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Who are we?

Splendour Group was founded in 2014 with a small group of technocrats as a full-service digital marketing agency to help startups and businesses thrive in the related industry. At Splendour, we aim to help businesses that want to be heard. We want to partner with clients while sharing our marketing experiences and strategies, drive goals, and succeed together.
So far, we are successfully helping businesses in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Nepal, and India boost their commercial journey online. We work with startups and established corporations to achieve their goals digitally. We are proud to have been a part of our client’s success.

Meet our Founder

Swadesh Baniya

CEO of Splendour Group

"We are hungry for success and motivated to crave more and more. "

Swadesh Baniya is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Splendour Group. Visionary entrepreneur and digital marketing expert are some words that best describe him. As a marketing genius and ambitious leader, he has assisted hundreds of clients across different fields in planning groundbreaking marketing campaigns to connect business requirements with technical solutions.

"We are hungry for success and motivated to crave more and more. "

With over a decade of experience in web development, Saurabh leads the technology department at Splendour. Refining his skills by building numerous professional websites in amalgamation with his upscale digital strategies is why we are the best in the game when it comes to web development. However intricate and elaborate your website needs are, with Saurabh as our Web Development Head, everything is achievable.

Saurabh Baniya

Chief Technology Manager

Meet Our Team

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - Hellen Keller

When you team up with us, you will realize that we are a bunch of individuals with unique skill sets collaborating to produce an exceptional brand experience. Our motto is enhancing the human connection with our agile strategies and polished design to deliver the digital experience for the win.

Bipana Rai

Team Admin

Bipana is the glue that holds this team together. Her strong organizational and systematic skills ensure efficacious workflow across all departments and provide the team with the required support. Her professionalism makes everything smooth sailing, from handling all the communication channels with clients to planning day-to-day operations.

Kedar Shrestha

Graphics Designer

Kedar’s strongest suit is communicating through his designs. Kedar has the eyes to design functional and detailed designs to convey the message without words. He is an experienced designer with expertise in UI design and illustration.

Smriti Pandey

Digital Marketer

With the pursuit of creating strong connection with the clients to build and scale their business into a brand, Smriti prepares the digital strategies and marketing campaigns to propel your business forward.

Anuj Bhasinka

Senior WordPress Developer

As our senior developer with the most years of experience, Anuj has proficiency in designing human-centered websites. He collaborates with clients to understand their vision and helps design website which allows attaining their business goals.

Ashish Shrestha

WordPress Developer

Passionate about technology and web development, his problem-solving approach can tackle complex programming and design requirements like a cakewalk. His forte is to converting UI/UX wireframes to functional design to deliver a cohesive user experience.

Sumit Malakar

WordPress Developer

Well-versed in the web-development, Sumit is your guy for turning business requirements into lines of code. With his client and industry-side experience and a solid foundation in intricate integrations, a user-friendly website that meets the requirements of our clients is always attainable.

Rajesh Shrestha

SEO Manager/ Team Leader

Started off as an SEO Intern to now the SEO Manager, the grit and passion Rajesh has towards his work credits to his growth. It might be fair to say he lives, breathes, and eats SEO. His sincerity towards his work and his strength as a team player make him our organization’s most valuable asset. Rajesh overlooks the SEO strategies and executes them successfully to ensure your business goals are met.

Aashish Manandhar

Senior SEO Specialist

With an extensive background in SEO, Aashish has contributed immensely to building our client’s online presence from the ground up. From planning and implementing successful SEO strategies to managing on-page and off-page optimizations to analyzing the performance data, Aashish is our all-rounder SEO Specialist you can count on.

Rupak Panta

Senior SEO Specialist

Rupak contributes heavily to the success of our SEO campaigns owing to his profound technical and keyword research skills. With his focus on staying on top of all the latest Google algorithm updates and his knowledge of the ranking factors, without doubt it is possible to rank your business on the top spot of the search engine result page.

Bisesh Timilsina

SEO & Content Specialist

Bisesh has a passion for creating content that facilitates the voice of our clients by developing powerful content that connects with the audience. Given his experience also an SEO Specialist, Bisesh has the skill set to produce SEO-optimized content, which will surely gain the visibility to put your brand at the forefront.

Pushparaj Tharu

Off-Page SEO Specialist

Pushpa brings a wealth of knowledge in the Off-Page and Local SEO side of things. Contributing to building and strengthing the premium links, he lays the foundation for improving the search engine ranking for our clients. From preparing dynamic link-building strategies to analyzing your competitor’s backlinks, Pushpa is our best resource for all things related to off-page SEO.

Barshad Sitoula

SEO Audit Specialist

Barshad provides his unwavering support to ensure that our client’s website is well-optimized to deliver exceptional user experience at all times by tracking every SEO metric. He overlooks the work of presenting tactics and technical strategies to position your website as a search engine-friendly website.

Sanjaya Pandey

Technical SEO Specialist

Sanjay is our trusted guy to handle the technical SEO front of the website with a passion for solving complex problems to optimize the website for search engines. His deep understanding of the technical aspects of SEO helps capture a website’s full potential.

Manish Himalaya

On-Page SEO Specialist

Manish is a dedicated SEO Specialist passionate about generating leads from the organic channels for our clients. His keen eye for detail and commitment to delivering results is his strength when managing on-page optimization projects.

Rupesh Thapa

Paid Media Specialist

With his competency in running successful PPC campaigns, Rupesh brings to the table the ability to create and plan targeted marketing campaigns amongst the varied digital platforms. His metrics-driven approach ensures the campaigns are optimized and drives results.

Our Core Values


We guide, direct, and motivate employees toward the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

Foolish & Hungry

We are hungry for success and motivated to crave more and more. We dive deep into the ocean of digital marketing to bring precious gems to the surface.

Work Norms & Ethics

Our positive attitude towards work leads us one step closer to perfection. We are an organized, active, and well-managed family..


We value our work and know what and how tasks are done. We respect others and their doubts to dispose toxic environment.


No big and fake promises. Trust and respect are built on a strong pillar of honesty, and we seek to earn respect through our honesty.

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