Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategies

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The real estate industry has shifted its focus to online, where they market its brand and its services heavily rather than focusing on traditional or in-personal marketing. Why, you may ask? Simply because the traffic and potential buyers are all over the internet.


When one mentions the internet and traffic, social media platforms immediately come to our mind because over 4.5 billion people are active on popular socials such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. This is why real estate social media marketing has become a requisite to connect with a massive audience.


The numbers speak for themselves on the importance of social media marketing for real estate investors and agents, as the report by the National Association of Realtors shows that 47% of real estate agencies have experienced increased quality leads through social media in comparison to any other sources. Yes, it’s safe to say that social media is the goldmine for leads and traffic if you have a solid strategy to execute your social media campaigns. 


Now if you’re an established real estate business, a startup trying to leverage social media to swiftly seize your clientele, starting your real estate social media strategy from scratch, or looking to revise it to be updated with the latest trend, we’ll cover it all in this ultimate guide. 


Why is Real Estate Social Media Marketing Crucial?

We’re not going to bore you with the benefits of social media for real estate because pretty much everyone now understands the power social media hold when it comes to building the reach and image of a brand. So, let’s get straight to the thing we’re here for. 


In a cut-throat industry such as real estate, the big players are marketing their services and securing the leads by hook or cook, be it through Search Engine Marketing(SEM) or paid ads. If you’re willing to go all out with your budget and compete with the big names in real estate through a paid medium, then you will sail through the competition. For agencies working on limited resources, don’t get disheartened. You have other solid ways to cash on the leads, such as real estate SEO or social media marketing is your best choice to yield the best results.  


First, social media platforms are “FREE” and don’t charge you a single penny to create a profile for your real estate business. You must first scout the different social media platforms to narrow down the channels that match your business and your target audience. Now, with a social real estate and realtor social media plan for lead generation, you’re good to go. 


With a proper plan and precise execution, your real estate business will reap the benefits of online visibility, audience growth, potent communication with the target audience, and successfully overthrowing competitions. All of this boils down to business growth and revenue generation.


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Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tools


Now, when we advocate for you to sign up and create the social media platform for your real estate agency, you must think there are hundreds of social media apps, and do I hop on to all of them? So, we’ve rounded up some effective social media for realtors and real estate agencies to market your services and get the desired results by evaluating the users and their behaviors online. 


Facebook for Realtors

Facebook is the OG giant when it comes to social media platforms. It is one of the first social media platforms that blew up and had over 2 billion, active users. Facebook has users of all age groups, and the in-built business features are perfect for real estate marketing. 

You have millennials looking for their first property investment, families looking for their dream home, or business owners looking for just the right commercial property. The business feature on Facebook allows you to book an appointment with your listing, and with powerful content, you can attract the right audience. 

Also, you can juice out the marketplace and community features provided by Facebook to build your real estate niche and connect with like-minded people easily, making them aware of your events and open houses to boost sales. 


Pro Tip: Always reply to every comment of your audience and keep the communication flowing to form a deep relationship. 


Instagram for Realtors

Instagram has gained massive popularity in a short span of time because it is a visual-heavy medium. Instagram has more of the youth audience, which is more of your first-time home buyers or millennials who look for everything online first. It is a picture and video platform that matches the real estate audience’s requirement to see beautiful photos and videos of your property listings. 


Post high-quality, eye-catching images with relevant hashtags, and remember to use the location feature to target the local audience and appear in local searches. Also, Instagram is the right platform to display what is behind your brand and build your brand image. 


Twitter for Realtors

Twitter is where you can display your knowledge and speak on important topics related to your industry. To leverage your social media strategy for Twitter, you can show your experience and expertise by giving your take on the budding news, market trends, and audience queries related to real estate. You can also follow the leaders and industry experts and build a real estate social network. 


TikTok for Realtors

TikTok is the app of today, meaning it is the most used app with the highest number of users compared to any other app. You should pay attention to TikTok, thinking it’s an app for frivolous videos. It is the easiest amongst any other platform to get views and go viral in literal terms. This is the app for realtors to generate a huge amount of leads by promoting your listings, showing your latest achievements, creating informative videos, or even some fun videos. 


Reddit for Realtors

Reddit is a powerful platform to promote your business through authentic, engaging, and value-driven content. If you need help finding where to begin, search for subreddits related to the real estate industry or where you can find your target audience and post content to encapsulate them. The key to gaining followers and leads through Reddit is to produce valuable content and infographics. Remember to include a catchy headline. 


Real Estate Content Ideas for Social Media


Now that you’re well-versed with the different social media platforms and their way of working to understand which ones click with your real estate audience let’s shed some light on the content and posts to make the conversion through social media. 


The plus side of real estate social media marketing is that you don’t need to beat around the bush and be lowkey with your promotions. You can go all out with your campaign and promote your services vociferously. We’ve prepared a real estate social media strategy to give you a head start on your marketing strategy.


Property Photos

With social media marketing for real estate businesses, you can squeeze the benefits of all of it being a photo-sharing platform. Images lure the audience in social media, and they work in your favor, where you can share high-quality property images along with your listing. You can also use the 360 image feature on Facebook and give your audience a full view of the property and its surroundings. 


Short Property Videos

It is essential to include the videos on your social media to give them a proper walk-through of the property. Videos are compelling in making your audience interested in the property and picking up the call to schedule a meeting with you. So, make it a point to shoot short snippets and videos of your properties and open houses to make your audience feel they’re part of the experience. 


Success Stories and Testimonials

The most effective social media tip for real estate business owners is to use social media to broadcast their achievements and client stories. You can post images with your happy clients and share their story and their testimonials as proof of your excellent service. Seeing satisfied clients’ testimonials strengthens your audience’s mindset to take your services. 


Market News

Real estate is an industry where market trends, price rates, and buyers’ intentions constantly change and evolve. By informing your audience about the latest industry trends and valuable info, you have the first movers advantage of engaging your target audience and displaying your authority. 


Property Listings

The reason for your social media marketing boils down to selling your services. It is best to give much care, thought, and time to posting your listing on social media platforms. Ensure the images you’re posting of your listing are high-quality and eye-pleasing. You can use as many photos as required to expound the whole feel of the property. Adding to the photos with clear and concise descriptions and proper call-to-action text, you are good to go. 


Tips and Ideas for Buyers

The opportunities to engage your audience through social media are limitless. Produce contents that spark engagement and interactions with your followers. Some conversation-sparking content could be creating polls, Q&A sessions with your audience, giveaways, home decor ideas, etc. 


How to Grow Followers on Social Media


Now that you have a blueprint for running your real estate social media marketing campaigns, let’s get into numbers. If you want your real estate business to get the recognition and content to get the eyeballs you need to convert them into sales, you must have a steady following. Now let’s discuss how you grow your popularity, i.e., following on social media.


Broadcast Your Social Media Profile

 Don’t be shy about promoting your social media profile any chance you get, whether telling your clients to connect with you on your socials, including your social media usernames in your business card, or on every page of your website. Remember to keep it visible. 



As with every campaign, consistency is highly necessary with social media marketing. You need to be active on a regular basis on social media. You must be consistent with your post and make it a point to reply to your followers to keep the engagement going. Now, it can be hectic to include daily social media activities on your busy schedule, so for that, you can take the help of social scheduling apps to keep up with your posting. 


Show The People Behind The Business

Refrain from getting stuck in the marketing rut by thinking from the perspective of making more sales and conversions. Social media is a site where you can show the human side of your brand. There is no judgment of always being the perfect brand, so you can also show the fun side. In fact, people love when you add humor to things on social media. Be creative and show the real you and your business. 


How to Grow Leads from Social Media


If you know how to use social media effectively and have a solid marketing plan in action, you can easily acquire genuine and fresh leads on a regular basis. Launching the right marketing campaign at the right time, and you’ll have leads coming your way just as easily. Let’s go through some lead-generation strategies using social media. 


Include Lead Magnet Offers 

Launch exciting and compelling campaigns that persuade your audience to happily share their emails and information with you. It could be anything from webinars, discount offers, giveaways, or guides that requires your audience to share their emails. 


Reviews from Satisfied Clients

The reviews and testimonials from your happy clients are enough social proof for your audience to show that your services have benefitted people and given you a competitive edge against your competitors. The testimonial videos and reviews display your brand value and boost your brand image, making it easy to gain new leads. 


Leverage Paid Ads

Social media platforms have a target advertising feature where you can reach your target audience easily. Feel free to use this feature as you get visibility amongst the desired audience and generate leads quickly. 


Tempting Incentives

An easy way to gain leads is to run enticing incentives and offers on your social media profile that attracts your followers. You can run discount offers and giveaways to generate leads. 


Take Away Tips

So we’ve gone through the whole journey of social media marketing in this article, from listing the platforms to the strategies to gaining followers and everything in between. The core of it all is engaging and real on social media to sell your real estate services. Below, we’ve summarised the key takeaway social media tips for real estate. 


Promote Town, Not Only Your Property Site

Expand your social media post to speak out about the property listing. Include more detailed and complete descriptions of the neighborhood, the families around it, and the available services in that locality to compel your audience to purchase the property.  


Educate Buyer

Go all out with relaying your audience with as much valuable information you can provide them about the real estate industry, whether it the mistakes you’ve made so that they don’t repeat it or your industry experience and even your prediction of the real estate market. Educating your followers gives them a sense that you are someone they can look up to and go to for advice. This helps you form a bond with your audience.


Chat with Followers

Take your time responding to the questions and comments of your audience. Your audience is seeking instant answers; if you miss out on that, chances are they will reach out to your competitors looking for an answer. Stay on top of your replies. 


Respond to Commenters

You should make it a point to respond to every comment your followers have left on your social media, of course, not abusive or hateful comments. When you reply to the comments of your followers, they feel valued by you and give back to you as well by being your loyal supporters and paying customers. 


Now that we’ve covered the be-all and end-all of real estate social media marketing, you’re equipped to launch your social media campaign successfully. And if taking over the social media marketing task on top of all your intense work adds to your workload, then you can always hire us as your real estate digital marketing partner to run your social media campaign with finesse.



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