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SEO Trends in Nepal: What You Need to Know in 2021

by splendour123 | January 15, 2021 | blog

SEO Trends Nepal
SEO Trends Nepal

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is self-explanatory; it is the practice of optimizing your website to bring vital traffic. SEO is associated with conducting numerous tasks of content strategy preparation, link building, keyword strategy, on-site and off-site optimizations, keyword analysis, ads implementation, etc.

Seo Trends in Hotel:

Let’s take the phrase : 

“Hotels in Nepal”

Search Volume: 590 

In the hotel market, SEO patterns have changed dramatically. Hotels in Nepal have come a long way from visiting the location yourself to booking through the internet. 

As you know, there were no such facilities offered by hotels previously as there was no such trend of Digital Marketing in Nepal, but now they have used a lot of  technologies and even the audience started shifting to the online and digital sphere and when it comes to digital and searching things to find service or product SEO comes into play 

Previously, there weren’t many online booking sites in Nepal. 

But now, if you search the word “ hotels in Nepal “ you will see a lot of website ranking on google which provides information or the facility to book hotels  such as:


While just under half of all hotel bookings were made online in 2018,  80 percent of hotel bookings are now being made online

As you can see compared to what we had previously, hotels in Nepal have been advertising their sites by paying money to the ads network for every click. That means,  if people are ready to pay and advertise to reach their audience, you should start thinking about either paid advertising for your hotel or restaurants to get the peoples’ attention or have a better SEO strategy to rank in the organic listing. 

Want to Know Which is Better? 

If you are a billion-dollar funded company “ paid to advertise” is better if not, for sure SEO is better as  “ you don’t need to pay Google or any other search engines to get your listing on top. 

That means for further years to come every business needs SEO. 

And if you are someone looking for a career opportunity in SEO, “ the sky is only the limit”

 SEO Trends in Travel Sector:

In the last decade, customer behavior has changed a lot. Before they visit, people do internet research and if your travel agency can build a good presence on the internet, people come looking for your travel business. 

People use the search engine for everything; to make decisions, they typically search for answers or info. 

That’s how the trend is shifting. 

Now if you are a travel agency owner; let’s talk about how you should look forward to having an SEO strategy in place. 

Travel agencies have also been writing blog posts taking a lot of online reviews and doing so many things to improve their SEO, basically to get visibility on the SERP ( search engine result page ) when people ( potential audience ) want to search anything about the travel industry. 

The possibility of SEO in the travel industry is going to be increasing and increasing day by day. 

You are a travel agency? You need an SEO strategy

SEO trends in Education Sector :

Not just travel and hotel, even the education industries are using SEO to reach their potential customers. 

Just look at the image above; you see how much the education industry are focusing on the SEO 

“Just the review count you are seeing should be sufficient enough to gauge the trends in the education sector and how much focus the industry is giving towards SEO” 

Now let’s talk about how you can meet your SEO goal and what should you be focusing on in 2021 if you want to do SEO for your website.

⭐  What can you do to improve your website: 

💻 Encourage your customers to leave ratings to prove that you are a company that is trustworthy

💻  Try to make your website mobile-friendly

💻 Using EMD ( exact match domain) or PMD( partial match domain) can be a quick ranking recipe often ( but use it cautiously)

💻 Update your NAP (name, address, and phone number) on your website. Customize your content for voice search.

seo trends that has changed

Over the years, Google has slowly refined what it considers to be “good” material, but it was the 2011 Panda update that served as the death blow to spam content and stuffing of keywords. 

After Panda, any gimmicky content-based tactics were nearly impossible to get away with, such as favoring a high volume of content while forgoing quality and substance.

Instead, the winners of the search engine were those who created the best, most valuable material, spawning the adoption among SEOs of content marketing, and content is still the best today.

Local SEO

local seo


Local SEO refers to the ‘optimization’ phase of your online presence to draw more business from specific local searches. On Google and other search engines, these searches take place. The last argument, which is not just about Google, is a significant one.

Why choose local SEO tactics?

Mobile searchers who seek company-like knowledge Email, phone number of the phone, etc.
Searches that are done locally  46%
PC owners who conduct local searches 96%
People who use google map for location 86%

How much has SEO changed? What are its future changes?

The graph above demonstrates the future changes in SEO by 2022

seo trends 2022

What’s more about SEO that is changing within time? 

more about SEO changes

⭐ 24.7 % of the organization as of now has a well-integrated SEO planning      compared to 2018

⭐ More than 32.8% of organizations will expand their online advertising that can even surpass the IT spending plan.

⭐ Google has worked with IPSOS Hong Kong (global leader in market research) and found out that 2.8 times better revenue generations can be obtained for businesses using SEO compared to those who don’t.

Is SEO still important? 

You run the risk of losing your top-ranking spots in search results without ongoing SEO efforts and rivals will probably leap at the opportunity to outrank you. You may have the most well-designed website, but you will not draw new customers or expand your company if no one can find it.


SEO has always been important and is not dead.

In the future, SEO will still grow as a step has already been taken. Every day, they average over 1.5 billion searches. The competition will increase even more in the future like before.

In Nepal, the growing use of the Internet and search engines has paved a wider path for SEO and we can tell that it will always remain important.


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