How Real Estate Social Media Posts Can Promote Your Business

by Swadesh Baniya | June 20, 2023 | blog

real estate social media marketing

Social media is a powerful tool that unlocks numerous opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes to exhibit their services, skills, and people skills via their social media profiles. While social media is a boon for every industry, real estate firms and realtors can significantly leverage these platforms to promote and grow their businesses.


With billions of users actively using the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, taking advantage of real estate social media posts is undoubtedly an indispensable tool for brand building, increasing reach, and attracting new leads and clients. In this blog, we’ll cover the strategies to build a solid social media strategy for realtors starting from scratch or for experienced realtors looking to amplify their leads.


Benefits of Real Estate Social Media Marketing

benefits of real estate social media marketing

The demanding nature of the real estate industry requires relators and brokers to be on their top game when it comes to bagging quality leads, building relationships, and setting the seed for long-term business growth.


There was a time when traditional marketing, such as flyers, newspaper ads, and yard signs, was enough for realtors to get their clients. With the advancement of technology and people’s dependency, potential home buyers are actively researching real estate listings, realtors, or agencies online.


Since 90% of real estate professionals are using online channels to market their property listings, and 99% start their house-hunting process online, an assertive online presence that makes relators unique is essential. The key benefits of real estate social media marketing are listed below.

Access To Target Audience

Are you trying to attract first-time real estate investors and property buyers? Are you looking to generate new and quality leads? Social media marketing for real estate professionals is the best way to promote your posts to the desired demographics, locations, and interest groups.


Also, using relevant hashtags on your posts is a proven way to get seen by potential clients. With effective targeting, you’re reaching the right audience and not spending your resources on people who are not your target audience.


Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to broadcast your services and listing to billions of users because most social media platforms are free to use; you do not need to invest huge sums of money in posting images on social media. In addition, even if you opt for paid marketing options such as paid ads, and influencer collaboration, your ads are targeted to a highly interested audience.

Increased Awareness

Every realtor wants more attention for their property listing and a flowing list of leads and potential clients. With social media marketing, real estate professionals can make their followers into paying customers. Social media posts help you reach new potential clients and reconnect with old ones. The more engaging and informative posts on your social media platform, the higher chances of people sharing them; thus, your brand awareness only increases.


Strategies To Create Real Estate Social Media Posts That Drives Sales

Looking for proven strategies to launch your real estate social media post? We’ve listed out potent strategies that every realtor must consider when planning their social media posts to win their audience over.

Plan Ahead For Your Posts

A strong social media game in terms of regular posts, prompt response to followers, and correct post strategies are the key to making your profile a hit, surpassing your competitors. While instant posts, ideas, and utilizing trending topics get attention, long-term real estate social media post planning is necessary to remind your audience of your presence strategically.


Realtors can start by planning their social media strategy and setting a marketing calendar to schedule their posts. Working as per the calendar gives realtors time to prepare their posts according to specific events and time to plan content and review their performance.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Before you plan out your posts, you need to know your target audience’s core desires and pain points. Your client could be homebuyers, experienced real estate investors or real estate investors looking for buyers. First, you need to determine your niche and find a suitable online channel to reach them. People with experience investing in real estate and are of age are found more on Facebook and Twitter, while first-time homebuyers are active on Instagram and Snapchat. So, ensure you’re using the right platform for advertising.

Creating Compelling Social Media Content

It goes without saying that since social media has become the hub for business to promote their services and what they have to offer, the saturation is immense. Likewise, in the real estate industry, social media is an extremely competitive arena, so realtors need to focus on sharing content that boosts their credibility and brand value.


Most realtors just think of social media only as a place to market their listings, so they stick to only advertising their listings and services. Your audience will find enough marketing posts online. To make yourself stand out, apart from the usual listings, include success stories, brand stories, industry insight, and guides. Think how your post and its content will add value to your specific audience, and form your content that answers their burning queries and guides them to make an informed decision.

Showcasing Properties on Social Media Posts

It is a given that people follow you on your socials to get first-hand information on your listing. Realtors must share their new listing on their social media as soon as it is available. However, simply posting the listing is not enough for the viewers. The image, video, and description should be top-class to give your audience holistic information on the properties to generate leads.


Therefore, when sharing your properties in your social media feed, use quality images, and support them with proper descriptions to compel people to take action.

Maintain Consistency to Build Strong Social Media Presence

Realtors should be consistent with their posts and communication with their social media followers. The algorithm of social media platforms is such that it prioritizes posts that have high engagement- likes, comments, and views. The higher the consistency with posts, the more engagement. Consistency increases the opportunity to reach an audience beyond your immediate network and stay fresh and relevant in people’s minds so they don’t deviate.

Leveraging Social Media Advertising

Leveraging social media platforms, realtors get to use the perks of paid advertising to amplify the reach of their real estate posts via paid ads. Using paid ads to boost your posts will help your target motivated customers while simultaneously increasing your brand exposure.


While running paid ad does require the assistance of an experienced person to generate the desired outcome across networks, the key metrics are the location, demographics, age, and interest of your target audience to gain motivated leads.

Analyzing Metrics and Adjusting Strategies

You have given so much of your time and effort in planning your social media strategy, from setting up your profiles across different platforms, creating engaging and informative posts, running ad campaigns, and more. Now you need to reflect on what is working and driving results for your real estate business and what isn’t getting the attention you had hoped for by analyzing the data. Realtors must review the data that shows the performance of their campaigns and posts to amplify what’s working in their favor and plan future strategies accordingly for better results.



Social media is the goldmine for realtors to find their prospects and generate quality leads. With the increasing number of people browsing through social media in search of their dream property, ensure you’re present on the platform for them to find you. The strategies listed above should get you going with your social media marketing. If you’re looking for an experienced professional to launch your social media campaign, Splendour is all your need.


Splendour Group is an all-in-one real estate digital marketing agency that supports independent realtors and real estate firms with all their digital needs. Count on our subject-matter expert professionals to establish your strong presence across various social media platforms and bring you the desired attention of homebuyers.



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