How Organic Traffic Increased By More Than 150 % In a Month

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Do you own an online business? If yes, then we need not explain the significance of SEO here. But if you do not have a solely online business but own a website to promote your primary business online, that’s impressive.


According to a survey, a person spends more than 4 hours on the Internet. After the covid-19 pandemic, the digital transformation has been enormous. So, if your business is on the Web, there’s a better chance for people to discover your business.


However, if you have a website and you do not focus on SEO, it is the worst thing you could do for a business. SEO is a crucial part of every website. Imagine you own a decent website, but whenever someone searches for your services, your websites rank on the 6th page in Google’s Search Engine Results Page. You will not get the expected number of visitors, and your growth slows down. Sounds bad! Right?


That’s where SEO comes into play. SEO, in simple terms, is the process of improving your site’s visibility when someone searches for the related service you provide. Therefore, we follow effective SEO techniques to boost organic traffic to your web page, understanding the need for SEO.


Here’s the success story of one of our clients that shows how we successfully met the client’s requirements within a few months. Below is the traffic report of our client that compares organic traffic between December and January.

Traffic Report:


Total users
New Users


Total users
New Users

Techniques That Helped in Exploding the Organic Traffic

Well, getting organic traffic by regularly maintaining SEO is a challenging task. Google’s algorithm changes constantly, and the advertisement is displayed at the top even though some other webpage might have better content.


The more ads google displays, the more traffic a website receives, but that is for a short period. So, people who want long-term organic traffic must stay within the Search Engine’s framework and create content accordingly.


Below are some significant factors that are taken into account while performing our Client’s SEO audit.


Building Foundation


The first and foremost thing while doing SEO is building a foundation. If you create a solid foundation from the beginning, there’ll be fewer hassles to maintaining ranking later on. The two significant factors that help build a solid foundation are given below:


Narrow your Niche


While generating website content, the owner is usually excited to share the information and experience they acquire rather than focusing on what people want to see, leading the content to move away from the niche.


We should focus on what our customers want rather than explaining what we know. Major details like, what age groups are interested in our content/services, and what information they seek from us should be kept in mind while generating content.


Our client was focused on providing nutrition plans to maximize the potential of the athletes. However, the content was mixed and did not keep track of the niche. Therefore, we narrowed down our client’s niches and generated content accordingly, keeping customer behavior in mind.


Keyword Research


There’s no good in writing content that people do not search for. So we need to conduct detailed research on what people are typing in to search for the services.


Keyword Research can reveal vital information like its competitiveness, traffic for the keyword, visibility, and rankings. If the wrong keywords are used in a website, the potential audience is lost since the intent does not match.


We use specialized tools to conduct keyword research and optimize content that helped our client rank for more than 1200 organic keywords.


In-Depth On-page Optimization


On-page optimization is one of the most critical factors in improving a website’s search rankings. Unfortunately, there is no standard and universally-recognized work for on-page optimization.


However, we cannot deny that several factors come into play when performing on-page optimization.


Every tiny detail is checked that improves keyword ranking, content score, structured information, infographics, and accessibility of the page. Even minor details have a significant role in improving search rankings. Some of the standard on-page checkpoints we worked on for our client are:


  • Meta Description
  • Title optimization
  • Logical Structure
  • Crawl Depth
  • URL Structure
  • Call to Action
  • Redirects
  • Images optimization
  • Readability Issues
  • User Experience
  • Content Comparison


We perform an in-depth on-page audit by preparing detail sheets that include every page’s essential checkpoints.


The checkpoints are checked and maintained regularly. In addition, the on-page Audit ensures that the contents are valuable and optimized periodically to maintain their authenticity.


There are more than 70 checkpoints that are Google SERP friendly and allow us to create better SEO-based content and improve ranking.


Implementing in-depth content audit


Content Audit also comes under on-page optimization but has a significant role in ranking a website/webpage. Therefore, it is discussed separately here. Before you try to rank your website, you should be sure you know your audience.


The client’s content was good but could not rank as it was not SEO-driven. Therefore, we conducted a detailed content audit to find the content gap.


Keyword density is the primary factor when analyzing any content. In addition, the WDF/IDF also plays a role to some extent in ranking a webpage. Therefore, we focused on these factors. 


Finally, recommendations are made and implemented to increase the content quality and ranking, focusing on these factors.


Every page and post are audited, suggested, and implemented accordingly. Within a month, positive results are seen. The contents are SEO-friendly, and the post quickly reaches the target audience. In addition, the contents are niche-focused, so it does not go off-topic and is very informational. 


Internal Linking Strategy


We all know how Google treats internal linking and its significance. A website needs to maintain a proper internal linking structure to build its authority.


Internal Links are one of the most important ranking factors for Google because external links may or may not exist for large web pages.


Moreover, internal links provide access to similar content that might interest visitors. Also, Internal linking assures that the website’s web pages follow a similar niche.


But, it’s also crucial that internal linking is relevant. If you link two different pages with no relation, that’s the worst.


Thus, you have to search for an appropriate page for internal linking to provide and link them accordingly.


So, we prepared and implemented a proper internal linking structure for our Client website by focusing on these points, and the result is impressive.


Technical SEO


Similarly, we cannot ignore the technical aspect of any website. Therefore, there has to be a technical audit to check whether or not the website meets the ranking factor.


On our client website, there were so many technical errors. For example, the page speed was slower, which led visitors to bounce back from the page. In addition, the correct schemas were not present in the content. Here are a few points that we worked on to meet the client’s requirements.




A sitemap is an essential factor that helps websites rank higher in SERPs. A well-structured sitemap is a crucial requirement for any website. XML sitemaps make it easy for a web page to discover and navigate content. We worked on the client’s sitemap issue and submitted it to Google Search Console.




Schema helps generate rich snippets so that the web pages appear more importantly in SERP. While many websites tend to ignore working on Schema as they do not directly contribute to the rankings, a study showed they largely helped improve click-through rates.


Similarly, we also worked on a proper schema implementation in the relevant content. While working with schema can get messy as you’ll need to mark every individual item within the web page, we cannot ignore its pros.


Core Web Vitals


Core Web Vitals are a set of standard metrics that helps Google analyze user experience. There are many metrics, but three metrics usually define core web vitals: page load performance, ease of interaction, and visual stability of a page.


Our team worked on the minor details to increase the user stability on the page. In addition, we increased the website’s page speed by compressing the images, removing the unnecessary stylesheet, and optimizing the code to minimize server load time. These minor details added to the client’s expectations and helped gain more visitors.




Robots.txt gives instructions to search engine crawlers not to search certain areas. You can exclude areas, directories, or entire domains from robots’ access using the robots.txt file.


Usually, in an e-commerce website, you do not want user sessions that store credentials to be crawled. Also, you can check if there’s anything included in the text that needs to be crawled. Therefore, we checked and maintained our client robots.txt file to maintain the website’s integrity.




As of September 2020, Google prioritizes the mobile version of the websites when crawling them. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the responsiveness of the page.


We worked on the images and infographics optimization, designed a suitable theme and layout, maintained typography, added necessary menus and widgets, and added important functionality to enhance the website’s responsiveness further.


Implementing strategy To Improve EAT Score


Although the EAT is not considered a ranking factor for Google, it evaluates the page’s overall quality.


Everybody wants Authentic and Trustworthy content. There is numerous information available on the Web. But the data from the expert in that specific field adds value to that content.


For instance, you want a recipe for a cheese pizza, and you have to choose between two people to share their recipe; one is a professional chef, and another is an average cook; which one would you choose?


Obviously, it’s the professional chef because you know the recipe comes from someone who has years of experience and hands-on practice.


Unfortunately, people often ignore the EAT factor. Yet, it is one of the essential factors that will help improve your website ranking in the long run. Considering this, we posted content for genuine clients.


Working on the Missing Content


Splendour Group believes there’s room for further growth for any webpage. Even if the content is fully optimized, we are dedicated to making the content better. 


For example, we analyzed our competitors’ content very carefully and added the missing information and data for this process. Similarly, we also extracted the information from other resources that have high authority.


Therefore, we are constantly working on the content gap and finding a way to improve it. But unfortunately, SEO is an ongoing and lengthy process, and there’s no hard and fast rule to master it.


But, our professional team is dedicated and passionate about making relevant and the best quality content.




SEO is a repeatable process and needs to be revised regularly. A keyword that ranks today might not rank in the next month. You do not need to worry about SEO on your own since you can always contact Splendour Group for professional SEO services.


If you want your website to rank on Google and get more traffic than ever, Splendour Group can help you with this. Our dedicated SEO professionals provide top-notch and the best SEO services globally. Also, we have successfully worked with ample international and national clients.


So, are you ready to get more traffic and experience the best SEO services with Splendour Group?

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Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya is the founder and CEO of Splendour Group and InfoTechs Nepal. He is a marketing enthusiast with over 12 years of experience in the digital marketing landscape. His passion for providing digital solutions through data-driven strategies has transformed brands and promoted sustainable growth.