Underrated 12 Real Estate Digital Marketing Ideas for 2023

by splendour123 | January 30, 2023 | blog

12 real estate digital marketing stratetgies

You might agree that real estate is a merciless industry, you never know if new players will overshadow you and leave you nowhere to step. It’s all up to you how you can differentiate yourself from other good, new, or old players in the industry.


Whether you are a property manager or a professional real estate agent, maximizing the exposure of your property is crucial, and you deserve the best. We have prepared and discussed the 12 underrated real estate marketing tactics you can implement in your real estate digital marketing strategy below.


Remember, the following are just listings, but they are equally important and powerful digital marketing strategies for real estate agents in 2023. The below digital marketing campaigns have their own specialty and own way of generating awareness of your brand.

Write Real Estate Content Consistently

We asked realtors and startups if they have a business website, and 98% said they do, but only a few have dedicated time to writing blogs. It’s true that blogs are going to stay for a longer period of time, so it’s very important to write consistently about your business, services, or insightful content.


A well-planned content marketing strategy can attract huge traffic to your real estate website that satisfies the search query. Here, the selection of real estate SEO keywords also plays a vital role in Google SERP ranking. Share your knowledge and experiences via your blog, and your visitors/audience will love your work and be more likely to trust you. Quality content is a crucial factor of digital marketing in real estate.

Real Estate SEO

In today’s market, people often surf the internet to find the best property and read blogs for decision-making. Having an optimized website and getting on top of the search result page of Google will bring you huge amounts of organic traffic and leads to your website, which is likely to convert. Real Estate SEO techniques improve your online presence, increase website visitors, and open door to new customers.


Real estate is one of the cheapest marketing strategies to get organic leads. A real estate digital marketing agency is dedicated to helping small, big, or new real estate investors with their experience and expertise.

Maximize Property Photo Quality

A well-defined and descriptive image is worth a thousand words. You can use your phone’s camera to take photos if you’re good at photography, but the days of snapping a quick photo and uploading it to your social media profiles or website are long gone. This will never reflect your professionalism; instead, hire a professional photographer to take photos of your property, edit them, and update your property listings’ photos.

real estate property

This is how very good-quality photos can help your business:

Visibility: A clear and detailed image allows potential customers to see your services more clearly and helps them understand their buying decision.

Professionalism: High-quality images can convey a sense of professionalism and quality, which can help businesses establish credibility and trust with their target audience.

Attractiveness: HD photos can make your product or service more appealing and attract potential customers to be converted.

Online Presence: With more and more customers turning to online platforms to research and make purchasing decisions, having high-quality images is essential for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence and differentiate from competitors.

Engage in Social Media

The USA has 302.35 million social media users as of 2023. Social media is a goldmine; you can find your possible customers here, and you can self-brand, engage, and share opinions with your relevant audiences. Staying updated on your market and consumers’ behavior is crucial for a successful business. The real estate digital marketing strategy is simple; know your audience, interact with them, build trust, and make sales.


Realtors have come to know that simply listing properties on several social media platforms won’t bring results. Consumer-owner interaction is beneficial for a healthy business. It helps establish trust, gather feedback, and identify customer needs and preferences. Regular communication can also provide opportunities for customer retention and advocacy.


Hence, investing in customer relationships should be a top priority of digital marketing in real estate for those who are aiming to grow.

Invest in SMS Marketing

Sometimes we forget about the basics. You may wonder who in the world of social media and email will care much about SMS, but we can’t deny the fact that SMS has an average 96% open rate while email has only 20%. It’s an old marketing strategy, but it still works. But remember, you are under legal circumstances.

Invest in Email Marketing

Email marketing services allows businesses to send customized and automated messages to targeted audiences, track the success of campaigns, and achieve a high return on investment. With its flexibility and scalability, email marketing can be an effective tool for boosting customer engagement and driving sales. Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy for real estate agents. It can revolutionize your real estate business, strengthen customer relationships, and protect your brand image.

emailmarketing diagram

Invest in Real Estate Video Marketing

Video marketing is another effective way to reach a large number of people at once. Creating a quality informational video can be another tool to engage with the audience and attract them to be your potential customers. How can hiring a professional videographer to be a game changer in the real estate industry?

  • Increased engagement: Like email and SMS marketing, video marketing is more attention-grabbing and memorable.
  • Improved customer understanding: Realtors can use platforms like youtube to post their videos, here real estate agents can directly focus on their main content, address problems, insight into current trends and solutions.
  • Building trust: Videos can build trust in potential customers of real estate agents. Sharing customer testimonial videos in your profile can be a strong trust signal.

Run a Paid Ad Campaign

Paid ads like Facebook ads, Google ads, and LinkedIn ads are the ultimate digital marketing plan. PPCs are effective in targeting a specific group of the audience while driving traffic and generating leads for your business. PPC targets the audiences who are at the bottom of the funnel. The audiences are possible leads influenced to take action such as; form submission, newsletter subscription, and phone contacts.


By targeting proper demographics, location, and real estate SEO keywords, real estate agencies can ensure their ads are shown to potential customers under their service area. This can directly and effectively ROI your investment.


In summary, a paid ad campaign can be a very satisfying and huge investment at the same time. It should be planned with organized strategies.

Run Contest, Polls, and Q&As to Engage

Social media like Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram have features like polls and Q&A. You can create a post to engage and know your audience’s opinions. Just posting about your services and products may bore audiences and they may show less interest in your business. Engaging the audience with memes or polls on interesting topics, and trends, and organizing virtual contests or Q&A campaigns is a smart move.

Real Estate Podcast or Go Live

Video marketing, interviews, and podcasts are clever digital marketing plans for real estate agents to influence people to be their next lead. Podcasts are popular among those who want to learn more. Real Estate agents can leverage this trend and start podcasts on interesting facts, the history, and the future of the market. The podcast is a great way to show off your industry knowledge.


This will build trust and helps you in self-branding. Podcasts can be a very powerful tool to reach a wider audience, generate leads and eventually convert. Investing in podcasts or going live is an asset to your business. Going live and interacting with people live is very simple and efficient.

podcast and live setup with blue lights in background

Host a Real Estate Seminar

A unique way to pitch your sales is by gathering real estate professionals and individuals interested in buying or selling properties. Real estate seminars bring opportunities for learning and networking with professional attendees. It’s also a unique way of connecting to your potential customers and making them your next lead.


A real estate seminar can be aimed at first-time home buyers, or you can host an event targeting homeowners teaching them how to get the best value when they sell their property. You can organize events virtually via zoom, and meetings and invite professionals to speak.

Referral Marketing

A referral is the best lead that possibly converts most of the time. Partner with other agencies in different states and let your followers know that you can help them find property anywhere.


Real estate marketing is becoming more competitive than ever, realtors must stay active, up-to-date, creative, and never afraid to try new things. The above online marketing strategies are widely practiced by real estate professionals to get online visibility and wider exposure.


Creating high-quality content for your listing can positively influence viewers’ perspectives. Investing in quality materials can be an asset that generates leads and grows your name in the real estate industry.


Well, if digital marketing is not your piece of cake, then Splendour Group is ready with an army of real estate digital marketing experts to walk through your vision and create a promotional strategy to win clients.



Below are the real estate digital marketing strategies you can practice in your business from now.

  1. Develop a responsive real estate website
  2. Setup social media profiles
  3. List on directory websites
  4. Get testimonials
  5. Invest in real estate content marketing
  6. Invest in SEM and SMM
  7. Invest in email marketing

While the world is transforming digitally and making decisions online, realtors should definitely invest in digital marketing for wider visibility. Your online presence can attract a vast amount of possible clients search for services related to real estate.

Yes, your presence on social media is very important. You can interact with your clients and audiences in real-time. Engage with them, chat, talk live, reply to comments, and post relevant and valuable content (text, video, photo). Frequently uploading content on social media handles is a sign of an active business. Billions of social media users trust businesses that provide valuable and quality content. Do not spam with your sales pitch, give them insights, solve their real estate problems, be generous, and interact intelectually.

Creating an effective real estate digital marketing strategy and executing it effectively is the key to success. Below are a few digital marketing strategy you can implement in your marketing:

  1. Identify the market
  2. Identify the audience
  3. Write content on real estate issues
  4. Design and create an appealing website
  5. Collect contact information as much as possible
  6. Optimize the website according to Google’s guidelines
  7. Publish newsletters
  8. Respond quickly





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