Digital Marketing for Real Estate Developers

by splendour | April 25, 2023 | blog

If you want to leverage digital channels to sell more properties, advertise your new construction projects, build positive brand exposure for your real estate development agency, or become a prominent name in the real estate industry, you’ve come to the right place for guidance. Acknowledging the soaring use of digital marketing in real estate businesses and clients bending increasingly towards online real estate market research, digital marketing for real estate developers is an important topic that needs to be addressed.


Real estate developers are in charge of massive properties, be the large-scale commercial project or housing plans. With such huge investments at stake, relying just on brokers to bring clients is not sufficient for sales. The need of the hour for real estate builders is to embrace modern technology and hop on digital marketing trends not just to stay relevant but pull the interested demographics towards their business.


In this guide, we will decode the strategies real estate builders can adopt in their digital marketing campaigns to be leaps and bounds ahead of their competition and close more deals.


Importance of Digital Marketing for Property Developers

Digital marketing is not just important in building awareness for your real estate projects but also to create a positive aura around your brand to set you apart from your competitors. From offering flexible marketing approaches to including omnichannel campaigns, digital marketing for real estate developers covers all ground. Some of the major benefits of digital marketing for property developers are:


Access to a Wide Audience

Digital marketing makes it convenient for property developers to connect with a wider audience- brokers and real estate investors through social media, search engine rankings, email marketing, etc. It makes it so much easier for estate developers to target potential clients, connect with brokers from different areas, and build leads through effective digital marketing campaigns.


Personalized Marketing

Property developers can let their creativity flow with digital marketing campaigns and create targeted and personalized campaigns based on the internet habits of their potential clients. By identifying the specific needs of their customers, personalized digital marketing campaigns such as email campaigns and paid ads can be conceptualized to secure their interest. 


Better Engagement 

Social media platforms are the best way for property developers to develop a personal bond with their audience by engaging in real-time conversations, sharing the news of their new construction projects, and getting interested buyers before officially putting the properties up for sale. Leveraging social media to interact with the audience on a regular basis builds trust and forms a loyal following that leads to an increase in sales.


Convenient Way to Track ROI

Digital marketing enables property developers to track the success of their campaigns in real-time and get transparent updates. This allows them to adjust their campaigns quickly, ensuring they are getting the best possible ROI.


Internet Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Developers



We have painted the picture of how heavily potential real estate investors are relying on the internet to look for their desired house and real estate agency to provide them with quality services. By at large, the real estate industry has migrated its marketing efforts to the online market. Considering the need for the hours, we’ve listed down some crucial marketing strategies for real estate developers to achieve your business goals: 


Website As An Asset

A website is the first stage in launching your digital marketing campaign, as the website is the digital store for your real estate business. A real estate website is the best representative of your services and brand online, from which your potential clients get to engage with you. 


A professional real estate website that’s aligned with the services your business delivers and on par with the look and feel is a must considering 97% of homebuyers are scouting properties online. Your real estate audience is actually online at the current time, and with an effective website to showcase your services and listing, a boost in sales is guaranteed. Some crucial thing you need to ensure with your website is that it’s user-friendly, informative, and delivers to your audience exactly what they’re looking for. 


Prioritise Quality Contents

Content is what determines the success or failure of the real estate developer marketing campaign. The content of your website, social media posts, blogs, and even Google Business profile is an excellent outlet to display your expertise if executed perfectly. Your content is the basis on which the potential homebuyer determines your business’s value. As a real estate developer, you must know the queries and confusion your clients have when embarking on the home-buying journey.


Taking advantage of their problems, you can produce real estate content that answers the queries of your audience, give them home-buying tips and market insights, and offer valuable insights on the most pressing real estate matters. Offering valuable and informative content makes you the reference point and knowledge guide people keep referring back to, thus leading to traffic spikes.


Real Estate Listing

It is extremely important to list your properties professionally and with precise descriptions. People are first scouting online to find commercial spaces, dream houses, or land for their dream project, so you must be able to display your listing for all sorts of buyers. Thus, you must present your listing with detailed information and high-quality video and image reference.


Interact in Social Media

Social Media platforms are a powerful tool real estate developers must focus on for brand awareness and exposure. Social media can generate conversion in a short span of time if executed effectively. Creating the social media account of your real estate business on all popular and heavy user base social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc., should be your first priority. 


Next is to be consistent with your posting on all your social media accounts, be it by sharing your listings, success stories, website blogs, etc. Another significant way social media adds to your brand reputation is by interacting with your audience and building a strong bond with them. It helps in creating a positive impression around your business for new investors. 


Offer Virtual Tours

Thanks to technology, real estate developers can now use innovative strategies to display their services to potential investors. Virtual house tours and open houses are among such strategy that has proven to streamline the home-buying process for potential buyers. 


Not only does providing virtual tours give the sense of excellent customer service, but gives the potential buyer the ease of mind that they’ve evaluated properties carefully. This way, you’re going above and beyond as a real estate developer to give your customers the best real estate investment experience, which shall not go unnoticed. 


Also, with social media apps that focus heavily on media, you can post your virtual tour videos on your social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, or even go live and show them the real-time tour. 


Ensure You Spend on SEO

It’s never enough in today’s time to create a well-designed real estate website and expect it to perform well. As the online platforms are crowded by real estate service providers of all scales and sizes, you must invest in Real Estate SEO for your real estate website to rank on top of the search engine and get the desired eyeballs for your business. 


Powerful SEO strategies will improve your visibility which directly equates to generating leads and organic traffic on autopilot 24/7. Hiring an experienced Real estate SEO agency will give you a return on your investment with an increase in organic traffic and leads for your website. 


Leverage Paid Media

Pay-Per-Click, generally referred to as PPC, is an effective marketing strategy to give the instant boom of exposure and leads for real estate developers. In this campaign, developers run ads, and they are charged when the audiences click on their ads. 


With a PPC campaign, you can accumulate genuinely interested leads in your real estate services as ads are targeted to audiences who have searched for similar services. 


Quick Changes Developers Can Make Today

The intense competition within the real estate industry requires real estate developers to be quick on their feet to adopt trending practices into their marketing campaigns. Some real estate developer marketing strategies that have proven to attract genuine leads for real estate developers are:  


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the oldest and most effective practice in real estate digital marketing to engage leads and existing clients through emails. You can effortlessly convert your leads and prospects into taking up your real estate services and form a loyal bond with powerful email. 

Updating the people on your email list regarding the new listing, price drops, special campaigns, offers, or even news is a great way to keep your audience aware of your services. Now tailor the email with powerful content, professional design, and CTA words, and it results in conversion. 



The podcast has become a trendy medium. You can find podcasts on industry knowledge to personal coaching sessions because people are tuning into podcasts because of their immersive and informative pattern. Real estate podcasts are also widely popular now because it is evolving daily, and buyers and investors need to stay on top of all the changes and educate themselves. Thus, creating a podcast to share all the latest industry news, investing knowledge, and all things related to real estate investment will help establish you as an industry expert and grow the brand image.



There is so much room you, as an expert in the real estate industry, can cover and enlighten the new buyers and interested set of audience. Interviews are a great way to impart your market insights, real estate buying/selling guides, and a personalized way to let people know about your business and your services. 


Local SEO

Real estate investors must focus on local SEO in their digital marketing campaign because, chances are, most of your potential clients are close to your geographic range. The competition cuts down to a handful of real estate builders of the same location when you focus on local SEO first. Next, your chances of ranking in the top spots of local search queries on Google increase. This can help you gain more business as investors within your region find real estate developers.   


Bonus Tip: To boost your Local SEO result, focus on the Google Business Profile of your real estate development agency.  


Video Production

Real estate video marketing has become a popular trend that leads to an increase in conversion and leads. Posting just the pictures of your properties doesn’t justify the needs of your prospective clients. Images are very limited in how much they can convey to the viewers. Conversely, video offers the prospective client clarity as with videos; you can cover the neighborhood, provide a complete property tour, and display the feel and character of the property. With videos, there is ample opportunity for developers to experiment.  


Proof of Success

You can broadcast about your quality service and industry experiences through your website and social media channel, but nothing solidifies this claim more than when you post your success stories. Social proof is an excellent marketing strategy to establish your real estate business as an exemplary service provider. 


To gain the trust of your audience and leads, posting your success stories and client testimonial works like a charm. Encourage your clients to leave reviews on your Google profile, social media sites, and everywhere possible. And don’t forget to publicize any awards or recognition your agency has won, as it sets you higher on the pyramid than your competitors.  


We Can Help

Now that the real estate industry is heavily utilizing digital marketing strategies to boost its online presence and find potential clients, it boils down to how effective and well-rounded those strategies are to yield the desired results. The digital marketing strategies that tend to provide the users with what they’re seeking and solve their real estate problems lead to conversion. And, what real estate developers must understand is it’s not about the quantity of your reach, the quantity of conversion that truly equates to the success of your real estate business. 


To achieve the desired conversion and formulate a versatile digital marketing campaign, a digital marketing agency that knows the real estate industry helps. Splendour is a real estate-focused digital marketing agency delivering path-breaking digital solutions to drive traffic and sales for our real estate partners. 


From providing a full-suit of digital marketing services for real estate developers that includes SEO, PPC, website development, and social media marketing to creating personalized marketing campaigns, we focus on the areas pivotal for your digital success. Get in contact with us, and get a free consultation to help strengthen the positioning of your real estate agency online. 





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