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InfoTechs Nepal’s Success Story


Splendour Group leads Nepal’s Digital Marketing niche with over 500+ satisfied clients and international projects from 10+ countries. With our exceptional and complete digital marketing services and strategies, we have been able to digitally hydrate brands and help them connect to their potential customers.

Today, we will not talk about what we have done for our clients but will rather walk you guys through a digital marketing success story of our own in-house project, InfoTechs Nepal.

In this case study, we’ll discuss the challenges we faced and how our team overcame them via their skills and specialization.

Let’s dive in!

Business Background

A little background on the company:

InfoTechs Nepal is an online laptop store in Kathmandu, Nepal that offers a wide range of laptops and accessories from renowned brands like Dell, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Apple, and more.

In addition to quality gadgets, the business offers top-notch customer service and technical support. The website also continually publishes high-quality blog posts for tech enthusiasts who constantly strive to explore the technological world.

The business website is developed by our team of excellent developers in coordination with the SEOs. Today, the website is well optimized for different devices, is SEO-friendly and user-friendly, and ranks in the average top 3 positions in search results for more than 200 keywords. Thanks to our team for the constant efforts and hard work!

Ahrefs Screenshot as of December 2021
Ahrefs Screenshot as of May 2022

Business Process Mapping (BPM)

Knowing that business process mapping is an essential part of running an efficient business, we began our project with it. The BPM took place in a series of team meetings comprising of team members including Swadesh Baniya (the CEO of InfoTechs Nepal), designated SEO specialists, the marketing team, and developers.

During the business mapping sessions, we discussed how to sequentially carry out the project, brainstormed the business plan of action, assigned roles and responsibilities to respective teams, set a time frame for the completion of each task, and so on.


Following Business mapping, we hopped on to business branding. Thorough market research is what saved us from getting lost in the sea of information and we were able to create an impactful business branding strategy. Further, through our smart approach and more market research, we were able to figure out our business competitors and our target audiences.

After finalizing the business logo, we began introducing our brands on different social media platforms. Facebook being the most used social media site in Nepal was our first choice for online business branding.

infotechs fb

Our first event in branding was a business opening giveaway that was moderately successful. Regardless of that, we didn’t stop and continued working and coming up with victorious events and the most in-demand content in the market.

It took a good time of 3-4 months before our brand could solidify its presence and compete with other established brands. Our consistent efforts, hard work, and dedication indeed played a huge role in helping us build our brand image and reach more audiences with time. Gaining customer trust was never easy and it still is not. We’re perpetually working to break new ground and sustain the business.

After Facebook, we gradually moved on to create our brand profiles on different social websites and are still building branding strategies and executing them effortlessly for our welfare.

Website Development

Next, we carried out website designing and development planning in coordination with developers and SEOs. In this phase, the team discussed the best development and SEO practices, filtered the best choices, and moved on to build the e-commerce website on the WordPress platform. The website was launched with a few essential pages (with basic optimization) a month from the date of planning.

We still perform changes on the site every week to ensure that the website contents are well optimized and up to date. Having developed the website on WordPress, it has become easier to make changes on the site without needing regular assistance from the developer.

Search Engine Optimization

Google never fails to startle SEOs and marketers with its new algorithm update every other month. While most of the changes do not significantly change the SEO landscape, some of them are noteworthy and may require SEOs to tighten their belts.

Keeping that in mind, we at Splendour Group periodically look at the overall website health of each and every client and practice SEO strategies that comply with the Google algorithm.

Talking particularly about InfoTechs Nepal, our on-page SEO work started even before the site was live. We analyzed certain checkpoints including URL optimization, content optimization, and image optimization during that phase.

After launching the business website, we went on to add new content and products week by week.

With our exceptional white hat SEO practices, including on-page, off-page, and technical SEO strategies, we have been able to get more than 200 pages indexed on Google. In addition to that, our efforts and SEO tactics have produced more conversions and high revenue for the business.

We were able to produce a total of 141K clicks, 3.29M impressions, 4.3% CTR, and a 14.5 average position in the last three months.

It was challenging to yield this exceptional result, and we faced big issues during the journey. The most significant one being the Keyword Cannibalization issue. In simple words, multiple pages on the site targeted the same keyword and competed against each other for ranking on the SERPs which was ultimately not good for the website.

Our primary focus always is and should be to compete with other domains. Keyword cannibalization is something that demolishes a website, and if not fixed in time, this issue can dilute organic traffic and the ranking of the site.

By the end of December 2021, we had recognized the problem and had begun working on it. We started looking for fresh keywords and consolidated most of the affected content. By the end of April 2022, the problem was almost fixed, and the result is now in front of us!

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is one of Nepal’s best branding and online marketing mediums. For InfoTechs Nepal’s Social Media Marketing, we mainly use two platforms viz, Facebook and Instagram. We strategically chose these mediums for SMM because of the fact that these two social platforms are the ones Nepali audiences are most active on.

The e-commerce site gets a significant amount of traffic from Facebook, as can be seen from the GA snapshot below:

We carry out the Social Media Marketing of InfoTechs Nepal in a very planned manner. Services included in the SMM provided by Splendour Group are content planning and creation, graphic designing, digital campaigns and events planning, and customer assistance. The secret ingredient of social media marketing success is consistency. We boost content on various platforms on daily basis and provide readily customer services.

The social media insight reports of each social account are created at the end of every month to review the performance of the previous period and depending on that we create a content calendar for the new month. The insights help us understand our customer demographics, their interests, the content that is outperforming, performing badly, and so on.

Below are some of the social media insights we’d love to show off:

Facebook & Instagram Insights

The below insights are the result of our social media marketing strategies for InfoTechs Nepal’s Facebook and Instagram profiles in a span of 60 days:

Page Reach: Facebook & Instagram
page and profile visits
Page & Profile Visits: Facebook & Instagram
new likes and follows
New Likes & Follows: Facebook & Instagram

TikTok Insights

tiktok analytics

TikTok has proved to be an amazing platform for InfoTechs Nepal’s business. With amazing tech video content on the platform, the business has been able to receive amazing customer interactions that have further converted into customers.

We have been providing complete SMM services to InfoTechs Nepal and have implemented all the strategies described on our website’s Social Media Marketing Services page.

Alongside organic SMM, Splendour Group is also offering effective social media advertising services that have thoroughly helped the business deliver products and content to its target audience over time.

Google My Business

Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) is an invaluable outreach tool and one of the leading keys to the e-commerce store’s success. With a 4.7-star rating and more than 50 Google reviews, the business has received full brand acknowledgment and gained customers’ trust in purchasing laptops.

The optimized business profile and regular updates from the brand have brought InfoTechs Nepal great success and astounding sales.

The picture speaks for itself. And though the number above could have been better, it has nevertheless brought mind-boggling business results in terms of credibility. With our continual GMB approach, we are constantly striving to increase the figure above (i.e. the total business profile interactions).


Google has undoubtedly helped businesses connect to their local audiences via abundant features and services (at zero cost), and we at Splendour Group are taking advantage of every bit of it. From our end, we are repeatedly working and refining our strategies & services to hit the goal.

Concluding Statement

To learn more about the best GMB practices and strategies used by us for our clients, read another case study on GMB Vicinity Update.

And that about wraps up our digital marketing case study for InfoTechs Nepal. Hope it was helpful for you. If you want amazing results like these or want any or all of our services, feel free to get in touch with our Digital marketing agency today!

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Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya is the founder and CEO of Splendour Group and InfoTechs Nepal. He is a marketing enthusiast with over 12 years of experience in the digital marketing landscape. His passion for providing digital solutions through data-driven strategies has transformed brands and promoted sustainable growth.