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SEO For Real Website: Get More Leads

According to a study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 64.5% of users tend to visit the top three pages they see on the search result, and 90% of people start their real estate search online. This shows that the internet has overtaken newspapers and new channels to become the number one source people acquire real estate information.


Hence, you get the gist of the urgency for real estate businesses to have the top ranking on the search engine. Real estate SEO will propel you to the top of the search results, outpacing your competition and bringing high organic traffic to your site. 


Thinking your real estate business has enough clients and exposure, focusing on real estate digital marketing and SEO is not something you should invest in; you need to look at the opportunity to scale your business for long-term growth. As a growing industry with intense competition and fluctuating market trends, it is challenging for a real estate agent to constantly keep up with the demanding clients.


Think of this from a customer’s point of view looking for real estate services online; you’ll click on the top 2 or 3 links on the search result page. So realtors need to understand that with proper SEO strategy and services, your website can become a top ranking on the search result page. Bringing you organic traffic and visibility increases your number of prospective buyers and leads automatically.


What is SEO for Real Estate?

Every real estate business owner and realtor wishes to have flowing quality leads and prospect buyers at all times, generating more revenue. The most effective way to achieve genuine leads and traffic for your real estate website is through Search Engine Optimization. SEO for estate agents is designed to ensure that your website is visible on the top spots of the search result page.


With the increased visibility on the search engine, your chances of getting seen when a prospective real buyer or seller searches for real estate services and listings online increase. The rise in your online presence with SEO also gives you an edge over your competitors.


Optimizing your website with industry-relevant keywords, preferably high-search volume and one that matches the audience’s search intent, helps you outrank your competitors.


The SEO for real estate websites focuses on practices to boost website visibility by optimizing factors such as content, backlinks, optimizing tags, using relevant real estate keywords for SEO to target a set demographic, and more so that your website appeals to the target audience.


In addition to that, it also gives you insight into the preference of your target audience regarding their search queries and content that spikes their interest. With that, you can optimize your real website to serve what your audience is looking for.  

Importance of SEO for Real Estate Websites

importance of real estate seo

You invest all your time and money in making the best real estate website, and you decorate it with the contents tailoring it to your target audience. What if all the effort goes in vain when you are not visible to your audience in the first place?


Real Estate SEO acts as the fuel that aligns with the goals and requirements of your business, making it visible in the search engine. With the ambition of making your website easily accessible and visible to potential buyers and renters, real estate SEO strategy for real estate websites is conceptualized.  


As a real estate agent, you ultimately want a steady flow of leads and traffic, eventually increasing your sales. Splendour is a complete real estate digital marketing agency with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for real estate businesses. Elevate your business from thousands of real estate websites online. We will help you rank higher on the search result page, and boost your brand awareness and visibility online.


Obviously, we will learn some real estate SEO tips but before that let’s learn how SEO can help realtors thrive.


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Can Real Estate SEO Make Your Business Alive?

It’s like asking if we need oxygen for breathing. The answer is very obvious; yes. Real Estate SEO gives your business the push it requires to reach the full potential of growth. Real estate SEO facilitates the strategic position of your business at an esteemed standard in the market. Your engagement, sales, and inquiries observe an excellent incline for a real estate business.


The reach and connection you gain are the perfect base for you to market your services well to increase sales. So, leave no stone unturned to get the success you dream of for your real estate website and collaborate with an experienced SEO Agency to realize your vision.

How Can SEO for Estate Agents Help Generate Leads for Small Businesses?

With businesses of every niche and size focusing on generating a reputation and authority for their business online, the reasons why you must invest in SEO to boost your real estate business are listed below.

Online Exposure

Real estate SEO strategy is the backbone of helping build the online presence for realtors.  SEO focuses on optimizing the content of your real estate website to ensure your website ranks high amongst your industry competitors in the search result, which helps you gain much-needed exposure, generating traffic and high-intent leads for your business. 

Organic Website Traffics

The core motive of real estate SEO is to optimize your website and its content to boost your organic visibility and generate leads of property buyers through your website. Using informational content and blogs based on what your audience is looking for helps you attract and engage high-intent traffic to your website. 

Boost Brand Awareness

Optimizing the content on your website positions your website as a knowledge hub, making you the go-to source for anything real estate-related. It helps to establish your website as a trustworthy entity in the eyes of your audience and leaves a positive impression of your brand.


It works to the advantage of building a positive brand image for your business. The better your brand awareness, the higher the chances of conversion and increase in sales. 

Build Trust and Credibility

SEO for a real estate website involves using relevant keywords, building links, and creating informational and engaging SEO-optimized content to form trust and credibility, so your target audience visits your website. The higher your website ranks on the search engine, the easier it is to establish credibility and gain trust.

What Services are Included in the Real Estate SEO?

Real estate website SEO can be segregated into four important optimization areas that are featured below:

real estate seo services

On-Page Real Estate SEO

It involves optimizing all the elements on your real estate website to improve the search presence and rank higher to boost the traffic from search engines. The strategies consist in optimizing the contents of your real estate website with real estate keywords, fixing navigation and making SEO-friendly URLs to increase their findability. 

Off-Page Real Estate SEO

It is based on building the links which impact your visibility by leveraging the external content to refer back to your website and boost your authority. Link building uses social media platforms, relevant websites, external blogs, guest posts, brand mentions and so forth to link to your website and get relevancy and reach. 

Technical SEO

This is considered a complex area to master as it requires code proficiency. The technical aspects of your real estate website must always be according to the search engine standards for your website to be considered high value by the search engine.


Ensure your website is well-indexed, crawlable, has optimal page speed, renders appropriately, ensures security, and is easy to navigate. A technical SEO specialist can identify underlying issues with your real estate website and make it well-equipped for the search engine. 

Local SEO

Local SEO is pivotal for real estate businesses because it helps to attract local visitors cashing in on their queries. Real estate local SEO is an essential search engine marketing strategy because search engines use localization to show the search result to the audience. Real estate businesses need local people to take notice of their services, and what they offer so they can refer back to your business when needed. 

How do Search Engines see your Real Estate Website?

Currently, websites are requisite for real estate business because of how active your audience is looking online for properties and services. A website not only supports your online marketing campaign, but a well-made real estate website gets approval from search engines in terms of authority and relevance that boosts your ranking.


Also, an important thing to note here is the algorithm factors of the search engine, which also play a role in ranking your website on the search result page.


So, let’s say your website checks all those boxes and ranks at the top spot of the search engine results page; it’s something you can achieve with the real estate SEO service by Splendour. Now you’ll witness the boom of your website visitors and leads because of the authenticity your business has received.


Your marketing campaign is fruitful because of the increase in leads and conversion while reducing the immediate need to invest in other marketing campaigns. Also, ranking high adds credibility and trust factors which is a bonus. 

What Are The Factors of Search Engine (Google) Ranking?

You’re investing your money, resources, and time to make your real estate website SEO friendly, all to increase the rank of your website in the search engine. You must understand that SEO for real estate doesn’t give immediate results, and the search engine algorithm factors affect your website’s ranking. The search engine ranking factors are listed here:

Content Quality

The value and quality of your content are one of the most significant ranking factors. You can go about as much optimizing your website and producing SEO-optimized content; if your content isn’t value-providing and worthy, the search engine will not rank it. Now you might be wondering how to have quality content.


Also, wait for an additional tip we have to offer on quality content. Word count plays a vital role in the quality of your content. Content with a higher word count and valuable information regarding the search queries ranks higher. 


Backlinks are something one must never miss out on if top ranking is what you’re seeking. Backlinks are the vote of confidence in links you receive from other websites; this is exactly how Google sees it as well. Search engines measure the quality of your backlinks to determine whether your real estate website is worthy of being ranked in the top spots. 

Website optimized for Mobile Users

It is a must to have a mobile-friendly website in the current times because the majority of the traffic comes from mobile users, so the search engine prioritizes the mobile version of your website over your desktop version. Your website must adapt appropriately to the mobile screen and load on time on mobile devices to get a good ranking. 

Page Load Speed 

It is a known fact that Google gives great importance to the page speed of your website, and the faster it loads, the more your ranking is boosted. Many elements of your website play a role in the page load speed. The size of the media files, redirects and heavy-duty code impact the speed of your page. So, ensure you have all of these elements optimized and your Core Web Vitals are in check for the best ranking. 

Crawlable Pages

To rank your website, Google bots must crawl and read each and every component of your website. When a page is complex or straight up isn’t feasible to crawl, Google does not rank it. Ensure that all your pages are crawlable so you don’t miss out on ranking on the search engine. 

Search Intent Accurate 

Using real estate SEO keywords in your website to attract your audience is a given, but the first step is to identify what keywords to target. Keyword identification starts with finding the relevant keywords for your real estate niche and determining why your audience is searching for that particular keyword.


Identifying your audience’s search intent is of great help because then you can design content around it. Your ranking rises when you present to your audience what they are looking for.

Quick 8 Real Estate SEO Strategy for Realtors

SEO is an ongoing process that requires constant optimization as many factors and trends alter the ranking status. The proven and actionable website optimization strategies we follow so that your ranking skyrockets are:

1. Technical Audit

Before optimizing the site, a technical audit gives us a sound knowledge of the technical status of your website. Analyzing how technically optimized your website is, helps us prepare the SEO strategies to keep you updated with the search algorithm.


The technical elements of your website ensure your website is crawlable, indexable, mobile friendly, page structure intact, and more. A technically optimized search improves your search engine traffic, thus helping in the growth of your business. 

2. Create Quality and Unique Content 

Your website’s content is your foundation because it holds the information you are trying to convey to your audience. Informative and engaging contents are powerful weapons to drive the audience to your website. We create high-quality content catering to your target audience to boost your ranking and lead your real estate audience to your website, persuading them to convert. 

3. Mobile-Friendly Real Estate Website

Our SEO strategy for real estate websites must ensure the website is mobile-friendly and delivers the best user experience on mobile too. There needs to be more than just focusing on the website, and we design intending to make your website optimized to load on mobile devices, as 50% of search traffic comes from mobile devices. 

4. Page Load Speed 

A real estate website may have images of property listings and video elements to engage buyers. The media element does take a toll on the speed and performance of your website, leaving a negative impression.


Your website’s site speed and loading speed play a role in your search result ranking. Our SEO practices include optimizing your website’s images and media content to ensure your site speed doesn’t take a beating. 

5. Real Estate Keyword for SEO

We heavily base our real estate website SEO strategy on identifying the keywords relevant to the real estate industry and matching your users’ search intent when searching for properties online. Tailoring your website content and property listing with keywords with high search volume and long-tail keywords helps assist in building your online presence. 

6. Create Backlinks 

Think of backlinks as you refer a restaurant to a friend/family when you love the services provided by that restaurant in traditional terms. Backlinks are the vote of confidence to raise your website’s credibility and authority and boost your search ranking. Our SEO strategy for real estate includes caching on the value quality backlinks to improve your ranking and local presence. 

7. Real Estate Domain

The domain name of your website is a critical element in establishing the identity of your real estate business. The elements in your website domain do have a role in SEO and your ranking. Factors such as domain name length, keyword, and memorability impact SEO success.


From ensuring your domain name has click-worthy words to building your domain authority to increase your ranking, we’ve got it all covered in our SEO strategy for real estate websites. 

8. Social Sharing

Although social sharing is not a prominent aspect of SEO, the more links are shared on social media platforms, the more visibility is increased, which helps to improve your search engine rankings. We produce a post that is engaging and has the shareable quality to promote your audience to share the content on the social platform to prolong the relevancy of the content to attract traffic and boost your brand exposure. 

Bonus Tip: Google My Business

Focusing on Local SEO makes the most sense for a real estate agent and business because most of your clients and interested leads are from your area or looking for properties and services around your area, making it essential to be found in your local market.


For Local SEO, the most effective requirement is to set up a Google My Business account. It improves search visibility and has an active presence in your local real estate business. It indexes your real estate business for search on Google Maps.


Now consider this, Google Maps results are displayed in the highest position on the search result page, so maintaining your GMB profile strengthens your chances of getting the most visibility. 

Get Help from Professionals?

SEO for Real Estate is a long-term growth strategy that requires consistency and competence to drive quality traffic to your website. Delegate Splendour for SEO for real estate websites to rank on the top of the search result with our proven SEO strategies to ensure your real estate website gets displayed when a user searches for anything real estate related.


Our understanding of the real estate landscape and our expertise in SEO are precisely what you need to make your real estate website a hit.



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