Digital Marketing for Home Builders

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Digital marketing for home builders

The intense pressure among home builders and real estate professionals, in general, is so cut-throat with the battle to get a steady wave of leads and clients that it takes a robust marketing strategy to win the deals.


The core audience of home builders is property buyers, realtors, real estate investors, or any interested party looking for an agency to build their home/commercial building.


However, even with such a wide range of target audiences, getting motivated leads and customers has become an enormous struggle for home builders. This is where real estate digital marketing helps to solve all of these issues.


It is online where home builders can find a massive population of target audiences looking for home building services. Thus, the marketing focus should be online to reach potential clients.


Thus, go through our digital marketing for home builders guide which consists of effective marketing strategies to engage prospects, convert leads, and close more deals.



Importance of Digital Marketing for Home Builders

There is no denying that the internet and technology have become a huge part of our lives. Today, when consumers want a specific service or product, they look online and seek approval from past clients to take the product or service.


Home buying is indeed a life-changing and milestone moment, so internet research is all the more in-depth.


Now, digital marketing creates numerous opportunities for home builders to gain exposure and traction from their audience.


Let’s go through why digital marketing for home builders is fruitful in detail.


Platform to Reach Wider Audience

Digital platforms have become the place for people for a variety of purposes, be it for entertainment, news, or even for looking up home builders and real estate service providers.


With multiple digital mediums and billions of users engaging in them, home builders have a sure-shot way to connect and form a lasting relationship with their motivate-audiences.


Avenue Display Creativity

Each digital platform has a dedicated style or way of working. For content and informational media, Instagram is famous for aesthetic images, Snapchat for short-form videos, and YouTube for logn-format ones.


Similarly, other digital spaces have their DNA which gives home builders the to experiment with a variety of ideas to show their creativity and test out new marketing ideas to attract the audience and get their trust.


Mesurable Performance

One of the most significant reasons for the popularity of digital marketing and the quick implementation of this marketing throughout industries is the feature to measure real-time data and track performance.


Home builders can keep track of their past and running campaigns and gauge the return on investment from the campaign. Based on the data, robust changes can also be implemented in the ongoing marketing campaign.


Furthermore, the data collected from the marketing campaigns are evaluated and studied to develop a solid campaign for the future.


Thus, digital marketing for home builders is a profitable investment.


Online Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

Online Marketing Strategies for Home Builders

Real estate digital marketing circles down to using the right strategies tailored to each digital space to reach the target demographics.


The strategies are the stepping stone for home builders to establish a brand presence and outshine their competitors. We’ve listed out some proven strategies to help home builders win over their leads and boost conversion.



Think of how you would like to present your business to your audience in the online space. A proper, professional real estate website that reflects your brand and its principles is the first thing that comes to mind.


Having a website is given in digital marketing for home builders because it is the first step in building a digital footprint.


The things you need to ensure are ticked off with your website is that the website’s navigation is clear and even intuitive for the user.


Next, the content is clear, concise, engaging, and informative. Utmost importance must be given to delivering the finest user experience when the user interacts with your website.


We’ve covered the step of going digital with your website, but the task is making it visible to the right audience. For that, we move on to SEO.


Ensure You Invest in SEO

The best investment home builders can do for their business is to include SEO in their digital marketing strategy.


SEO does not just help increase brand visibility and authority; it is the way to generate leads and traffic on autopilot 24/7. Homebuilders must understand that the result of SEO may not be visible immediately, as it is a gradual process.


But when SEO is practiced correctly, your website traffic and lead maximize to unimaginable numbers.


If you have the skills to do the SEO on your own, start now. If not, you can hire an SEO Agency to kick off your journey to ranking #1 on Google search results.


Prioritise Quality Contents

Content is the most part of your digital marketing strategy because the right content establishes you as the market leader and authority in the eyes of your audience.


From highlighting your business and its services correctly to conveying your voice to your audience, it is via your content that the audience gets to know you.


Content can range from long format to short, and each piece of content has a purpose in building a relationship with your clients and leading them to convert into investing in your services.


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Today, the audience looks for high-quality content from businesses and takes that as a metric to determine their quality of service.


Creating content could be time-consuming, and identifying the voice of the content to strike a chord with the audience can take time and practice to master.


Well, good news for home builders. You can hire a content marketing agency to produce content that matches your brand and voice.


Local SEO

Think from a client’s perspective looking to build their home. Wouldn’t they want to hire a home builder within their locality so they can have regular meetings to discuss building work with ease?


Thus, home builders need to be visible to the local audience so they hire them.


Also, focusing on local ranking reduces your competition by a large margin, and your only competition is the few home builders within your locality.


Utilizing Local SEO in your marketing strategy ensures that your motivated local audience finds you, which correlates to more conversions and sales.


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Virtual Tours

As a home builder, never back down from delivering an experiential feel. Virtual tours on your website or social media profiles are of utmost help to attract and engage customers.


You don’t require a professional setup/team or expensive camera to film a virtual tour. You have the best tool at your hand- your smartphone.


Capture the tour of your completed house projects, and emphasize showing your skills and what you can offer to people when building their houses.


You can also leverage animated 3D house designs to give potential customers how their house will look once the building is completed. Don’t sideline this opportunity to show potential clients your vision for their property.


Quick Changes Home Builders Can Make Today

Think of it as an addition to your marketing campaign rather than a change. These tips are simple, don’t take much effort to launch, and, best of all; you can do these on your own.


Email Marketing

You can always count on email marketing to build and nurture your relationship with your existing clients and leads by sharing informative content about your business.


Via email, you can share insights into your finished projects, client testimonials, services, special offers, events, and anything else you want to share with your audience.



Podcasts fall under audio and video content, and the good news here is that audio-video consumption has skyrocketed drastically in just a few years.


A report by Statista states that 62% of people in the US consume podcasts, and the number is expected to only go up in the years to come.


Now try to visualize this staggering number in regards to your audience for you to talk about your business, show your skills, and share your industry experiences.


Collaborate with your employees, and start a podcast to cater to your audience.


Paid Media

When looking through search engine results, people seldom go past the first page, let alone consider any business below the 5th rank. If your business is not on the first page, you are bound to lose out on a lot of leads and clients.


The only way to quickly get on the top of the search results page is through pay-per-click (PPC).


You can either launch a PPC campaign on your own if you have the proficiency to do it or hire a PPC agency to maximize your success in scoring high-intent leads and conversions.


Video Production

People choose video over text and images when finding information about services and products. Home builders can benefit a lot from this when you show people the completed projects you’ve done through a video; it gives authenticity to your claims.


You can also use videos to talk to people about your uniqueness and why they should hire you, show the behind-the-scenes video of a project you’re working on, and a before and after video always scores.


Proof of Success

Client testimonials, success stories, and reviews are more impactful than your website content, speaking of your expert services and quality work.


Encourage your clients to share the positive experience and results your services have delivered through testimonials, reviews, or video format, which you can share on your different platforms.


This proof from your clients shows prospective customers the value you can add.


In addition, you can also share the milestones and achievements you’ve accomplished in your home-building process or the success your agency secured to strengthen your reputation.

We Can Help

Like every industry going digital with its daily operations, marketing has also gone the digital route. The real estate industry, too, is all about digital visibility, and with this, the approach to interacting with home buyers and leads has completely changed.


The cost-effective and time-effective practices of digital marketing make it the way to generate better ROI. Now that we’ve shown you the path and strategies to boost your exposure and sales, the task is to get yourself the agency to achieve all desired goals.


Splendour Group is a real estate digital marketing agency driven by the passion for helping real estate professionals achieve their business goals. We provide a complete range of marketing solutions and develop strategies tailored just for your business. So, please don’t wait any further, and propel your home-building business to its success.


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