Best Real Estate WordPress Themes: Which Ones Are Best?

by Swadesh Baniya | June 23, 2023 | blog

best real estate wordpress theme 2023

Are you just starting with your real estate business and looking to build an online storefront to represent your business, or if you’re an existing real estate professional who desires a top-notch real estate website? Your website can be the make-or-break factor in establishing the dominance of your business online. Online real estate is a dense market where 90% of real estate businesses have their website.


To differentiate yourself from the massive crowd of real estate websites, yours has to be a modern and fully-functioning website that appeals to viewers and converts the traffic into clients. Real estate WordPress theme has a massive selection of options to instantly get a modern and professional website with unique features to grow your business.


In this article, we’ll discuss the popular real estate WordPress themes Estate of 2023 to give our readers a clear understanding of the features and functionalities required from a real estate theme. So, let’s dive in!



Why is It Important to Choose the Best Theme For Your Real Estate Website?

We can shout from a roof that a professional and fully-functional real estate website is the key to unlocking your doors to the magnitude of motivated traffic and lead that will propel your business to the direction of success in this digital era. According to a 2019 National Association of Realtors report, 44% browse for real estate properties online, and this staggering number can’t be overlooked.


So, it is given to have a real estate website, but the second most important thing is for the website to be feature-rich and exciting for the users to enjoy browsing on your website.


To have a website that features rich and incorporates all the necessary elements of a real estate site, you must start by selecting a suitable theme that justifies the purpose of your website. Because of the unique requirements, and features of a real estate website, you can’t work with just any website theme- it must specifically be a “Real Estate theme.”


From a design perspective, a real estate theme must have a pleasing gallery section to display the property image, an appealing landing page, and complementing colors. It must include basic features such as property listing, an easy search section, location maps, agent profiles, etc. On an advanced level, it should have MLS/IDX integration, an advanced search for properties, a filtering tool for search, payment integrations, form submission, a lead capture form, and more.


Although most of these themes can be incorporated into a website using plugins, dedicated real estate themes should have these essential features in-built and ready for implementation. Real estate WordPress theme gives you countless options to choose the right theme for your personalized real estate website to fulfil your business goals.



Criteria for Evaluating Real Estate WordPress Themes

Choosing the right real estate WordPress theme can be overwhelming when so many interesting options are available- free and paid. However, selecting the right theme is the most crucial step because it dictates how you will present your website to billions of people online. We’ve listed some key points to consider when selecting a WordPress Theme.



Responsive Design

The theme you are considering must be fully responsive, meaning it must adapt and display according to your users’ different devices and screen sizes. Today, a website with a mobile-friendly design is a necessity since most people are browsing from their mobile phones.


Customization Options

Customization is another important feature you must ensure your theme provides. You must be able to customize the theme to match the branding and tone of your business to create a unique website. You should be able to personalize the website according to your color theme, choose the font and layout you like, and add visual elements without the assistance of a coder.


Property Listings and Search Functionality

What even is a real estate website without the property listing feature? The theme you plan to go forward with should display advanced property listing features- advanced search option, property information, image gallery, virtual tour, map, contact form, and more. Select the theme that covers the functionality you and your target audience need when they’re on your website.


Integration with Real Estate Plugins

Determine if the theme is compatible with popular real estate plugins like IDX/MLS integration, property management tools, or booking systems. This integration can enhance your website’s functionality and streamline real estate operations.


User-Friendly Interface

Your website has to be comfortable, intuitive, and seamless for the user when he/she is interacting with it. Look for a modern, professional, and visually appealing theme. The layout should be clean, easy to navigate, and showcase property listings effectively.



For your website to be visible and rank on the search engine to pull the target audience, it needs to be SEO optimized according to the search engine standards. Numerous WordPress themes for real estate websites are built with the best SEO practices. The things you need can evaluate for an SEO-friendly website are optimized code, Structured HTML, schema markup support, option for meta tags, titles, etc.


Support and Documentation

Your work doesn’t just end with selecting the theme that matches your taste and website purpose. It would be best to make sure the post-implementation services are prompt. Always opt for reputable developers with good work histories who provide clear documentation, offer regular updates for the theme, and, most importantly, 24/7 customer support.


Pricing and Licensing

Pricing is an important business decision. You need to assess whether the theme fits your budget and whether the price justifies the resources, features, and support you’re receiving. The price range of the theme can vary from free themes to premium themes with exciting features and support to fit your real estate website features. Evaluating your options from the price perspective and the feature they’re offering should help you make an informed decision.


Each theme has licensing terms that state how the theme will be used, the limitations, and restrictions- basically, the rules and regulations of utilizing the theme. You need to read the licensing thoroughly to ensure that the licensing allows the usage you’re planning for.


Note: The chosen license and any add-ons determine the ultimate cost of WordPress real estate themes.



Best Real Estate WordPress Themes in 2023

We have prepared a list of the most popular real estate WordPress themes used by the big players in the real estate world. Their features, functionalities, and use make is the reason they fall in our list of the best. We’ve handpicked some of the best themes and listed them below.




If you want to launch your website immediately without the help of a professional web developer, then the multipurpose Webify theme is the right one for you. Webify has a wide selection of WordPress real estate themes that cater to all kinds of real estate professionals, such as real estate and property rental. The best is that you can directly use the demo theme for your real estate website since it has the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder feature that throws coding out of the window.


In addition, it has an in-built CTA, scrolling amination, Google Maps, online appointment form, and accordions. The main highlights of this theme are the great selection of professional designs, compatibility with WordPress block editor and customizer, and eye-grabbing content and portfolio section. All of these features in the website are sure to make your site stand out among the competitors.

WP Residence

WP Residence Real Estate WordPress Theme

WP residence suits independent brokers as well as big real estate agencies. The advanced property search feature has dynamic URLs and custom fields. The views get accurate listing results because the AJAX filter filters the property searches. The agents themselves can add the property listings with detailed descriptions and media from the front end. The Google Maps integration supports the placement of property location markers on Google Maps. It provides the users with 37 full-site demos as a guide to building the real estate website with ease. Integrated with Elementor, it has over 90 Elemetor widgets and modules specially for real estate websites, and the users can customize the theme as they prefer.



Homlisti Real Estate WordPress Theme

The Homlisti themes have a high-quality, professional, and classy layout. It offers website demos specifically as a foundation when building the site. The homepage demo includes all the pages and elements required for a real estate listing website. With the one-click demo import, the website demo can be installed directly to replicate the site with a single click.


It comes with the Elementor Page Builder to customize the real estate website using the drag-and-drop feature. The Customize admin panel makes it easy to control the theme option of the entire website in one go. It offers advanced features like property search and filtering, enabling the viewers to find the listing per their requirements. It has a live chat feather for sellers and buyers to interact easily.


WP Real Estate

WP Real Estate WordPress Theme

WP Real Estate is a premium WordPress real estate theme that’s sure to catch the attention of every realtor. It has a library full of professional designs made just for brokers, agents, and agencies. It offers many customization options, enabling brokers, agents, and agencies to create a unique and personalized website showcasing their business identity. It provides various real estate website templates, color schemes, and layout options.


The key feature of WP Real Estate is the robust and easy-to-use interfaces for property listing management systems. It permits brokers and agents to display their properties with detailed information- images, virtual tours, videos, etc. It also incorporates the advanced search and filtering feature, which makes it easy for potential buyers to navigate the listings and find the property that meets their criteria.


Built on the WordPress ecosystem, it offers extensive plugins and add-on features. The themes are designed to be fully responsive and ensure a seamless browsing experience for viewers from any device. In addition, it is built following the best practices for search engine optimization (SEO).


WP Pro Real Estate 7

WP Pro Real Estate 7

The Real Estate 7 theme is different from just a website theme. Instead, WP Pro Real Estate 7 is the end-to-end solution for the real estate business. It has contact management, a CRM tool, and other valuable features for realtors. These tools will help you track the activities of your viewers and follow up with them. The theme is customizable and compatible with Elementor to make changes based on user preference. The user can choose from six-page templates, 8 widget sidebars, and 14 custom widgets. Also, a unique tool it offers is the “draw to search,” where the visitors can draw on the map the location for property search.




Homeo is a professional and versatile real estate theme for independent brokers, agents, or agencies. It is a fully functional WordPress theme that doesn’t require additional extensions or plugins. The Homeo theme is filled with the required features, and more a real estate professional might require. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce, so if the real estate website is required to run a fully functional online store, that, too, is possible.


The theme has over 13 property lists, 5 property information layouts, and different property layouts such as grid, list, and half map. It is customizable, meaning you can choose the theme color and a font that suits your brand. It has the map platform integration with Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and Mapbox. The theme is built keeping in mind the SEO side of a website. The theme is mobile-friendly, speed optimized, and has a responsive design. With the SEO aspect in check, ranking the website on the search engine will be smooth.


Other notable features of Homeo that make it a value for money is that it lets users list properties from the front end of the site without accessing the admin dashboard and can compare various properties.




Designed specifically for real estate professionals, the themes are modern and professional in design, which helps gain potential buyers’ trust and credibility. It has many demos to build and launch a professional real estate group website. The theme can be easily customized to match the business presence. It includes the Elementor Page Builder to drag and drop elements quickly.


It includes the robots feature for managing property listings. The agents and brokers can conveniently add, edit, and display properties with their detailed information and media files to support it. The advanced search and filtering options help onlookers to navigate the many listing and find the desired properties. The interaction with IDX, CRM, property management software, or email marketing platforms enhances the functionality and organizes the workflow to provide the best user experience.




Heaven 11 gives a contemporary feel to the real estate website templates. Whether it is to market single property or turn it into a corporate page, the theme is packed with modern features to incorporate all your needs. Realtors can choose from numerous ready-made page designs for various requirements and purposes and install them with just one click.


Heaven 11 has an intuitive and user-friendly Elementor Page Builder for easy editing and customization to match the brand. It also provides color-adjusting settings to change the theme colour to align with the brand tone. It offers numerous feature-rich plugins to support advanced features and functionality.




Villagio has a vast range of professional and visually enticing themes explicitly made for the real estate industry dealing with rental properties. It includes a modern touch in terms of design to establish credibility and trust with website visitors. The theme automates accommodation booking and provides complete control over rental dealings and customers. The user can manage accommodations, online payments, properties, client activities, and earnings from a single dashboard.


The theme has the crucial features of a real estate website, such as a user-friendly interface to manage property listings, and the users are allowed to add, edit, and display properties with their detailed information.


The advanced feature has options for property submission, which means the realtors, and agents can directly submit new listings on the website. The theme incorporates SEO-friendly elements to boost visibility in the search engine and drive traffic to the site.




Nesting is a suitable theme to build a single or extensive property listing website. It is flexible, expandable, and customizable, ensuring it effectively fits the requirements. Because of the advanced search and filtering feature, visitors can search the property by location, property type, price range, rooms, and much more. It enhances the user experience as the visitor’s chances of finding the property they desire increase.


Realtors want a pool of leads, and with Nestin, the customizable contact forms or inquiry buttons drive business growth, facilitating client interaction while securing leads. In addition, it supports IDX (Internet Data Exchange) integration which ensures the website displays accurate property listings from multiple sources.



Select The Real Estate WordPress Theme For Your Website

We’ve established that there are many great websites theme designed especially for real estate websites and their variety of purposes. Each theme is unique and professional and offers exciting features for real estate professionals. With so many appealing options, weighing the good and bad of the themes in detail is essential, as selecting the one to help you achieve your business goals.


Selecting the theme is just the beginning; implementation is where the real deal begins. If you’re looking for a professional web developer to help you launch your website and give wings to your business, Splendour Group is the best real estate website development agency delivering personalized real estate websites for our clients to achieve all their business dreams. Get in touch with us now!



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