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The inflow of real estate businesses in the online marketplace has saturated the platform and made it arduous to outshine the competition. This is where you can leverage original content to display your market expertise and speak directly to your target audience vis-à-vis boosting your brand name.
Splendour Group is an ace real estate content marketing agency proficient in producing and marketing content to appeal to and convert your real estate audience. Our strength is creating SEO-optimized, unique, and quality content for your real estate website that best represents your brand to draw loyal followers and boost your conversion. Entrust us with the content writing service for your real estate business and witness the power of words to drive your brand to success.

Real Estate Content Marketing Services

The website of your real estate business is your online extension to target untapped territory and connect with the desired audience. Your real estate website can make the most from content that best describes its services and brand. The cherry on top of that is SEO-optimized content which also pushes your ranking to grow your conversion rates simultaneously. The real estate content marketing service we’ve provided our clients is the key to their sustainable sales and strong online dominance.
Here is an overview of our content marketing services:

Content Strategy

We don't stick by a content strategy that has given us results in the past. Your business is unique with its unique business objectives, and to sanction your goals, we conduct a proper study of your market and our audience to create a potent content strategy for your real estate business. It is a must that we develop content that matches the industry as well as what the real estate prospect is looking for. We have produced the maximum traffic for our real estate clients by producing influential blog and landing page content to even fulfilling their sales funnel.

Content SEO Optimization

The content we've formulated for your website undergoes a proofreading and optimization stage by our SEO expert. It goes through numerous reading sessions to determine whether the content feels authentic, matches your audience's needs, and represents your brand value. Our Real Estate SEO expert will ensure that your content ranks well on the search engine and increases website traffic.

Keyword Research & Optimization

The content writer at Splendour is in tune with the real estate industry thanks to our long-standing association with real estate clients. Our SEO experts and content writers work together to conduct industry-specific keyword research and formulate the content strategy keeping the SEO factor at the forefront. Going heavy on the SEO aspect is not wise for content as it can sound more mechanical, so our content strategy is a mix of long-tail keywords, head terms, and incorporating our knowledge of your target audience by mixing their lingo.

Copywriting Content

We know that as a real estate business, you have to cater to different marketing strategies time and again to stay on top of the game. So whether it's writing content for email marketing, paid ads, social media, GMB, or landing pages, our content marketing service comprises SEO copywriting services to boost clicks and conversion.

Why We're The Best Real Estate Content Marketing Agency

Splendour Group has worked with various real estate businesses across to globe and refined our content marketing services over the years, making us capable of achieving the results our clients have hoped for. We have been a vociferous voice for our real estate clients online to provide value to their audience.

Client-First Mindset

No one knows your business as you do, and you are the true voice to represent your brand. You will be our guide in our content formation journey, and it is your voice and message that we want to take to your audience. For that, we'll be socked in the guidance and intricate knowledge you provide to our content writing team so that what we produce feels personalized and genuine to your real estate business.

Industry Expert Content Writer

Splendour has experience and proficiency with the real estate industry and a passion for producing SEO content for your website that checks all the boxes to reflect your business. We produce worthy content that adds value to your target audience and drives them to partake in your services.

Unique Quality Content

It is crucial for a real estate website to incorporate quality content so that the target audience discovers it, engages with it, and ultimately invests in your services. The content marketing goal of Splendour is to produce unique and personalized content which ranks well on the search engine.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing is a strategy to produce valuable and actionable content for real estate agents to get visibility, generate interest within their target audience, and connect with them to draw them into the sales funnel.
To generate effective real estate content, we start by defining our clients’ business goals, then by identifying the target audience, running a content audit, listing content ideas, generating the content, publishing content, and measuring the results.
Some beneficial content ideas for real estate businesses on their website are SEO-optimized property listings, landing pages, service pages, informative blogs, and guides.
The content marketing strategies real estate businesses can use to accomplish their business goals and reach their target audience are creating blogs that are informative and engaging in nature, covering the topics the target audience most wants to know about, email marketing to nurture the relationship with new leads and existing clients and social media to promote a listing, share blogs and interact with potential clients.
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