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Splendour Group is a results-driven digital marketing agency in Nepal focused on connecting brands to people. We are a one-stop solution provider for all your Digital Marketing requirements. We offer an integrated digital marketing solution combining digital strategy to implementation. Our expertise comprises specializing in an innovative marketing solution involving creative Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media campaign, Email marketing, website design, and development to E-Commerce Solutions delivering high returns on investment (ROI).

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What Does Complete Digital Marketing Agency Mean?

There are many aspects of Digital Marketing. Plenty of different things can be done to promote your brand online. Some of the common activities that can help promote your business online are :
-Content Writing
-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
-Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
-Website Designing
-Email Marketing
-Business Branding
-Off-Page SEO, e.t.c
An agency that provides all the services related to every important aspect of Digital Marketing is called a Complete Digital Marketing Agency.

What Type Of Business Benefits From Our Services?

Any business that has an online presence can benefit from our services. The operations of some businesses depend upon their online presence. Such businesses will have extra benefits from our services. So, eCommerce businesses particularly benefit from our services. We can also help people whose business is to collect ad revenue from their website. Till now, the type of business we have helped range from a hemp seed producer to a home builder. It will be hard to find a type of business that cannot benefit from Digital Marketing Services.

How Important Is Digital Marketing In Nepal?

The online presence of Nepalese in Digital Platforms is gradually increasing. Digital marketing is becoming more important in Nepal day by day. Most of the small businesses in Nepal do not recognize the impact Digital Marketing can have on their business. Nepal is still adapting to the technological advancement of the developed countries. Because of this, some businesses fail to realize the positive effects technology can have on their business. Digital marketing in Nepal mainly helps businesses reach target consumers living far away from their physical location. In Nepal, consumers learn about most businesses only when they pass through the business’s physical location. But, through Digital Marketing, people can make their businesses known to a wide range of people. This will help their business stand out from other businesses in Nepal.

How Does Digital Marketing Help Your Business?

Digital marketing helps you make sure your advertising only reaches your target audience. You cannot control the type of people who see your ads in newspapers or on television. This means that the money paid for such ads might get wasted if only the type of people who cannot benefit from your service or product. But, you can specify your target audience and make sure your ad only reaches your target in the Digital Advertising scene. So, ROI from Digital Ads is a lot more than traditional ads. Digital Marketing strategies cost a lot less than traditional marketing strategies. This helps businesses by allowing them to redirect the amount of money saved in advertising to improve other aspects of their business.

How Does Branding And Digital Marketing Connect?

Communicating via Digital channels with your audience on a more personal level can enhance your business’s brand. Finding the correct way to communicate with your audience for branding should also be a part of any Digital Marketing Strategy, especially when you are expecting long-term benefits from your Digital Marketing strategies. Digital Marketing helps your business become a global business. Being labeled as a global business certainly helps your brand. Increasing brand awareness through Digital platforms improves your company’s sales. Improving sales is the main goal of Digital Marketing. So, branding and digital marketing are interconnected.

What is the importance of SEO in the field of Digital Marketing?

SEO is probably the most important aspect of Digital Marketing. SEO makes it easier to find your business website online. SEO is a far better way to get your website on the front page of search engine results compared to using paid advertisements to do so. Paid advertising is a temporary solution, but SEO is a long-term solution. SEO doesn’t cost you any money if you have the expertise. This makes SEO really important for startups, which have good ideas but low-budget. SEO allows such companies to compete with bigger companies. SEO is also good for the branding of your business by enhancing the reputation of your business. When someone looks for a product or a service in Google, the businesses featured on the first page of the search engine are perceived to be reputable.

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