Building an Evergreen Real Estate Content Strategy

by Splendour Group | May 1, 2023 | blog


For a real estate agency on the quest to develop their content marketing strategy, one must have encountered the term “evergreen real estate content” if they’re planning with a holistic approach.


If you, a real estate service provider, are thinking about what benefit evergreen content would provide to your business, it is that the real estate audience in today’s time online browsing through websites and blogs as the starting point in their home buying journey.


It is extremely crucial in this day and age, where the average real estate prospect is seeking online support, to have a content strategy to create relevant contents that have the desired impact throughout the test of time.


When a prospect buyer is looking through a real estate website, they judge you or gauge your expertise in the real estate business based on your content. So this is how your content is the make or break factor for your business. Now the real deal is how to produce content, and for that matter, evergreen content to benefit your real estate agency.


In this article, we will discuss why evergreen content is necessary for real estate and how to write it. 


What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is the type of content that doesn’t have an expiry date and is relevant for a long time. The goal with evergreen content is to create reading material with a persistent readability element that can last for years on stretch and make the desired impact. 


Talking explicitly about real estate, it is an intricate and intimidating space, especially for newbies. It involves deep knowledge of the market practices, real estate laws, the do’s and don’t’s of owning/renting/ and selling one’s property, and many more subjects of which an average person has no clue. This is the window of opportunity for real estate experts to be the advisor for the such audience by answering their questions, and bingo, such content is always evergreen. 


The buyer’s guide and industry rules could be your starting point to create content that doesn’t have an expiry date, as buyers at all stages need to refer to it. If your content can provide answers to the queries of your audience and is ageless, your target audience will keep referring back to you. 


Your gateway to answering your audience’s queries and making content that is every green is to start with real estate blogging. From writing blogs on hot topics, much needed real estate information to writing guides and sharing personal experiences, there are ample opportunities to create lasting content.


Why Is Evergreen Content Important for Realtors?


Evergreen content gives realtors the opportunity to establish themselves as industry expert, build brand value, and attract and retain potential clients over the long term. The core motive here is to write long-form or short-form content that will be referenced for years so that it brings forth the desired conversion for realtors. Let’s go over the tangible gains realtors can get from evergreen real estate content. 


Evergreen Real Estate Contents Attract Leads

Evergreen content focuses on writing high-quality educational and informative content, which is well-optimized to ensure a high ranking in the SERPs.When your post is relevant, and people keep referring to it, its ranking will be consistently higher.


Plus, when you add the charm of SEO and optimize your content, it generates leads and traffic on a roll. Thus, it gives your content online visibility to be seen by new audiences and generate leads continuously. 


Evergreen Real Estate Contents Boosts Visibility

Evergreen content is designed to rank well in the search engine, with the correct use of keywords, SEO, and topics catered especially for the target audience’s search queries. Ranking well on the search engine equates to growth in visibility, and the quality content that answers the questions of potential real estate clients attracts a large audience.


Evergreen Real Estate Content is Recyclable

Evergreen content is recycled and updated to drive traffic, engagement, and goal completions continuously. You can take the existing content and make new content out of it or update it repeatedly with new and improved content based on the purpose. 


7 Tips for Building Evergreen Real Estate Blog Content

Though we’ve emphasized evergreen real estate content’s benefits, it’s not possible and wise to focus on evergreen content. It must be the right mix of seasonal, timely, and evergreen content to give your audience just the right mix of information.


Evergreen content is more so your trump card to keep luring your target audience and leads to your business from lasting content. That said, let’s look at some strategies to build evergreen real estate blog content.


Choose The Right Topics

Brainstorming the topics and choosing the right topics is the first stage of writing a real estate blog. Do proper research and select topics that have endless traffic potential.


Don’t confuse trending topics with evergreen topics, as they’re two completely different things. Work on finding topics that will be relevant for your industry and your audience for a long span of time.


Choose the Right Keywords

Once you’ve worked on the topics for your blog, now start to work to find the keywords that best describe the article and match the queries the real estate audience looks for online.


Use keyword research tools, and find the best ones for your content because the increase visibility for relevant keywords and phrases attract traffic to its website. Select from a range of high-search volume keywords and longtail keywords. 


Optimize for SEO


Now that you’ve set the basics right for writing your evergreen content with the topics, and keyword research, you need to make sure it ranks well on the search engine so that it reaches the right audience. With the best practices of SEO, you can optimize your content to boost its visibility online. 


Write in a Manner Understandable to Beginners

As a real estate service, you have in-depth knowledge and extensive knowledge of real estate matters. Now when you write content, write it from the perspective of your audience and avoid using heavy technical terms and industry acronyms.


You can share even the most complex information in simple terms so that the novice person can understand what you’re trying to convey. 


Develop Case Studies


Writing elaborate and in-depth case studies that cover every nook and cranny hit the bullseyes for the real estate audience. This is the right audience that wants to get into the depths of investing in a property because the truth of the matter is real estate is one hell of an investment.


If your real estate case studies can paint a clear picture supported by facts mixed with your experience, then the reader derives value from it. Now the key to making the case studies evergreen is to focus on your target audience’s core issues and concerns and write on them. 


Create Comprehensive Tutorials and Guides

Creating tutorials and guides based on the concerns of your audiences is the best way to address their questions while also fueling the evergreen aspect of it. Be it the general home buying checklist, or the detailed real estate laws, consider adding such tutorials and guides on your website around these topics


Maintain up-to-date Content


Even with proper content planning and setting strategies in place to formulate evergreen content, the work doesn’t end there. To ensure your content is evergreen, you have to constantly keep in check with the information relayed by your content and keep updating it with relevant information.


Trends may change, new research are published on the real estate industry, or even the market changes of the real estate industry are things you need to update in your content for it to be relevant and provide fresh information to your audience.


Additionally, when you update your content, the published date changes and the benefit here is that search engines rank fresh content in the top spots. Thus, with timely updates of your content, you’re also working on your chances for ranking better on SERP.



Publishing evergreen content is an important aspect of real estate marketing strategy so that your target audience finds you at all times and your content has the depth and weight to establish trust in your brand. Creating high-quality evergreen content extends the timeline to build your audience base and establish your online presence. 


Splendour Group has the expertise to produce evergreen content consistently for real estate clients with prolonged shelf life. Collaborating with numerous real estate clients to develop effective content, we know the ins and outs of the real estate industry like no other. Hire us as your content marketing strategist, and see the results evergreen content provides in building your authority and establishing your name in the industry. 



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