How to start and scale your eCommerce business

by Swadesh Baniya | September 20, 2019 | blog

 What is E-Commerce? 


Starting an E-Commerce business does not have a set formula and rules every business must abide by. Anyone can create a startup or run an online business globally. The challenging part is how to grow it into a profitable venture. E-Commerce is now a significant part of the internet, where buying and selling goods and services through the internet has become a widely preferred practice. 


eCommerce has transformed how business is done in today’s world. Many countries and companies have started selling online. They have begun eCommerce’s home delivery, online payment, and money-back returns policy. eCommerce should provide trusted and quality products over the internet.

Benefits of eCommerce

The benefits of eCommerce shopping are:


  • Lots of choices or more variety
  • The standard price for all customers
  • Fewer taxes
  • All-time reachable
  • Time-saving
  • Easy to compare prices, products
  • Reduce employee cost
  • Save the transportation cost
  • No crowd


Why Start an eCommerce Business Now


Today, the internet reach worldwide has brightened the future of eCommerce. With the arrival of the latest technology, like e-banking websites and payment apps, eCommerce companies are thriving, making lives easier for people. Thanks to technology, it is much easier to start an eCommerce business than in the past.

Online business is facilitated by internet technology and smart devices, making it accessible for people to do their online shopping. And now that everyone has access to the internet and smartphones in their hand, online shopping has become a convenient option. 

Scope of eCommerce Business

The user of e-commerce businesses mostly browses the e-commerce site from their mobile phone and thus goes by the mobile-first approach. As stated by Statista, worldwide mobile users stood at 7.1 billion in 2021, and the number is expected to rise to 7.49 billion in 2025. 

As these numbers elude, just by the sheer number of mobile users, the business has the chance to sell their products and service via e-commerce to 7.49 billion people. Thus, the scope for eCommerce businesses is huge, which is why every service and business is going the Internet way. So, many online shopping portals are being launched, and eCommerce companies have been successful. Using interactive apps to grow your eCommerce business, you can use new technology across digital stores. It will provide a considerable boost to your business.

Also, people are showing more trust in the online marketplace, and they are more clinched towards purchasing online services. 

Challenges You Face When Trying to Start an eCommerce Business

Now that businesses have understood the scope and reach of eCommerce platforms, businesses left, right, and center are launching their e-commerce websites without studying their market, aligning their business goals, and taking the time to strategize it carefully. 


The success of your e-commerce platform depends on your site services, policies, website, demographic, etc. A certain percentage of people are still skeptical of purchasing things online. Time and again, instances of various frauds and online scams are hampering the perception people have of eCommerce. People have discontinued using the online platform due to terrible experiences fueled by lousy customer service. 


Some of the significant challenges of eCommerce are:

  • Lack of product reviews on the website
  • Delivery challenges
  • Confusing return policy
  • The need for touch and feel aspects of customers
  • High bounce rate
  • Lack of availability of the product in the warehouse.

How To Scale Your Online Business 

There is a growing trend of buying products from eCommerce websites. Companies are trying their best to earn people’s trust and establish themselves. eCommerce companies should develop their strategies for business. They have to provide proper awareness to customers about their products.

For successful eCommerce, you need to scale your business. The business should reach as much audience as it can to get the reach and do the sales. You will get more business traffic if more people know about your business.

If you want to scale your business, then you need to follow some of the following tips:


  • Research market needs and people’s problem


Before doing eCommerce, you need to look for the problem in customers. Their problems provide the need. Customer need is an essential factor while doing eCommerce. You have to make sure about what kind of product you are selling. Search for people’s problems so that you can find a matched solution.


  • Create and develop a solution to their problems with content, product, or service.


Develop such a solution that helps the customer. Find the answer to the problem and their requirements. You need to invent a solution to a people’s pain. High demand for your product is likely if your solution matches customer needs.


  • Test your solution in real life


After you invent the solution according to the needs of the customer, then test it in real life. You can further update your business if the customer is satisfied with your solution. It doesn’t matter how ‘Optimized’ your site is if you’re not meeting your visitors’ needs.


  • Regulation of product


It would be best to give regularity on products according to customers’ demand. You need to back up if there is more demand for the product. Sometimes it is better to change product types. It is crucial to provide the customer with the latest and new designed product. The latest designed product will hit trending in the marketplace.


  • Maintains high-quality products


There is the main issue with the quality of products. People are not trusting eCommerce because of quality issues. The most faced problem in with these businesses is that customers are not getting what they see online. Products are different when the customer orders and receives them. To gain customer trust, keep selling high-quality products only.


  • Making a remarkable first impression


The first impression is always the last. The first impression you make on potential customers after starting an eCommerce business matters. Make a strong presentation for products. It would be best if you had to give proper details about your product in a presentable manner. Then, you and your product will grab the attention of customers.

Display high-quality pictures of products on your website. The product should be neat and clean. Please provide accurate details about the stock of your product, whether it is available or not.


  • Marketing


Advertisement is the leading resource to provide information about your product and business. Before launching, promote your business like coming soon. People will be aware of your product. Interested customers can wait early for its launch.

After you launch your business, promote your product and store. Email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, etc., are the best platforms to advertise your business.

Social media marketing is the process of leveraging the network to interact. It increases traffic and sales to websites. At the same time, social media is used to promote the product. It is a place to interact with users and tell them what makes your brand unique. There is a tremendous amount of users on social media. It is easy to reach wider with the help of social media.


  • Securing your shipment


A secure website is secure for doing eCommerce business. It provides security to both users and customers. Use a specific mechanism in the admin panel of your websites.

Take care of your customer’s privacy, as personal data is not for sharing with others without customers’ permission.


  • Taking advantage of eCommerce


People use mobile phones because they are portable, so they can carry them anywhere. If your eCommerce website is mobile-friendly, then nothing can stop your business from growing because most people use mobile phones for online shopping.

You can use mobile apps for your eCommerce websites. Customers can reach you faster with Android and iOS applications.


  • Delivery


Home delivery is the way to end the travel time of customers. Businesses should be prompt and accurate with their delivery so the customer gets their order quickly. The customer wants their order as fast as possible. The delivery of the product should be faster. It should be given to the exact location of customers. Customers love to receive their products in good packaging. You can take some delivery charges from customers as well.


  • Payment


You have to make payments online or cash on delivery. Many digital payment methods are easy to use. Besides digital payment, credit cards, master cards, etc., can be used for product payment.

Many digital payment gateways have been developed worldwide. It is easier and faster to use these types of services, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. PayPal has been the most acceptable payment option since the eBay launch era, and it’s still the most preferred one. 


  • Policy


Customers only take those types of products and services that match their expectations. Make those policies for the customer about refunds and returns of the products.


  • Review


Some companies forget to put rating scales on their website about products. People will attract more to the high-rated product. Those ratings are based on the customer’s review itself. Customers who buy your product can rate it according to their level of satisfaction. This scheme will have a positive effect on your business. People always love to buy high-rated and good reviewed products.


Is your product matching customers’ expectations? If you are getting a proper review from your customer about providing satisfaction. Then will be able to develop your business in the advanced marketplace. More customers will reach you. It is better to show the review that you are getting from the customer on your product and site.

Always provide valuable information about your product. Provide a review section for the customer about their experience with your products and services.


 eCommerce business is a practice that no one can escape and avoid. The time has come to take your business online; start your online shop today. It’s time to go online and sell online. Use digital marketing strategies from a designated Digital Marketing Agency to help you develop an eCommerce site that features rich and operates smoothly. 

Every business must adapt and think about its online existence depending on its nature. The eCommerce business is the most trending business space now. It is the right time to start an eCommerce business, considering the immense opportunity for eCommerce. 

Technology is rapidly changing, which brings new and improved features one can integrate into their eCommerce site. However, the principles of starting an eCommerce business will always remain the same. So focus on your goal, and follow the principles and strategies.



Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya

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