5 Ways To Optimized & Get Benefit Out Of 404 Error Page

by splendour | February 21, 2020 | blog

You know the page, you click on a link, however, instead of getting the page you request, an error pops up demonstrating that the requested page isn’t accessible. Something along the lines of ‘404 Page Not Found‘. A 404 error is the standardized HTTP status code sent from the web server to the internet browser, normally to the users stating the requested page does not exist. A 404 page is not a good look for your website. But, you can actually get benefit out of 404 pages.

Designing 404 pages

Status code 404 is probably the most well-known HTTP error that individuals experience when they’re browsing the internet. They’re normal. Normally, people don’t pay attention to them. As a user, you will get frustrated at most and return back or close the tab. Numerous website owners question whether 404 pages harm their SEO and rankings in any way.


This article will explain the causes of 404 errors with solutions and also how to customize 404 errors pages and get benefit out of 404 pages. There are many ways to keep your visitor engaged in a 404 error page, which can be beneficial later on.

When the web browser works fine, the most common status code is 200. The HTTP 200 is a success status response code that indicates the request has succeeded. In case you’re reading this article now, it indicates that your browser was able to access our server and the server found the requested resource, so it returned a 200 response code.



Likewise, when you get an error of 404 Page not Found, it means the server is unable to present you the requested page. It is a standard HTTP status code also called response code that means the requested page doesn’t exist or didn’t found at that address or isn’t accessible. This is a client-side activity that indicates either the page has been erased or moved, and the URL has not been modified accordingly, or that you have misspelled the URL.

Error Code 404

What Cause 404 Errors and How to Find 404 Errors:

The normal trigger for an error 404 message is when website content has been removed or moved to another URL. There are furthermore different reasons why an error message could show up. These include:


  1. The URL or its content, (files or images) was either erased or moved without modifying any internal links accordingly.
  2. The URL was written incorrectly, linked incorrectly, or typed into the browser inaccurately.
  3. The entered domain name doesn’t exist anymore. 

Dead links are normally left for a long time since operators have no clue that the linked content has been deleted or moved. Numerous websites despite everything appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs) even though they aren’t available online anymore. Many website operators don’t check their external links regularly and therefore a working link could easily become a dead one.

There are different approaches to find 404 errors. It is important for website administrators to prevent HTTP 404 pages. This refers to internal 404 error pages as well as external 404 error pages on different other websites. There are various free tools accessible to assist you in finding these broken links easily and quickly. Three of the best and most notable tools are:

1.Google Search Console 

With your Google account you can register to Google Search Console it’s absolutely free.  Any 404 errors found by the Google crawler are shown in the web tool and can likewise correct here as well. Additional functions allow you to discover errors in robots.txt files and use crawling statistics to work out how frequently your website has been crawled by Google crawlers.


2. Dead Link Checker


This is one of the easiest and quickest tools for finding both inside and externally linked 404 pages. With this web application, you just enter the URL of the webpage you need to assess and afterward start the check. Here you have the decision of checking a solitary website page or an entire webpage. The application records all the followed error pages with status codes and URLs.


3. W3C Link Checker


This online tool from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is especially detailed when it comes to testing a single site page, so the procedure takes more time to confirm links than other different websites. The W3C Link Checker works simply like the Dead Link Checker: you enter the URL and let the tool do the rest. It’s additionally possible to include further details.

Get Benefit Out of 404 Pages

At the point when your visitors get a 404 error page and not what they need, there’s a decent possibility they will be confused, annoyed, or disappointed. So, what do we do now? Turn misfortune into opportunity, obviously!

Think 404 error page as your damage control page to get benefit out of 404 pages. 404 error pages don’t need to be a waste of space. Your customer simply tried to go to a page on your website, and now they are faced with frustration. The 404 error page welcomes them quickly at their peak of disappointment. This is your opportunity to divert those awful sentiments and offer an answer that inspires positive emotions! It should work to guide traffic to your site. Use them to help visitors with discovering content quicker.


 Make custom 404 error pages that make your customers feel like you’re there for them, even when your content can’t be in order to get benefit out of 404 pages. There are many ways to customized your 404 error pages. 

Here are 5 unique tricks to customized your 404 error pages:


1.Turn it into a Search Box:


Among a few different ways customers want to do inquiries, the on-site search is still a famous technique among them. While scanning the webpage, sometimes it gets confusing what exactly you are searching for. All things considered, an on-site search is a convenient function one can use to get the correct content. likewise, it works for a 404 error page. If you wish to ensure guests remain on your site, give them a choice to scan for your website.

404 error page

2. Turn it into a Lead Magnet:


For any online business to flourish, there must be lead magnets. The vast majority scarcely convert on their first visit. You have to utilize a lead magnet to catch potential online customers. One way is by means of email addresses or a digital book. You can start by transforming the 404 error page into a lead magnet. It’s a novel method to catch emails. It will function admirably as it changes a guest into sales.

It should be innovative, interesting, just as amusing. The error page should contain something that will intrigue the guest. The strategy can help you in getting more emails, along with these lines arrival more deals. Make the client come back to the landing page.


3. Offer Discount Coupons on Exit:


A 404 error page could be appropriated to offer incentives to the client to keep them around. It’s a challenging job to keep people on your website, and to get them to buy is even harder. Remembering this, you should think about a way of creating this pitiful situation into a sale opportunity. The inquiry emerges, How? Well,  offer a discount or coupon to the customers who are to leave your site. And this is a perfect way of making benefits out of the 404 error page. What’s more, offering them coupons may connect with them longer on your site, advantage in your deals. 


4. Direct visitors to your Product or Homepage:


Another remarkable utilization of the 404 pages is to divert the customer to your product or home page. A common 404 error page may annoy the user and leave right away. An honest message showing “The page you were searching for doesn’t exist” won’t help you, Sale isn’t easy. Including basic route could be a distinct advantage for deals since it gives related proposals as opposed to leaving them in disappointment. 


Ensure you give enough alternatives to your clients who arrived on the 404 error page. Make sure your broken link will just drive visits to your homepage. Therefore they will remain longer on your website, bringing about odds of increasing sales. It can help individuals find what they are searching for as opposed to getting disappointed and leaving.

Page Not Found


5. Leave an Impression:


If your website hasn’t got an immense measure of 404 errors, you can take a marginally less marketing centered methodology. Lead magnets, exit intent, and search box are incredible for the 404 blunder page. If you need something more, there are as yet different alternatives, and one of the intriguing ways is to leave an extraordinary impact on customers. You can make their time charming on your website. It scarcely takes one second to shape an impression on the web. You have a little portion of an opportunity to assemble trust and a great connection with a client. Outbreak entertainment has done it imaginatively.

Optimize 404 error pages

Bottom Line:

A 404 error page is a bane to the site. However, one can change this error page into deals producing page. Continuously take care of an online customer’s concern and make their route simpler. Let them not bounce off your site immediately. Continuously leave an extraordinary impact on customers. It will make them return to your site. 


It’s not a big issue if somebody arrives at an error page – everyone has got used to such a phenomenon. The problem is how will you handle and deal with that in the correct manner. If you don’t do anything to engage with your guests even in such cases, or to give them search box so that they get to where they set off to, to somehow direct them back to the path leading to conversion.


You can easily do that by optimizing the 404 error page. It is one of your important tasks, don’t forget about it. So, If you need a customized 404 error page, Remember us. We’ll help you get benefit out of 404 pages.


Along these lines, if you were thinking about whether 404 errors hurt SEO, let me make your clear.  404 error pages don’t generally damage your SEO, however, there’s definitely a lot you can miss out if you don’t fix them. If you have backlinks pointing pages on your website that return a 404, try to fix those backlinks and divert your broken URLs to the relevant location. If you have links on your site that point to broken pages, ensure you fix those as soon as possible, to maximize the link equity flow and UX.




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