9 Effective Ideas for Lead Generation for Real Estate Agencies

by splendour123 | February 6, 2023 | blog


9 effective ideas for lead generation for real estate agencies

Real estate lead generation is the scheme to generate the most effective approaches for the glow-up in the real estate industry. Traditionally, it was done via friends, family, personal networking, and such, but time has changed with the evolution of the real estate market. A realtor implementing the strategies for lead generation for real estate is doubtlessly bound to come forward among colleagues.


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner realtor with zero experience or an experienced one working in the fields for the past few years; the use of these schemes drastically improves the real estate business deals in unimaginable ways since the lead generation for the real estate professionals goes on top priority and investment as they should.


Let’s see how easy it is to get the real estate leads with the 9 effective ideas already proven to make money for the existing realtors.


What is Lead Generation for Realtors?

Lead Generation refers to generating the strategies and actions realtors take to generate the new sales leads best suited to clients. There are multiple ways of lead generation, like social media, which has addicted almost all population, direct mail, which might be helpful for direct contacts, catchy advertisements, etc.


Strategies like search engine optimization, direct mailing, email marketing, cold calls, and organizing events are a few of many lead-generation techniques real estate agents can adopt.


As a realtor, every action that might be useful for lead generation might come in handy at a point in time, which makes it vital to keep them in mind all the time. A good realtor who considers all of the actions of lead generation can easily stand out as one of the best in the crowd of other realtors.

Why is Lead Generation Important?

Each client has their requirements, and to meet that client’s expectations, a realtor should be familiar with using the best lead generation technique so the client can make a final decision and close the deal. The service provided can have a happy client with a massive profit margin for the real estate agency.


For developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, investment in lead generation has been found very useful, valuable, and profitable. The most helpful part of lead generation is for the clients far more than for the real estate business agencies and professionals. This helps interested customers know about the available real estate and their information.


Lead Generation might be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake and speeds up the process.

How to Get Real Estate Leads: Strategies and Tips

how to get real estate leads

Let’s look at nine effective ideas for lead generation for real estate agencies. It is crucial to remember that these leads have been proven influential and successful before and can also be a great deal in the future. Although there are 9 ideas listed here, these are not limited and are updated with the evolution of the market and the industry.

Database: free leads for real estate brokers

Any real estate agent keeps a list of the clients they have already served and those whom they almost served. The list can be reignited as the market changes and people look for a new estate. These databases can be valuable when looking for real estate market leads.


In addition, the internet also holds multiple databases with briefs about the free leads for the real estate brokers so that they can use the already generated leads for the service. They help real estate agencies and realtors gain leads so they can use them to further their cause. You can use their massive traffic for your leads.


These databases can be used as a reference for your strategies, finding clients, and the available real estate to close deals. Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Zurple, Realgeeks, etc., are examples of such websites. 

Agent-to-Agent Referrals

Respecting and keeping up with colleagues is an absolute necessity in the real estate business. Agents can have referrals among themselves so that healthy competition is maintained. The referrals give the lead about the preferences and the geographical location, which was unreachable from the agent who referred it to you. 


The agent-to-agent referral is the better approach to gaining the lead on the service. A North American company, Buffini & Company, which has provided more than 25 years of service, mentions, “82% of all real estate transactions come from repeat and referral business.”.The agent-to-agent referral can seem like a slimy lead, but rest assured; it is very appealing for growth.  

Listing on Real Estate Websites

The internet has numerous real estate websites where we can list real estate properties. These sites collect the details of interested buyers, sellers, and even renters. The website most appropriate for the estate depends on the realtor himself/herself, but the clients also look for the listings on their websites.


So, it is important to look at the website’s pages and inspect the landing page, which will give you a general idea of what kind of traffic the site gets. This will help you decide what kind of listing you want to provide to the page.

Host an Open House


One of the best ways among the real estate lead management is hosting an open house on the estate so the clients can inspect the property themselves. Also, when we host an open house, other potential new clients come to visit and might even close the deal. 

Attract Leads with Search Engine Optimizations

Search Engine Optimization, in short SEO, is a way to come forward on the Google search engine with the help of keywords that are relevant to what the users usually search for. In precise, local SEO for realtors will be more fruitful and result driven. So targeting local keywords i.e. real estate keywords in your case can take you to the top of the SERP.


The higher your page’s rank in the search result, the more likely the link will be clicked. And every time the link is clicked, you have a potential client. Each click leads to interested customers, which can be a turning point for the realtors. An informed decision of investing in a well-prepared SEO strategy for estate agents can be a game changer for small and medium business owners.


A digital marketing agency like Splendour provides the help necessary to generate leads for real estate agents. The services include developing responsive real estate website and providing real estate SEO services. All the joint efforts from the realtors and the digital marketing agency led to high-ranked content, which will ultimately be the best lead generated by the real estate agency.

Social Media Presence


Social Media has been a primary essence to today’s Generation. Every single person is addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Linkedin, and other forms of social media presence. This is good for the real estate business since it creates an already existing platform for the realtors where we can communicate with the target audience daily.


Sprout Social’s Consumer Engagement Index stated that the real estate industry ranks second for incoming messages from potential clients since more and more people are trying to interact with them on social media. But the bitter truth is that most of those texts get unnoticed, and thus the opportunities lessen.


The social media presence can be a revolutionary free lead for real estate agencies and realtors. If trust is maintained on the brand’s social media platform, then the possible leads generate naturally.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing helps get traffic to your website, leading to more lead generation. This also keeps you fresh with the people you are working with or those you worked with. However, it is necessary that your email has something informative and encourages them to get into the business. Otherwise, they might feel like they are getting scammed, leading you to lose the already generated leads.


The valid content generates more leads for free, and the growth of the leads by email marketing grows with time and is very effective. The target audience to send the mail should be selected carefully, and the screening can be effective for new leads. 


Real estate events are one of the ways to get free leads for real estate clients. They are very effective – especially for first-time buyers and investors. Organizing events like conferences, seminars, webinars, podcasting, etc., helps possible investors and buyers learn about the industry. Though they are more difficult to manage than the other ways, they also work better.


The webinars are even more effective than the seminars since it is online, remote, and can be attended by a maximum number of people. The topics addressed in the events are letting the audience know what they are getting into and how their involvement can benefit them, the realtors, and the real estate agencies. Some common topics to discuss under these events are First Time Buyers, Why is my house not selling? etc.

Paid search

We can have multiple paid advertisements across the internet, like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Marketing, Bing Ads, etc. These paid advertisement services work like a charm for a small real estate agency. But that doesn’t mean that big agencies can’t profit from this because they can.


With paid ads, we can get the cost-per-click deal which brings the potential buyers, sellers, or investors in form of leads. The paid search works by reaching the right audience by targeting demographics and locations. The paid search feature has endless possibilities, so your ideal client list will be on your doorstep very soon.


How can Splendour Group help you Generate Real Estate Leads?

Splendour Group is a digital marketing agency that can help you generate leads for your real estate business with many methods like the one mentioned above. From paid search to email marketing to social media presence to attract leads with Search Engine Optimization, Splendour presents the best opportunities for lead generation, which might help you get to your turning point in the real estate service business. 






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