Real Estate SEO Keywords for Realtors in 2023

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Keywords are an indispensable factor for the growth and findability of your real estate website. If it is to increase your search engine ranking or your website traffic and leads, powerful real estate keywords are what you rely on to achieve your website goals.


Real estate SEO keywords are a vast diaspora where keywords are centered around industry terms, hyperlocal, local, service-based, etc.


In this article, we’ll elaborate on the effectiveness of Keywords and the strategies to pave the way for the success of your real estate business.


What is Real Estate SEO?

What does a realtor and real estate professionals want to achieve from their website? All they wish for is a flowing tap of website traffic and leads- the visibility of potential buyers when searching for real estate services.


The proven way for visibility and exposure for your real estate website is through Search Engine Optimization(SEO).


Thus, Real Estate SEO is the way to make the search engine accustomed to the content so that the rank of your website is escalated high organically on the search engine to expand the flow of organic traffic.

What is a Real Estate SEO Keyword?

benefits of-SEO-keywords-for-real-estate
Before we get into real estate SEO keywords, let’s familiarize you with the content or keyword. Keywords are the phrase or search queries a user uses to look up things on the web, and these keywords define the web page.


SEO keywords for real estate business are the precise words and phrases on which the website is optimized to rank well on the search engine. These keywords describe the services, are location-based, and emphasize the property listing.


Identifying these keywords is a crucial stage of the digital marketing strategy for realtors so that the interested traffic lands on your real estate website.

What do Real Estate Keywords Do?

Identifying the real estate SEO keywords that will generate the results for your website, you can then incorporate them into your marketing strategies to optimize your website to acquire qualified leads.


Ranking on those keywords helps grab the audience’s attention looking for properties and real estate services online to generate leads and traffic for your business.


The growing competition amongst your peers in the real estate industry has made it crucial to have a versatile SEO strategy if you want to set your dominance in the market.


While SEO is the foundation of building your website’s online presence, optimizing your website with the relevant and best keywords is what it takes to seal the deal to grow your business.


So if you want to secure the top ranking on the search engines to boost your brand awareness and authority or to attract target traffic, use relevant keywords with high search volume to get the job done.

Most Searched Real Estate Keywords for Realtors

seo keywords for real estate agents
SEO Keywords for Real Estate Agents


We have listed some most popular real estate keywords that can rank real estate agents’ websites on top of the search engine result pages.

  • Real estate agent near me
  • Commercial real estate agent
  • Top real estate agents
  • Find a real estate agent
  • Real estate agent broker near me
  • Local real estate agents


Note the above image shows us the keywords that have really high search volume and also have a high Keyword Difficulty percentage (KD%). This means the keywords are highly competitive and need really hard and smart work to rank the keywords.


seo keywords for realtors
Low-Competitive SEO Keywords for Real Estate Agents


But instead, you can choose real estate keywords with low volumes (we have listed below). You can use tools like Semrush to identify such keywords. The filter feature of Semrush allows you to filter out irrelevant keywords, intent, search volume, and KD% to find ideal and relevant long-tail real estate SEO keywords.


You see those above real estate agent keywords with all green indicators are your chance to rank no. 1 in SERPs. Some of the long-tail real estate keywords are listed below.

  • jersey shore real estate agents
  • best states for real estate agents
  • best real estate agents in park city
  • real estate agent South Shore
  • top real estate agents in Michigan


If you see those keywords. Most of the time those keyword contains a city’s name or a place’s name which means people are surfing services in their area.


So if you are a real estate agent you need to develop content around these keywords (local keywords). We digital marketing agency call it hyperlocal SEO strategy.


Top Real Estate SEO Keywords for Property Managers

low kd seo keywords for property management
SEO Keywords for Property Manager


Well, it’s a game of content and keywords. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex analyze keywords used in your content to understand the article’s intent. That’s why to use the best keywords that have buying intents.


The above list of Semrush’s keyword results is filtered out to find perfect and low-competitive SEO keywords for property management. You can create and optimize your content around these keywords.


Below is a list of buyer intent keywords targeted at real estate buyers.

  • Real estate property management
  • Real estate management company near me
  • Real estate property managers
  • Real estate project manager
  • Commercial real estate management
  • Real estate and property management


Top SEO Keywords for Real Estate Developers


seo keywords for real estate development
SEO Keywords for Real Estate Developers


Here are the top real estate keywords that will help you in your online real estate marketing.

  • Real estate developer near me
  • Real estate development company near me
  • Real estate development companies
  • Commercial real estate developer
  • Real estate developers (city name)
  • Real estate development firms
  • Real estate development associate


Top List of Buyer Intent Keywords in 2023

  • Buy land
  • Buying land
  • Buy land in (city name)
  • Best place to buy land
  • Home for sale near me
  • House for sale
  • First-time home buyer
  • How to buy a house
  • Cheap old houses
  • Real estate property for sale
  • Investment property for sale near me


Quick Real Estate SEO Tips

Let’s assume you’ve prepared a list of real estate and realtor keywords that has high search volume and matches the intent of your audience. Now, what next?


We’ve listed some ways to segregate and utilize those keywords to get the maximum result out of your online real estate marketing.

Use Hyperlocal Keywords

It is proven to be more effective to use hyperlocal keywords and hyperlocal strategy in local SEO services for realtors rather than generic ones from the conversion perspective.


Hyperlocal real estate marketing practice is where you narrow down a set demographic, location, or neighborhood to market your real estate services just for them.


When you’ve narrowed down the locality to focus your marketing efforts, now you can optimize your content on those hyperlocal keywords to attract your local audience.

Write Quality Contents

As a real estate business owner, you are the knowledge source or the expert in your field. As we all know, the real estate market witnesses a change in the price of property regularly.


So, being the guide to educate your audience about the recent market trends and future projections of the real estate market with your content helps in building the community for your future real estate marketing.


Also, there is so much scope to produce high-quality real estate content to exhibit your market expertise and answer the queries of your potential homebuyers. Create high-quality content and integrate the real estate SEO keywords, and you’re good to go.

Use Long-tail Keywords

Using long-tail keywords is an effective strategy to get the attention of targeted traffic to your website, and the low competition in these keywords is an added advantage on your end.


Long-tail keywords are more like a phrase or question the user uses when looking for something particular online.


This means that long-tail keywords are effective in attracting traffic that is ready to convert. So use the long-tail keywords for your ads and website content, and secure quality leads.

Avoid Black Hat Practices

We’ve emphasized the importance of real estate SEO keywords to grow your sales and exposure, and while it is an essential aspect of search engine ranking, you must always keep your content from keywords.


The search engine and ranking algorithm doesn’t promote when you load your content with keywords but prefers original and unique content.

Let The Experts Help Your Work Done Right

The right time to go full throttle with the online marketing of your real estate business for your business website so that your website, ads, and social media presence get seen by potential buyers and targeted demographics is now.


Understanding that you have much on your plate as a real estate business, we’ve developed a custom-built SEO service to cater to your needs. Our strength lies in keyword research to upheaves your online presence and get the bang for your buck.


Allow us to execute the Real Estate SEO service and discover the perks of ranking on the first page in the search engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

The keywords that satisfy the user search intent are the ideal keywords. Example: “Buy a house in Huston” will satisfy the buyer’s intent, “Best real estate agents near me” satisfy the investigative intent, and “Top things to consider before buying a house” will satisfy the informational intent. If you are trying to give information then target informational keywords and use transactional keywords to target buyers.
“There are tons of free and paid tools for keyword research. The tools will suggest the best keywords that have a high volume. you can filter the keywords by intent, keyword difficulty, and volume to find the opportunity. Some of the popular keyword research tools are:
1. Ahrefs
2. Semrush
4. kwfinder
5. Google keyword planner
There are tons of ways to find keywords for real estate SEO. Go to and type your keyword idea e.g. “”real estate SEO”” and hit space. Now, Google will automatically suggest you the phrases that are popularly searched. This trick has only 1 drawback you don’t have data on its volume and KD.”
Always have 1 primary keyword for 1 article, and optimize/write your article on basis of the keyword. Sometimes you may get ranked for different keywords which is relevant to the article which is absolutely normal. You can have multiple keywords that are relevant to the article but you can not optimize an article for multiple keywords.


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