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Splendour Group is the leading Real Estate SEO agency providing the best Local SEO services for our clients across the globe. We understand the significance and worth of Local SEO for the success of the real estate business, and we take it extremely seriously. Our real estate SEO experts accompany you in your business growth by boosting your visibility locally to bring your qualified prospects.

Whether your real estate business operates across the state or just in a single location, our Local SEO services specializing in real estate niche will elevate your brand visibility beyond your physical location. Our real estate digital marketing experts have worked with various real estate professionals and have mastered the Local SEO strategies for realtors to increase your local SEO ranking and bring more targeted local organic traffic.

Team up with Splendour and experience our tried and true strategies of local SEO for real estate agents to be the number 1 real estate agency in your target locality.

Why Local SEO for Real Estate Agents is Important

Because of having a strong presence and dependence on the local market real estate is a highly localized business. This is where local SEO strategies come into action for improved visibility and lead generation. Focusing on the local market, writing content for locals, and optimizing for local keywords are some of the many local SEO strategies. Local SEO helps a real estate business grow by targeting keywords related to its location. Some importance of local SEO in real estate businesses are:

Increase Visibility

You can increase your local visibility online by optimizing your real estate website for local searches. You can get #1 position of search engines for local queries like “real estate developer in NYC”.

Increase Website Traffic

A well-executed local SEO strategy can drive more targeted traffic to your real estate website, leading to more opportunities for client engagement and conversion.

Higher Conversion Rate

Marketing to a specific audience attracts customers who are most likely to be your leads. Local SEO for local businesses is ideal and effective conversion-wise.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Local SEO campaign takes time to get results but once done right it can generate leads 10x times. Local SEO allows you to reach your local area audiences without spending too much money on advertising.

Attract Local Clients

Real Estate is a local business which is why local SEO strategy drives more targeted traffic to your website which is more likely to engage and convert to customers.

Local Reviews

build a strong online reputation through local reviews. By encouraging satisfied clients to leave positive reviews, you can attract more potential clients to your real estate business and establish yourself as a trusted and reliable local entity.

Real Estate Local SEO Services

Now is the time to scale your real estate business to its full potential by investing in the best Local SEO service to achieve your desired local market standing and grow your sales. Our Real Estate Local SEO experts are here to enlighten you all about the technicalities involved in local SEO for real estate agents and the plan of action to grow your business. Have a look at the brief pattern we follow to make your real estate business visible in the saturated online world.

Local SEO Audit

We execute in-depth Local SEO audits to gauge the performance of your real estate business in the local search engine rankings and formulate strategies based on it. Our audit checklist covers NAP visibility, Google My Business (GMB) listings, identifying the niche service area generating the most business, landing page review, competitor analysis, and more.

Google My Business Optimization

Entrust us to nurture and elevate your local presence by managing your real estate Google Business Profile (GMP) or formerly known as Google My Business(GMB) account. We have a successful track record of setting up and managing the GMB account of our real estate clients and generating the most business through their listing. Our experts will optimize the listing in your GMB to bring about the best local presence for your business.

Link Building

We take great care in building the online footprint of your business as a part of our Real Estate Local SEO service. We build the reputation of your real estate business by building your local citations, guest blog posting, and acquiring links from high authority domains for the search engine to validate your website.

Local Keyword Research & Optimization

We have the strategies to widen your reach on local searches and attract the local audience with our effective local SEO strategies to attest to our words. We conduct an extensive real estate SEO keyword research analysis to determine the industry-relevant location-specific keywords and phrases to match your audience's search intent. We develop strategies to optimize the content on your based on the identified keywords to ensure your real estate business ranks on top in the search results.

On-Page Optimization

If you want to attract a local audience, optimizing your website in the targeted geographical destination is a must. We optimize your real estate website based on geo-specific keywords, create location-based service pages and incorporate result-oriented local SEO practices in your website. We will help you rank higher in search engines.

Localized Content Writing

Creating appealing local content to attract the interest of your local audience is one of our many areas of expertise in our Local SEO strategies. Our content writers have the skills to produce engaging and quality local content to generate the right traffic for your website and contribute to your growing brand identity.

Why We're The Best
Real Estate Local SEO Agency

Our years of experience practicing Local SEO and driving the results have made us the Real Estate Local SEO Agency to count on. We take on our clients’ work and reassure them of building their local presence on search engines while they can focus on building their businesses. Going the extra mile by guiding our clients through the whole SEO journey and feeding them with new insights sets us apart from any other digital marketing agency.

Client-First Mindset

From scheduling consultation meetings and providing timely performance overview report to regular meetings to discuss the Local SEO strategies, we always put our clients first and inform them through every activity for their Local SEO campaign. We provide real-time reports regarding the Google Analytics reports, provide monthly updates on the strategies, and achieve the milestone. We want our clients to be aware of every minor progress so that we can take their feedback and update our strategy for impactful results.


We maintain complete transparency with our clients from the get-go. We involve our clients in our strategy formation to execution process so that they know what is taking place well. And when it comes to delivering the progress report, we provide honest, real-time data to our clients so that nothing is hidden from them.

Google Analytics Data

We count on Google Analytics to present the data of the local SEO campaign and analyze the campaign performance from the collected data. As a data-driven Real Estate Local SEO Agency, we review the data to formulate robust strategies to upscale your performance.

Proven Success Stories

Our success stories with all our real estate clients speak volumes of the professionalism we bring to the table. The business growth our clients have witnessed from our Local SEO practices has not only paid them our permanent partners, but we've also gained new clients through word of mouth. Give us the opportunity to execute your Local SEO campaign and relish your growing local presence.




In Local SEO, the online presence of your website and business is optimized to appear on the top spots of the search result for local queries related to your industry.
Local SEO helps realtors attract target audiences looking to invest in real estate or services in a specific location by improving their local search rankings.
Real estate is a business that benefits the most from local SEO to gain more leads and target broader demographics rather than limiting themselves to their physical location.
The benefits of local SEO are increased online visibility, targeted traffic, increase in website traffic, cost-effective marketing, increased conversion/sales, and competitive advantage.
Local SEO is 100% worth the time and investment for real estate businesses. Compared to other marketing campaigns, it is cost-effective and gives you genuine results in terms of leads and sales.

A local SEO agency is a company that specializes in helping local businesses improve their visibility in local search results. Agencies target local keywords to attract local audiences. Local SEO Agencies apply strategies like local content, business listing, property listing, Google Business Profile setup, Bing places setup, etc.

Yes, SEO works for real estate agents and other businesses seeking to improve online visibility. All you need is a real estate website and real estate SEO expert’s support. Hire one to grow online digitally.

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