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by Splendour Group | May 19, 2023 | blog

Are you a real estate contractor trying to find ways to generate motivated leads and get real estate contracts to keep your business up and running?


Through digital marketing, it is not just the motivated leads that come your way; you achieve brand awareness, authority, and a closer bond with your audience.


Now, you might be wondering how to prioritize online marketing while maintaining your daily business operations- well, with digital marketing for real estate contractors, you can achieve outstanding digital success in a short span of time.


In this blog, we will arm you with the information and effective strategies that are crucial in building your online presence so that the steps you take toward planning for it are fruitful.


Importance of Digital Marketing for Estate Contractors

Professionals of every field market online because of the convenience and the actual results it produces.


Truth be told, your target audiences are indeed browsing through the internet to look for products/services they need. The same goes for real estate audiences as well.


Homeowners, realtors, and real estate investors are all online looking to find an acclaimed real estate contractor to collaborate with to restore or even flip their property.


Now, the nature of a real estate contractor’s job is entirely project-based. The contractor gets a project, completes it, and then the job there is done.


Thus, having a good flow of projects is necessary for real estate contractors to sustain their business. Online marketing presents ample opportunities and avenues for real estate contracts to solidify their online presence, which is equivalent to a rise in brand building and leads.


Let’s run down some of the main benefits of digital marketing for real estate contractors:


Online Visibility

Online marketing enables real estate contractors to build a robust online presence, making it easier for motivated audiences to find them.


Having a business website and social media profile can make the business accessible to a wider audience and build a solid digital footprint.


Building & Nurturing Relationships

Nurturing relationships and forming long-term relationships in business is important to get repeat contracts and referrals.


Traditional marketing requires a lot of time and effort for real estate contractors to maintain their bond with clients and leads.


In traditional marketing, the only possible way to maintain the bond is through constant follow-ups via calls, messages, or organizing events to meet business clients.


Digital marketing makes it much easier to nurture the bond through social media engagement, personalized email marketing, and targeted content.


This way, real estate contractors can focus more on their work while still being assured that the target leads and clients are constantly updated and in sync.


Conversion & Lead Generation

A proper digital marketing strategy for real estate contractors can generate a steady flow of traffic and leads.


Lead generation strategies such as email marketing and lead capture form are the easiest way to collect information- email, name, and number of your leads, and nurture them into taking your services.


Online Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Contractors


With the magnitude of real estate construction companies and contractors venturing into the digital domain, it becomes all the more essential for real estate contractors to put their best foot forward and show an unshakable digital presence to win contracts/projects on a regular basis.


To shine your way through the thousands of similar businesses online and be #1 in your industry, we’ve listed some strong marketing strategies for contractors below.


Website As An Asset

In this digital era, real estate contractors must have a website to represent their brand and services online. We can emphasize enough how important a well-built website is in today’s time in the real estate industry.


Since more and more real estate audiences are browsing for real estate contractors online, having a real estate website is the first step to ensuring your target audience can find you.


And if your website is well-crafted, user-friendly, and informative, you will be a top contender. But just having a website is not enough; you need to rank your websites as well, and for that, you need SEO dedicated for real estate by real estate SEO Experts.


Ensure You Spend on SEO

To derive the desired brand awareness and leads to the website, it should first be optimized to be discoverable to the target audience.


To increase the discoverability and let the target audience find the real estate contactor website, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a must.


Our SEO service is focused on optimizing the website to adhere to the search engine standards, keyword optimization of the web pages, producing quality content, and building the authority of the website through link building.


We focus on creating custom strategies so that real estate contractors have the best presence online. Contact us and we will figure out technical issues that you can do on your own. And trust me it’s totally free.


Prioritize Quality Content


Creating captivating and unique content is exceptionally crucial for real estate contractors to set themselves apart from their competitors.


Not just from a competition perspective, content is used to communicate your information to your target audience, show your industry knowledge, and give them insight into your services.


A website with powerful content helps real estate contractors gain the trust of their target audience and get more business. Use your expertise in your field to attract the audience, build trust and keep them visiting and contacting you.


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Interact in Social Media

Social media marketing is the most important aspect of online marketing for contractors. It is “the” place where businesses can interact with their existing clients, potential leads, and genuine followers in real time.


Contractors can use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or any platform that is popular in their service area to market their services and hard sell their uniqueness.


Offer Virtual Tours

Real estate contractors can benefit the most from virtual tours. Not only does the video medium generate interest in the audience.


Use it to tour your projects- finished projects or even projects you’re currently working on to attract realtors, home-buyers, and contractors to hire you to fix their property.


Think of a virtual tour as an avenue to display your properties and projects so that your target audience sees the value of your work and contacts you for their home-building projects.


Leverage Local SEO

As I continuously advise realtors or any real estate business to focus their digital marketing locally. Local SEO for contractors is the best strategy you can plan to obtain local audiences.


It is your local audience who will hire you for their house projects.


Thus, optimizing your website for targeted local keywords, locally optimized landing pages, and services pages for different cities/areas you serve, and working on your Google My Business listing strengthens your local presence, and brings more business for you.


SEO is global as website optimization is focused more on global search results, such as ranking for terms like “House refurbishment contractors”.


Local SEO, on the other hand, is focused on optimizing the website for terms like “House refurbishment contractors near me, House refurbishment contractors [city name].”


Quick Changes a Real Estate Contractor Can Make Today

The above-mentioned strategies are more of a guideline for real estate contractors to ensure these strategies are a part of your digital marketing campaign when strategizing with a digital marketing agency.


Some of the effective methods that a real estate contractor can start working on right this second are listed below:


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective and convenient way for real estate contractors to grow their business and push sales from it.


Real estate is one such industry where deals are struck based on the equation between the customer and the real estate contractor.


Sending regular emails is a way to invest in building that bond with your audience and keeping your name fresh in their mind.


And now, will all the different email marketing apps, real estate contractors can easily schedule timely emails to their email receiver list.


The email can be about website updates, special offers, success stories, promotional offers, and even alerts on new blogs.



Podcasts give real estate contractors a place to amplify their brand voice, share industry insights, and display the people behind the brand in fun yet informative session.


If you have a passion for speaking, or the people in your team are up for creating podcasts, grab the opportunity and create weekly/monthly podcasts and cover all the latest topics and common audience topics.


Or, you can collaborate with the local popular host. You will have a chance to speak up for the newer audience. High chance is you will gain attention from a totally different scene.


Paid Media

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the best way for real estate contractor to scale their online visibility and get motivated leads.


PPC campaign automatically places your website at the top of the search result page that is allocated for ad placement.


The best thing about a PPC campaign is that your brand visibility is increased, high-intent leads come your way, and you will only be charged when your ad gets clicked.


Thus, for instant success, PPC campaign marketing for real estate contractors is a huge hit.


Video Production

Videos are the most preferred medium for consumption, even better than images in regards to conversion.


The video consumption statistic by Techjury says that branded video content has helped 93% of businesses gain new customers.


The fact that videos add a face to the business makes you connect with your audience, generating emotion toward your business.


Contractors can create short/long format videos depending on the platform to post the video and effectively convey one idea or a specific purpose per video by targeting your audience’s pain points to generate leads. Contractors can make videos on the following are:


  • Showcasing the services, and portfolio work
  • Highlighting the before and after work for completed projects
  • Talking about their experiences, and industry knowledge
  • Real estate tips to entice new customers


Proof of Success

Social proof is an important strategy in online marketing for contractors are crucial to increase their leads and sales.


A study by OBERLO states that 9 out of 10 consumers go through the reviews of a business. This staggering number shows that reviews and testimonials from your past clients have a huge role in forming the opinion of your business for your new audience.


To strengthen the reputation of your business, and display the quality of your service, encourage your past and existing clients to share their reviews of hiring you as their real estate contactor.


Real estate contractors too can share their achievements, client testimonials, and success stories on their social media accounts, website, and GBP.


We Can Help

The already competitive real estate business has grown to become all the more competitive due to digitization.


So, real estate contractors must adapt to the ever-changing technology and the trends it brings for their success.


As a contractor, the onus is on you to find your next client, project, and income-generating medium to keep your business up and running.


Thus, digital marketing for real estate contractors helps to generate motivated leads and customers to run the business.


It requires commitment, constant strategizing, optimization, and a great deal of time to implement the solutions for conversion.


You need a digital marketing agency that not only aligns with your principles and adheres to your business goals but rather understands the real estate market and the approaches that lead to conversion.


Splendour is a dedicated real estate digital marketing agency providing a complete range of marketing solutions.


We produce personalized result-oriented solutions to generate leads and revenue for real estate clients in accordance with their goals and budget.


As your real estate digital marketing consultant, we focus on building leads, new clients, online presence, and profit to accomplish your business goals.


Work with us, and we will be the point of difference for your growth.


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