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by Swadesh Baniya | September 14, 2023 | blog


In this digital age, every business owner is on the internet promoting their business because online presence is not an option today but a necessity. In the course of building a brand for their business online, you might have heard terms like SEO, PPC, and more in relation to digital marketing. If you want to stay relevant and be in the eyes of your target audience, directing your online marketing toward the right audience with the right approaches is a must. 


For sustainable growth and ever-flowing attention of website traffic and potential customers, SEO is touted as the ultimate approach. Mastering SEO strategies, you can unlock the full potential of your website and reap the excellent benefits of it. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of Search Engine Optimization marketing and charge you with the proven techniques that will elevate your brand to new heights. 


The Importance of Search Engine Optimization Marketing

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the most sought-after practice to build a successful online presence and get more traffic to one’s site. From optimizing the site to rank higher in the search engine to creating content to target the right audience and building a brand image, SEO covers a vast spectrum to reward businesses with long-term potential.


Given that the consumption and dependency of people on the internet is at an all-time high, people use the internet for online shopping, to find the best review restaurant, what TV shows to watch, and for their day-to-day information. So, when your target audience is on the internet, waiting to discover you, why would you not supercharge your marketing approach and rank on the first page of the search engine for them to see you? 


A 2023 report by StartupBonsai on SEO marketing statistics states that 61% of marketers prioritize SEO to boost their organic presence. Realizing its benefits, businesses specifically allocate their budget for SEO. It goes to show that SEO does actually drive results, and with proper search engine optimization techniques in place, your organic traffic is bound to boom. If you’re still holding back on your SEO marketing, movies with the times and go through our proven SEO strategies to drive quality traffic to your site. 


SEO Best Practices To Grow Your Website Traffic

Although SEO strategy centers around ranking higher in the search engine by optimizing the sites with the best practices to indicate to the search engine algorithm that you’re credible and valuable, it also heavily prioritizes what the target audience is and if your site does provide them that. It means that stuffing your content with keywords won’t ensure that your page is to rank higher. Your site must have the relevant content your audience is looking for and be optimized based on the search engine algorithm standards to get organic traffic to your website. 


Let’s jump right into the best SEO strategies that you must integrate into your SEO strategy. 


Keyword Research

Undoubtedly, mastering keyword research and identifying the relevant keywords that match the user search intent with a good mix of high-volume keywords will help you target the right keyword for your business niche. Since keywords are the soul of SEO, they should be present on all the important pages of your site. Identifying the relevant keywords helps you to produce content that your specific audience is looking for, and optimizing your website with keywords will make you rank on the SERP. 


Use SEO tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and many more to discover broad search intent keywords, and you can also dig deeper into keywords that have less competition but can direct the right traffic to your site. Lastly, a tip is not to stuff your content with keywords but to place them naturally in the content where they fit so that it doesn’t hamper your readability. 


Analyze Your Competitors

Another potent SEO strategy is to run a timely check of your competitors and analyze their strategies so that you can fuel your SEO plan to outrank your competitors. Start off by identifying the keywords they’re ranking on, analyze their backlink profile, and take a look at their content. By doing so, you can identify the trends of your industries, content ideas you’re missing out on, and gaps in their approach that you can take the first mover advantage of. Be mindful that you don’t copy their strategies but rather pick out the parts that’ll work for your website and enhance them based on your business goals. 


Focus on Internal Links and Backlinks

Adding internal links to your content serves a dual purpose- one, it aids search engines in grasping the connections between various pages and posts within your website while also enticing your readers to explore additional content. 


Also, don’t hesitate to include links to external resources that you deem beneficial for your audience or that support your arguments. Additionally, consider transforming any brand mentions into clickable links for added context and convenience for your readers.


Backlinks represent a critical element in determining your website’s ranking. These backlinks signify connections from other websites to your own. While the sheer number of backlinks does play a role, their quality carries even greater significance. When authoritative and reputable websites link back to your site, it sends a powerful signal to search engine algorithms. It indicates that your content is not only abundant but also reliable and trustworthy.


Refresh Old Contents

The longevity of your content depends on how in tune it is with the latest trends and their relevance. As long as the content on your website is in sync with what the users are searching for, you can pull traffic to your site with that content, even if they are a year or two old. Since relevancy is the key, make it a point to review your content and analyze its performance. Update the content if required to make it more current, and add new keywords or subheadings. 


Also, another benefit of updating your old content is that Google prefers and ranks fresh content, and if you update your older content, you’re also increasing their chances of ranking on the search result page. 


Prioritize The User Experience 

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to use a website, and it feels like a maze navigating it. Most people lose patience within a few seconds and exit the website if a website feels too complex to maneuver, and even the search engines struggle to make sense of such websites. Issues like broken links, 404 error pages, and disorganized site structures can leave your users with a negative impression on your visitors.

Users not only appreciate a smooth and user-friendly experience, but it also plays a significant role in how Google’s web crawlers assess your content and determine your search engine ranking. Incorporating clear headings concise paragraphs, organizing sub-folders, and ensuring mobile optimization are all essential steps. These measures can reduce your bounce rate, enhance your search engine rankings, and ultimately lead to better conversion rates.



Our aim with this blog was to highlight the value of SEO for fellow marketers and businesses so that they don’t sleep in the sure-shot way to amplify the visibility of their website and win the website traffic, which contributes to their revenue. Although we’ve given you the five most potent SEO strategies, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Since SEO is an ongoing process, there is so much scope and new practices that’ll work like a charm for your website. 

To ensure your website is always in the good books of the search engine and is following the right direction of optimization, you can count on us, Splendour Group, and our proven experience with SEO and see all your efforts pay off. 



Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya

Adept with the latest industry trends and a commitment to excellence, Swadesh is on the journey to guide fellow marketers and businesses toward unparalleled success with his valuable insights.

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