How to Create Real Estate Drip Campaigns

by Swadesh Baniya | June 16, 2023 | blog

how to create real estate drip campaign

You have a good amount of leads in your bag, and you want to share exciting developments and information with your leads. Email is the best way to get your message across to your leads, old and existing customers, whether it is new services, price slash, or achievements.
Email marketing has been a front-runner marketing strategy in turning real estate prospects into clients for a long time, and it is still the most preferred and effective method because it does bring conversion.


Realtors know the importance of real estate drip campaigns to make their emails reach the recipient just when they action on their website in the buying process to further push them into making the conversion. Now, if you want to launch your drip campaign to push your sales and build strong relationships, this article will help you.


What is a Real Estate Drip Campaign?

Real estate drip campaigns are a set or limited number of automated emails sent to recipients over a predetermined period. Email sending is triggered when the user performs a specific action or lacks any action. It helps relators get credibility and stay top-of-mind of the leads and clients.


The drip emails are personalized, targeted, and automated based on the data and the action-oriented triggers. The emails can be sent when the website viewer subscribes to your newsletter, birthday message, or update on any new blog or services to help build and nurture the relationships with the leads or customers. The drip campaign allows brokers and agents to automate the process to nurture their equation with the recipients while they can focus on appealing to the motivated leads.


Types of Real Estate Drip Campaigns

A real estate drip campaign helps real estate professionals stay connected with potential clients over an extended period. However, it is important to segregate the leads/recipients on the stage they are at in their real estate investment. We’ve listed the real estate drip campaigns below to guide you when creating your next campaign.

Lead Nurturing Drip Campaigns

The lead nurturing campaign focuses on engaging and building relationships with leads over a period of time. The emails are sent to the leads based on their activities to make them feel valued with welcome emails when they enter your system. Similarly, depending on their stage in the buying and selling process, social proof and case study campaigns to provide useful information to your recipients make them trust your services.

Educational Drip Campaigns

The education drip campaign focuses on educating potential buyers and sellers about the process of investing in real estate property and what it entails. The email includes valuable information on topics such as blog posts, articles, or videos that covers topics like a checklist for purchasing/selling property, pricing strategies, market insights, and marketing techniques.

Re-Engagement Drip Campaigns

As the name suggests, re-engagement drip campaigns are designed to reconnect and form a connection with the leads or clients who have become inactive, disengaged, or haven’t taken any action on your system for a while. The email is designed in such a way as to revive the interest of the leads, restart communication, and entice the lead or clients to take a desired action. Personalizing the content of your email to such clients and offering them value or incentive, and including a clear CTA can help you rekindle their interest and connote with you again.


How Long Should a Drip Campaign Be?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to the length of your drip campaign. Many factors are considered when writing an email, such as the audience you’re sending the email to message you the information your email holds. The right amount of content to make your reader eager to do business with you. If you’re clear on these points, then that will be your guiding factor in deciding the length of your drip campaign.

And since you’re convincing people to invest in a property that requires a hefty investment, it does require effort and regular email follow-ups to make the conversion. Someone who has a clear interest in purchasing a property may require only a few emails and short but crips email content, while lead nurturing may take more email follow-ups.

Key Components of a Successful Real Estate Drip Campaign

We’ve listed out some of the key competencies to get your lead follow-up campaign running and to turn the email recipient into a client.

Targeted Email List

It is crucial to know your audience, the people who will invest in your business when planning any of your marketing campaigns. Realtors need to know figure out who falls in their target audience space and not make a generalized attempt to target just about anyone. Defining your audience and making marketing campaigns to appeal to and attract them is always more effective than overgeneralized marketing.


So, for the real estate drip campaign, first and foremost, realtors need to identify their specific audience. A real estate customer relationship manager (CRM) makes it easy for realtors to get the email of the target audience. Now, the next step is to validate the authenticity of the email address, and then realtors are set to benign their real estate drip email campaign.

Engaging Content

It is undoubtedly the content of the email which compels the reader to make the desired conversion, so the primary focus should be given to creating impactful and strong content for the email. The first thing your viewers see when your email pops into their inbox is the subject line. A subject line that is catchy, strong, and generates curiosity increases the chances of the receiver opening the email. Next is the email body that includes the majority of the message. The body of your email should be unique, engaging, and interesting so that the reader gets the vibe to connect with you.

Call to Action

A call to Action (CTA) is a necessary part of your email. The CTA guides the reader to take the desired action to move them forward in the conversion funnel. It can be to visit your site, subscribe, click property listing, etc. A strong CTA should be placed in the most visible in the email, creating a sense of urgency for the readers.

Frequency and Timing

Timing is the key to ensuring that the email is seen and viewed with great interest by your readers. While sending emails every day may seem like a chance to improve your visibility, it can do more harm than good. Sending emails every day or within a few days may overwhelm your readers, and they might not find value in it. Sending emails every week may be the most appropriate timing, as 13% of email marketers follow this pattern. When the email has been designed effectively, realtors can schedule their drip sequence in their choice of email marketing platform.

Best Practices for Real Estate Drip Campaigns

Today, everyone spends a lot of time going through their inbox and surfing through marketing emails to find the ones that are genuine, insightful, and provide us value. The prospects are smart enough to understand which emails are blatantly for marketing and which are valuable. To increase the click-through rates of your drip campaign, and make sure they don’t end up in the spam folder, follow the practices we’ve mentioned below:

Personalization Techniques

Always try creating a personalized drip campaign for your recipient rather than going for bulk emails. Ensure that your email addresses the recipient by their name, talks about their specific paint points or preference, or carry forward the interactions you’ve had in the past.

Responsive Design for Mobile Viewers

A staggering number of people use their mobile devices to check their emails. So, ensure your drip campaign is mobile-friendly, meaning the email looks pleasant when the user opens the mail from their phone, the email body fits perfectly on the screen, and the CTA buttons are visible. The best thing would be to test the emails and landing pages across different devices and screen sizes to validate they’re seamless and provide engaging experiences on all types of devices for mobile users.

A/B Testing Strategies

There are so many possibilities with email campaigns, and relators should be open to tying and testing different approaches on a timely basis to increase the click-through rate of the emails and motivate the reader to take the necessary action. From trying out different subject lines, email bodies, and media, the A/B testing will help realtors find the one that resonates the best with the recipient, improving the campaign’s effectiveness and generating results.

Measuring Success and Key Metrics to Track

Keeping a regular check on the performance of your drip campaign, and tracking the open rates, click-through rates, engagement levels, and conversions are more than just numbers. Measuring these data will help to refine and optimize the campaign, make necessary adjustments based on the results, and amplify what’s driving the results.


Top Tools for Real Estate Drip Campaigns

Several email marketing tools are popular among realtors for their real estate to launch the best drip campaigns for real estate audiences. We’ve listed some popular options you can go through for your campaign.


Mailchimp is a widely used email marketing platform that offers features such as email templates, automation, list segmentation, A/B testing, and analytics. It has user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality and integrates with various CRM systems.


AWeber is known for its ease of use and offers features like email templates, automation, segmentation, and analytics. It provides a drag-and-drop email editor and integrates with popular platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor offers a range of email templates, automation workflows, list management, and segmentation features. It also provides advanced analytics and integrations with popular CRMs and e-commerce platforms.


GetResponse offers a variety of features, including email templates, automation, list segmentation, landing page creation, and analytics. It also provides webinar capabilities, which can be helpful for real estate professionals hosting virtual events.



Real estate deals are stuck based on the relationship and trust the realtor and client have built over time, which requires a lot of effort and patience from the realtor’s side. A proven approach to nurturing the relationship with potential buyers has been emailing campaigns for a long time. With the technology to automate emails, relators can efficiently nurture the equation and secure more leads. Thus, real estate drip campaigns are an RIO-generating campaign real estate professionals should focus on.

If planning a campaign sounds overwhelming, Splendour Group, a real estate digital marketing agency, manages all your online marketing strategies while you focus on closing more deals. Contact us today, and get started!



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