Best 5 Apps for Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Professionals

by Swadesh Baniya | June 9, 2023 | blog

top real estate apps for real estate agents, brokers, and professionals

Realtors have their plates full of various tasks, from managing the heavy demand from buyers and renters, delegating the team, managing listings, contacting people, and more. All of these works in just a day can be highly daunting for real estate professionals, but thanks to technology and the internet, this can be streamlined with apps designed to manage the workload for real estate brokers and agents.


But with n number of apps for real estate agents created for the same purpose, figuring out which one suits them the best and should be incorporated into their workflow takes some trial and testing. Incorporating app real estate agents is not just to be in sync with the tech and digitalization but to save time, automate and add value to the clients, which equals more happy clients and more revenue.


We’ve prepared a selection of the best app for realtors by categories to make the day-to-day work manageable and organized. The apps are separated based on the area they help to optimize explicitly, keeping in mind the needs of a real estate professional to boost productivity and streamline operations. Below is a list of some of the best apps for realtors and agents.


Top Real Estate CRMs


Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow is a big name in the real estate world and the first preference for the majority of realtors and buyers. Zillow Premier Agent is undoubtedly necessary for realtors, and agents advertise their property listings on Zillow. The app provides unlimited support to real estate agents from task management, import leads, lead management, and CRM. Real estate professionals can create tasks, set reminders, send emails, and make calls. The app also lets you sign up for My Agent, a feature showing the leads where the broker is the buyer’s agent.


Wise Agent

Wise Agent is a versatile CRM tool for realtors because of the platform’s many valuable features. The app provides rich features such as automated emails, SMS texting, 24/7 customer support, and many integration options for effective communication and lead generation. The robust customer support Wise Agent offers is unlike any other CRM space. The software can be integrated or customized with additional tools to provide comprehensive customer support. Lead management is another vital feature of this app, from managing and nurturing new and old leads to aiming to bring back old clients.



Now managing leads and contacts are effective and precise with the CRM feature of Pipedrive. Realtors can store contact details, categorize leads based on where they’re on the buying/selling journey, and track communication history. It gives a comprehensive view and relevant information to the real estate professionals of their clients and leads when required. The app empowers realtors to manage their sales process, track clients and leads, and nurture their relationships with them. The user-friendly interface, integration, and customization features make Pipedrive among the best apps for realtors to drive business growth.


Follow Up Boss

Even though there are many CRM tools there, Follow Up Boss deserves the attention of real estate professionals. It is a CRM tool designed for realtors packed with features and allows adding over 200 integrations based on the broker’s requirements. Features such as automated SMS and email calls to leads, clients, and teammates are all included in the app, making it the most sort after an all-in-one communication app. The app doesn’t limit the real estate agent to a specific number of contact and leads. The drip and batch emailing feature enhances the marketing automation feature.


Top 5 Real Estate Communication Apps



Realtors have to be prompt in replying to the queries of their website visitors, social media followers or anywhere else. If they’re later by a matter of a few minutes, the possibility of cracking a new deal could be dismissed. Buffer is an agile communication app to make communication unchallenging.


Predominantly Buffer is a one-stop centralized social media platform allowing realtors to schedule content across various social media sites. The app streamlines the social media efforts of realtors to maintain a consistent presence to stay top-of-mind for their audience. However, the SocialChat introduced by Buffer makes it the best app for realtors. With SocialChat, potential buyers can start conversion with brokers on their site, and the communication can be shifted to direct messages on Twitter and Facebook for immediate response. Realtors don’t have to miss out on even a single client with Buffer.



A centralized team communication platform is a must for a real estate professional to ensure efficient communication and information flow across all departments in the organization; Realtors working in a team can utilize Slack to communicate with the team members, share information, and stay connected in real time. A dedicated channel for each department, project and property listing can be created, or the direct messaging feature too can be used to communicate with a particular member. It also provides a file-sharing feature, allowing realtors to share numerous documents, agreement files, and other media files with the team embers and clients.


Google Chat

Google Chat is part of the Google Workspace ecosystem with a unified communication source integrated with other apps in Google Workspace, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and more. Realtors can have real-time meetings with teammates, clients, and leads through direct messaging and group chat. It is integrated with Google Meet, a video conferencing platform that allows realtors to video call and have face-to-face interaction.


The integrated ecosystem allows real estate professionals to maintain seamless communication within the Google Workspace suite as sharing files, communicating with employees, and clients, managing schedules, and accessing other Google Workspace features is made easy.



TIDIO is an all-inclusive app that many real estate agents swear by because of its live chat and chatbot feature. The live-chat feature provided by TIDIO enables real-time communication between realtors and website visitors or clients. The relators can leverage the chatbot feature to provide 24/7 availability to website visitors. By setting up pre-defined answers to most asked questions, no potential opportunities are missed due to limited working hours.



BombBomb makes it easy for real estate agents to build and nurture relationships. Sending email, text messages, video messages, and social media communication with leads, clients, and employees can all be done with this app. It is considered the most sort after app for video messaging and sharing. Realtors can create personalized video messages to strengthen their bond with leads, old clients, and existing customers.


Top 5 Graphic Apps for Real Estate Agents



Houzz is the ultimate app for realtors who want to market under-construction projects and raw lands. The augmented reality feature provided by Houzz lets realtors show a preview of what the house or room might look like when it’s fully decorated and furnished. Realtors can show the potential of their listing to design-focused clients and win more deals.


Homebyme is a 3D design and visualization tool that allows real estate professionals to provide immersive 3D experiences to their clients. Utilizing the visualization features, agents create realistic representations of properties so that potential buyers can visualize the space in its completed stage. The area can be visually staged with furniture, wall colors, and floor plans, making them engaging, comprehensive, and memorable for potential buyers, resulting in more deals.



Real estate professionals can use Roomstyler for virtual room staging and to create visually appealing designs. The app provides an extensive catalogue of decor items, furniture, and finishes which can create realistic 3D representations of spaces to show to interested parties. This feature allows brokers to show the possibilities of a space and make it more attractive to compel the viewers to purchase it.


In the online territory, real estate is totally a visual medium. People see a property’s images, videos, and tours and get interested in pursuing further. Real estate agents with or without any skills in designing and visual knowledge can get so much use out of Canva. Canva has tons of themes, stock images, icons, image filters, and design elements one can choose from. Be it to create social media posts, business cards, presentations, enhance house images and videos for websites, leaflets, and so much more, Canva is the right app.



Adobe Photoshop is the undisputed graphic design tool professionals swear by. The app is used to produce visually stunning premium designs. Realtors can use the app to enhance images, edit photos, create collages, and design professional banners, logos, and more. Property images are a huge part of getting deals and leads, and with this app, realtors can enhance the quality of the photo, do touch-ups to make the image eye-catching and upload high-quality images on their website.


Best 5 Real Estate Apps for Productivity



Smartphones serve multiple purposes apart from just the regular work of smartphones, such as calling and texting. The app designed for smartphones elevates the use of the phone, making it a complete device to satiate all business needs. Realtors spend most of their time in documentation from their side, the buyers’ side, and people selling their property. With CamScanner, the documents can be easily scanned, processed, and edited with optical character recognition technology to convert the text into a machine-readable file. It makes it more accessible for all involved particles to process, edit, and store the files quickly and retrieve them effortlessly when required.



A realtor has a jam-packed schedule with numerous property showings and meetings with employees and clients. Managing all the appointments becomes more challenging rather than the actual event. Calendly is here to solve that issue. It makes booking and scheduling appointments simple, cutting all the time for back-and-forth communication. The app integrates with popular calendar apps like Google Calander, Outlook, TimeTree, and more to keep the events in sync across platforms and avoid double bookings. From a branding perspective, Calendly has the feature to personalize the scheduling page with colours that reflect the brand, logo, and other relevant information.



A project management app is a must for independent realtors, multinational agencies or even small startups. Trello is a flexible and versatile project management tool that makes organizing, managing, and collaborating on tasks effortless. It has the feature to create task boards for different properties or projects and create cards to organize the task and project. The due dates, labels, description, and checklist for each card can also be created to ensure the work is followed properly and completed on time. It also provides a visual representation of the progress of the tasks, so realtors can promptly prioritize tasks to ensure the project is completed on time.



Apple users are well aware of Dropbox, an app to store all kinds of files. It is effortless to use the app and, without any hassle, store all the critical files, images, and docs there, which a realtor has a ton of. It is a cloud-based storage platform that makes storing and organizing files clean and easy. Realtors can create folders and subfolders to keep the files organized and accessible. The files and folders can be easily shared with employees, clients, and brokers. The attractive part of the app is that the files can be accessed with an internet connection too. And security and privacy are on par vital as it has security measures such as file encryption, two-factor authentication, and access controls to safeguard files during transmission or while at rest on their servers.



No matter how efficiently all the other tasks are handled, transactions of any sort- big or small- require extra caution and care because the money comes into play. Dotloop is a transaction management app designed for real estate professionals to make transactions easy, secure, and swift. With this app, signing a document is faster and more convenient with the paperwork out of the picture.


The app provides a centralized platform to manage real estate transactions. The app enables realtors to create and store contracts, agreements, and disclosures in a digital format. Its electronic signature feature is also a massive time-saver as the involved parties can sign the document straight from the app.



Now, focus more on providing the best for your clients and upscaling your business when all your work is managed and flows seamlessly with efficient apps for real estate agents. Optimize your workload, and boost productivity with the apps designed for real estate professionals for 100% efficiency. Select the apps that suit the best for your needs and witness how productivity leads to more deals to grow your business.


At Splendour Group, we exclusively partner with real estate agencies to make a brand out of their business. Leverage the experience and proven skills we provide to handle your overall marketing strategy to grow your business from strength to strength. Give all your valuable time and energy to your clients while we work on creating the strongest online presence for your real estate business to bring you motivated leads and clients.


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