GMB Sucess Story: How We Doubled The Leads in 5 Months

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Working with clients belonging to different niches has been a challenge and an opportunity from the very first day we stepped into the digital marketing field. And we believe this is the beauty SEO has to offer to all the digital marketers out there – abundant opportunities!


Moving on, in this series of case studies, we’re back again with yet another striking case study of one of our clients from the bullion industry. For the sake of privacy, we’ll be referring to our clients as Bullion Dealers throughout this case study. 


Our client, Bullion Dealers, approached us back in January 2022 with a request – to help him generate online leads and optimize his business website for both users and search engine bots. Since it is exactly what our EXPERTISE is, so we didn’t think twice and arranged a meeting over a zoom call. And what followed after that is all we’ll discuss in this case study. 


Splendour Group has been doing overall SEO for the Bullion Dealers for six months now. But here in this case study, we will mainly focus on Google Business Profile or GMB, which increased leads by 100% in 5 months. We will also talk about the client’s business background, our exceptional SEO strategies and services that led to a dramatic increase in new leads & other vital metrics, and not to miss, our amazing stats!


So without further ado, let’s hop in!

Business Background

Bullion Dealers is a family-owned and operated business in the United States that has been passed down the generations. With decades of experience and extensive knowledge of physical gold and silver investment products, the company has been ruling its local market for a long time now.

Our SEO Strategies and Their Outcomes

We began with on-page SEO first, optimized the contents around keywords with high search volumes, redesigned webpages, and structured URLs, added new elements on the site to enhance user experience, optimized media files, and so on.

bullion ahrefs statusAs a result of our efforts and strategies, the organic keywords of the website have dramatically increased in a span of lesser than 6 months. They have acquired the top 10 positions in over 100+ keywords.


bullion keywords ranking stat

We gradually started doing off-page SEO alongside on-page/on-site SEO. We began with basic off-page strategies, including business citations, profile building, article submission, broken link building, and forum posting. We were able to get high-quality backlinks from high DA-PA sites and are still continuously working on link building. Presently, it has more than 8k backlinks, 590 referring domains, 4.5k organic keywords, and a traffic value of $2.9k. 


After a hands-on experience and exceptional results from the on-page and off-page SEO techniques, we kicked off the technical part. We got more than 600 pages (product and post pages) indexed, made the site mobile-friendly, created a robots.txt file, generated dynamic XML sitemaps, used relevant Schema markups for each page, and optimized the site speed for both mobile and desktop devices.


We all love figures. Don’t we? Let’s have a look at some of the prominent stats of Bullion Dealers:

bullion gsc
Google Search Console Stat
bullion google analytics
Google Analytics Stat

GMB Strategies That Did Wonders

The client’s GMB profile was already set up and verified; however, it didn’t appear on the Google search. Our team fixed this issue effortlessly by correcting the business information and optimizing the GMB/GBP profile. 


Our next challenge was to get impressions and drive leads. We started publishing optimized informational content and product pictures every day. We targeted keywords with pretty good search volumes and created content and designs surrounding them. 

If you want to learn about our bang-on-local SEO strategies, then we have covered it in one of our case studies: OKC Home Realty Services’ Road to Success.

gmb overview

The overview Metrix shows the overall business profile interaction, including calls, messages, bookings, directions, and website clicks. The stat has increased by 35.8% compared to May 2021.

gmb calls

Getting more no.of calls was the clients’ primary concern. From receiving no calls to receiving 2-3 calls a day, we helped Bullion Dealers receive a total of 76 calls in May 2022, which is statistically 105.4% more than in May 2021.

gmb messages

Bullion Dealers deal with their clients through phone calls and direct store visits. Though messaging is not their means of communicating with their clients, the GBP did receive 4 messages which were timely replied to.

gmb directions

The client was pleased about getting such a massive no.of direction requests. While all those who requested for store location did not really visit the store, the numbers were impressive, and the client was thrilled to get traffic due to our efforts.

gmb website clicks

Lastly, 436 website clicks were made from our Google Business Profile that showed up to netizens either on google search, google maps, or other google platforms. 


SEO has immense possibilities, as you must be well aware by now. Our efforts, hard work, and dedication helped them generate new leads. We can do the same for you. Contact Splendour Group for any kind of digital marketing assistance for your business.


Hope this case study was resourceful. Stay tuned until we bring up yet another exciting SEO case study!

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Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya is the founder and CEO of Splendour Group and InfoTechs Nepal. He is a marketing enthusiast with over 12 years of experience in the digital marketing landscape. His passion for providing digital solutions through data-driven strategies has transformed brands and promoted sustainable growth.