital marketing strategy helps real estate investors build the brand and establish credibility in the market.


Through consistent and engaging online content, investors can showcase their expertise, share valuable information, and develop a strong online reputation, which can attract more potential clients and creates trust in their brand and services.


Internet Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors



A real estate investor is trying to target sellers, renters, and property buyers all at once. Hence, your marketing strategies must include elements to target various audiences, or else the leads you do generate might not meet your criteria to boost your revenue.


We have presented all-encompassing strategies to ensure soaring visibility for real estate investors below.

Website As An Asset

The digital marketing campaign for real estate investors beings with a real estate website development. The website for your business is where you establish the voice for your brand and showcase your services.


It is where your interested audience can connect with you; thus, it is a place for you to generate leads and get the attention of interested buyers & sellers. So, building a solid website should be the first course of action.


Next is to focus on providing a positive user experience for your website visitors. The factors you need to consider in order to give your user the best experience when browsing your website are:


  • Clear and easy navigation
  • Professional appeal and aesthetic of the website
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Site speed


Prioritise Quality Content


The content on your website is the most crucial factor in attracting traffic and interested clients to your website. We strongly suggest including a content marketing strategy in your marketing plan.


The content you put up on your website, social media, and anywhere else associated with your business must depict your services and expertise in the best light, and content strategy helps a lot with it.


Blogs are the best way you can get attention from your audience if they’re relevant to their queries and unique to your competitors. Capitalize on your real estate expertise and write informative articles related to the real estate topics that your target audience finds worthwhile to read.


The blogs can be guides for first-time real estate investors, laws related to renting property, or actionable advice on the right way to buy and sell property.


Writing quality real estate content establishes you as an expert, and people consider taking your services or referring it to people in need of your service.

Interact in Social Media



It is the time and age when a presence on social media is required for businesses to establish their brand and connect with audiences on a larger magnitude that might have never heard the name of your business.


Creating the profile for your real estate business on a popular social media platform gives you an outlet to reach your correct audience base and directly communicate with the end-buyers.


Updating your social media audiences about your real estate properties available for renting, leasing, and purchase can help you find interested prospects much quicker.


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Offer Virtual Tours

Media content is crucial to hold the attention of the viewers as mere written words are just plain boring text after a certain point.


But videos and images, on the other hand, are interesting to look at and help the viewer to visualize and get the feel of the property they’re looking at.


You may post 360-degree virtual tours or the complete video tour of a property, so pull the leads into the conversion funnel.


And if you think about it, virtual tours are actually time-saving and cost-efficient on your end, as you can use the same tour video for all your interested leads.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Including SEO in your marketing plan means you’re optimizing your real estate website to rank on the top spots in the search engines and get organic traffic/visitors to your site.


People don’t scroll past the top five results in the search engine- thus, it is imperative to rank high on the search engine if you wish to sell or rent more properties.


SEO makes it possible for your website to rank higher on the search result and generate leads for your business on a roll.


Leverage Paid Media


Since SEO takes time to rank you high on the search engines, paid advertising is an excellent way for real estate investors to get an instant burst of attention, leading to increased conversions and ad leads.


Google Ads is the most preferred advertising channel to get high-quality leads. You’re now paying to show up on the ad section that’s situated at the top of the search result. Interested people will definitely take notice of you.


You will need the assistance of a PPC Specialist to generate the desired ROI from your ad campaigns, as data, copywriting, use of keywords, and tracking all come into play.


Quick Changes Investors Can Make Today

We’ve listed below some immediate marketing strategies real estate investors can implement on their own to get started with their digital marketing campaign.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is undeniably an effective marketing option investors can use to spike up their sales. Sending out timely emails and newsletters to your past clients and leads keeps your name fresh in their minds.


The strategy is, wherever they require any real estate services, they remember you or refer to your name.


There are many email marketing tools that send out automated emails to your mailing list, so you don’t have to worry about sending out emails personally.



Leverage the power you have as a real estate investor, and share your knowledge and inside details of the industry with your audience via podcast.


A podcast is an incredible way to establish your authority as a real estate investor and get leads from it, as everyone wants to work with someone who deeply understands the industry.


Since there is no time limit with the podcast, and all the formality is out of the window, share your knowledge about the real estate landscape with your listeners in a free-flowing, one-on-one conversation vibe.



The best way to garner attention for your business is to partake in interviews. Whether it be you hosting the interview and having your fellow employee answer the question or a local, new channel interviewing.


Either/or is a great way to market your services and your business to local audiences. The key is to get the word going for your real estate services to get the attention that snowballs into the flow of leads.


Local SEO

Marketing locally to the local audiences of a particular local not just lessens the competition but also boosts conversion. As the competition lessens, the right practices of real estate Local SEO, such as:


  • optimizing content for local keywords
  • Creating location-specific pages
  • Claiming Google Business Profile Listing, and
  • Building local backlinks


should get you on the top ranking in the local search result when the users are looking for properties to rent near [location area], or for any other real estate related local query.


Video Production

Gone are the days when just plain written words would be sufficient to engage the audience. Now, it’s the visual elements that hook people because of the low attention span.


Hence, video content is the most popular marketing troop currently. Especially in the real estate industry, videos are of so much use.


Be it house tour videos, virtual open house events, or video posts on a social media channel, there are endless options to use the videos to interest potential tenants and buyers.


Proof of Success

Reviews and testimonials are the deciding factors that make interested leads and audiences take the plunge into your services. Even if you provide exceptional service, validation from your past clients is necessary to show trust in your services.


The testimonial from your clients shows people that your services have helped them, and your service is indeed the best. The reviews from your clients help to build your online reputation and establish you as a trusted entity in the industry.

We Can Help

Having a solid digital presence is the most essential factor for success for real estate investors. The strategies mentioned above, in sync with a robust implementation, should set digital marketing for real estate investors in the direction of success.


Now, all you need is a digital marketing agency to strategies and execute the marketing strategies. Finding the right marketing agency for your business can be time-consuming and challenging, but you don’t need to worry about that with Splendor Group.


Splendour is an experienced real estate digital marketing agency providing complete services to create a result-oriented digital campaign to establish a strong presence of real estate businesses online. Focusing on creating personalized marketing campaigns for our clients, we generate digital solutions to dominate your target audience.



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