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Over the few years, technology and the internet have made unprecedented progress and seeped into the everyday lives of all of us so much so that one day to day decisions are influenced by technology and the internet.


Be it as basic as to what brand makes the clothing items or financial decisions like which property management company one should hire; people seek guidance from the internet.


Today, all industries are heavily reliant on various online channels to grow leads and business- thus, the focus is to have a solid internet presence.


Likewise, strategic marketing for property management companies is key to their growth and success. Traditional marketing approaches such as print ads, radio ads, commercials, and flyers are now a tale of the past.


Now digital marketing has dethroned traditional marketing methods, and effective online marketing is how businesses grow and outshine competitors.


Online marketing for real estate presents tons of opportunities for property management agencies to scale their business, connect with interested tenants, yield higher returns, and generate leads to sustain the business considering the real estate audiences turning to the internet to find properties.


And the best part is that digital marketing doesn’t require a massive chunk of your marketing budget- a little goes a long way.


Below we’ve laid the blueprint you need to focus on to grow the online presence of your property management company. First, let’s brush up on the benefits digital marketing offers property managers.


Importance of Digital Marketing for Property Managers


The intense competition in the real estate industry requires property managers to be robust and smart with property management marketing plans, or else the big plays in no time will outrank them and steal all the eyeballs.


Simply saying, property managers must go the digital route for long-term success. Property managers can rejoice in the following advantages:


Online Visibility

With digital marketing, online visibility is a given because all the campaign is done to build a strong online presence.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO), paid ads, and social media marketing help to position your property management services at the top positions in the search result, thus boosting your visibility.


The increase in visibility expands the reach of your business and attracts interested leads.


Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing is an unbeatable advantage of digital marketing as property managers get to effectively run their marketing campaign for the targeted location, demographic, and interest-based users.


Rather than generalized marketing, property managers can reach the right audience looking to rent or lease their property. It gives the assurance to property managers that their marketing budget is utilized correctly.


Enhanced Communication

Property managers get to have one-on-one communication with their audience that too in real-time via digital marketing.


Leverage social media channels, email marketing, or even the live chat features on the website; property managers can personally connect with potential tenets or property owners and give them a rundown of their services or answer their queries.


Direct communication strengthens the brand presence and establishes you as a trusted entity for your audiences.


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Lead Generation and Conversion

Digital marketing strategies are highly effective in generating leads and converting them into customers. Property managers can leverage lead generation tactics such as creating informative content, offering virtual tours, providing downloadable brochures, and hosting webinars or virtual events.


Capturing leads through these channels, property managers can nurture relationships, showcase their properties, and increase the chances of converting leads into tenants or buyers.


Internet Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Managers


Now that you’ve gained the gist of how digital marketing is beneficial for property managers, let’s talk about the tangible way to build a presence for your property management business so that the target audience discovers you before your competitors.


Website As An Asset

The first step in starting your digital marketing journey is to focus on your property management websites. Without a website for your business, your potential clients won’t be able to find you.


So if you don’t have a website for your business, making one or, if you do have a website, presenting it professionally is crucial.


Your target audience wants to get all the important information with just a few clicks, so keep in mind to have a user-friendly and informative website.


A well-crafted with the right mix of content, CTA forms, and media content will get you the traffic and leads you to need.


Prioritise Quality Contents


Real estate is an industry that works on trust and expertise because of the huge amount of investment that comes into play, and of course, investing in a place you’re going to live for a significant time of your life or letting a third-party manage your property is no joke.


When a potential client is looking at your services and qualifications, they are trying to ensure you can be dependable for this job.


Your content must be powerful and compelling to assure your audience that you’ll provide the help they’re looking for.


The content on your landing pages and blog post must evoke emotion so that the reader feels you’re the right real estate manager for them.


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Interact in Social Media


Social media marketing is the backbone of marketing strategy efforts because when done right real estate managers can reap unimaginable benefits from it- from brand awareness, lead generation, referrals, and more.


With social media, you’re broadcasting your services to a much wider audience.


Cover all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and post content regularly. Plus, social media makes it much easier to communicate with your audience and build a personal connection with them.


Offer Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are an efficient way to show the property tour to potential tenants and buyers. With your hectic schedule and your clients, managing a time that fits both of you can be challenging, and thus you can lose a client, or maybe your client is from a different state.


Whatever the case, a virtual tour is an asset for property managers. With the virtual tour, your client gets a complete tour of their desired property, and you can use the same virtual tour for different clients; now, that’s a win-win for both.


Ensure You Spend on SEO

All your effort go in vain if you’re not investing in SEO to give your real estate website the visibility and reach it requires to get seen by the interested audience.


SEO for real estate property management is necessary to rank your website high on the search results and outrank your competition so that interested people find you first.


You must optimize your website for search engines to display your business when the user is looking for a property management agency.


SEO work involves finding the relevant keywords for your property management business, optimizing the content on those keywords, and building backlinks to your website, all to rank well on the search engine.


SEO is an ongoing work that requires a lot of research, time, and skills to do it proficiently. Hiring a Real Estate SEO Agency with prior knowledge would be beneficial in this case so that you can allocate more time to connecting with your clients.


Splendour Group can help you here because we have the skills and knowledge to work for a property management agency and drive the desired conversion.


Leverage Paid Media

Property management’s digital marketing strategy must involve paid ads from time to time to secure quality leads. It is, in fact, the best way to get the returns on your investment, as you’re only paying for relevant leads.


To run paid advertising, you need to find the right keywords relating to your estate management business because keywords determine the audience and reach of your ads.


Quick Changes Estate Management Can Implement Today

While the above-mentioned strategies are effective and help to build the presence of your property management company from its core, the truth is they take a lot of time, planning, and precise execution to show the result.


For instant brand presence and lead generation, some sure-shot property management marketing ideas estate managers can work on are:


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the number one way to nurture your relationship with existing clients and leads. As a real estate management company, it is an easy and effective way to stay connected with your audience and keep your business relevant and fresh in their minds.


You can write newsletters regarding real estate news, business updates, special offers, website updates, and more and send them out on a timely basis.





Sharing your expertise and experiences as a property management company, answering the most relevant queries of your audience, and speaking about your business on the platforms that hooks the audiences is an easy way to market your services.


Whether going live on social media channels and having a real-time dialogue with your audience or starting a podcast to talk about the necessary topics of property management, sharing your knowledge puts you in a position of power as people view you as a knowledge hub.


When you become the point of reference, people share what you have to say, and your audience base increases; thus, the reach of your business grows simultaneously.





The interview is the perfect way to work on your brand awareness by sharing your voice so that your audience and potential customers understand your brand.


Growing awareness for your business/services is the first step property managers can take for customer conversion. For a property manager, it is a must to show your personality and your unique factors to your audience so that they get the vibe that you’re the one they want to work with.


Interviews are a great starting point to make your audience familiar with you, your services, and your work history. Be it speaking about your own experiences and achievements, sharing info, or even an interview with your customers or employees, there is so much scope with interviews to share your brand story.


Local SEO

To make all your digital marketing efforts work, Local SEO is one area you must not sideline- rather, focus actively on building your local reach. In an estate management business, you’re competing first on a local level.


You’re fighting for the attention of local tenants, local leads, and local property owners. The people in your locality must be able to find you on local search results; hence, the focus must be on having a solid local reach.


For that, you must optimize your website for local searches and claim your Google Business Profile listing.


Video Production

Video is by far the most engaging content that holds the power to hook the audience within seconds. Video marketing is a crucial part of online marketing to boost the visibility and growth of brands, especially for property management companies


The survey by Wyzowl presents the information that 92% of marketers vouch for videos to be an integral part of their digital marketing strategy to generate ROI.


When you create informative and engaging video content that adds value to your audience, you win their confidence and trust in your services.


Proof of Success

Social proof is the vote of confidence that speaks for your property management services’ credibility and influences your audiences’ conversion decision.


The testimonials and reviews from your past clients talking about the positive experience of working with you persuade interested clients to connect with you and boost your leads.


Hence, encourage your existing and past clients to share video testimonials and reviews about their experience hiring you as their property management agency.


And your role here is to share the social proof on all your social media channels, Google Business Profile, landing pages on your website, and anywhere else your potential audience might look at.


We Can Help

Building a personalized property management marketing plan tailored specially for you because it brings the leads your business needs for success. Digital marketing, be it your website or your social media channels, connects you with your target audiences.


Splendour Group is a real estate digital marketing agency with solid experience in creating personalized marketing campaigns for the growth of businesses online. We are a one-stop marketing agency providing almost every marketing service required by a property management agency.


Our team consists of experts with a complete understanding of the property management industry who will be creating the marketing strategies guaranteed to work.


So partner with us and invest in the success of your business.


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