Best 10 Important 2020 Social Media Trends You Must Know

by splendour | February 25, 2020 | blog

Social Media Trends in 2020

The last decade has seen social media set into flourishing, multifaceted networks where more than 3.2 billion people globally are active day by day. In excess of 90% of recent college graduates normally use at least one of these platforms, and find out about new products through social networking. Therefore, there’s no doubt that social media will play a growing role in our lives in the future. So, learning about top 10 social media trends in 2020 can help you business.
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The social media landscape is constantly changing. If you’re out-of-date with your social media trends, you’re limiting your brand in both reach and repetition. You may be blissfully unaware of new social media marketing trends, but your target customers & your competitors are not. That’s why we prepared the list of top 10 social media trends in 2020 to assist you to stay ahead of everything.

Here are the top 10 social media trends for 2020 and beyond:​

Trend #1: Social e-Commerce Will Be Massive


For the longest time, businesses were wondering how to get their social media followers to visit their online stores. Now, they no longer need to.

Social e-commerce refers to purchasing products directly through social media posts or advertisements. You don’t have to go to the e-commerce website or application for online shopping. Nowadays, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are predominantly used to publicize and sell products online. These shoppable social media posts aren’t actually new, yet in 2020 they will rapidly get more and more attention. Because of social browsing, the rise of social e-commerce is unavoidable. By 2022, social media will experience dynamic, evolutional changes that will absolutely touch social e-commerce.

Top 10 social media trends

Some of the progressions will include more visual content and integration of shoppable feeds. The latter on social media will enable online shoppers to collect user-generated photos and videos and featuring products, automatically. Such social media patterns will be normal in the world of social trade, in 2020.

The main point here is, You don’t even need to be an e-Commerce brand. As long as you sell products, even just a few pieces of branding merchandise, you can see more outstanding returns by permitting transactions through online networking. Additionally, if you have an e-commerce website, it is simple to link your social media account to your e-commerce website. Isn’t that great?

Social Media Trends

Trend #2: Video Content Will Dominate Social Feeds

Video content is one of the most captivating types of content and will soon rule the social media over every single other sort of content. Regardless of whether it is short-form recordings like those popular on TikTok or Stories or long-form content on YouTube, videos are the future of social media content. Among top 10 social media trends in 2020, this is the one that no one should ignore, no matter the type of business a person operates.

As indicated by a Cisco study, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video content. This unmistakably shows that it is so necessary to begin using video content to stay appropriate in the social media domain.

In case you’re not currently making video content, it is time that you start making a video strategy. In the near future, the video will command social media and anyone who doesn’t understand that will have a tough time.


You can begin by using features like Stories both for your social media content and for commercials. You can likewise add videos to your social media posts, even on platforms that were dominated by pictures or text content.

Something to think about: YouTube is second in terms of active users. Facebook is the first one. In spite of the fact that Instagram may be viewed as the top center for influencers, an ever-increasing number of brands and advertisers are rushing to Instagram.

Trend #3: More Companies Will Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer advertising has been a digital marketing trend for a couple of years now. Many brands today are using celebrities and social media influencers to endorse their product items. It’s been so effective. As we see the effect of various social media trends in 2020, we expect that there will be an outbreak of social media influencers on virtually every social network platform.

More businesses will invest in influencer advertising and the cost will undoubtedly be less expensive than executing paid campaigns. Also, social media influencers will demonstrate more reliable in accomplishing business objectives. Advertisers won’t just expand their influencer collaboration between a couple of influencers, however, but brands will partner with a solid network of small, relevant niche influencers.

Social Media Marketing

The key is in making a perfectly clear influencer system that thoughtfully coordinates with your general promoting procedure, building up an intensive influencer verifying procedure and giving a concise that unmistakably plots your brand’s objectives and content guidelines.

2020 social media trends encourage brands and companies to look for micro-influencers who will authentically use their product or service and share it with their audiences. Influencers who are authentic will be more powerful as these authentic influencers will share content they care about and actually use on a regular basis. The idea is simple: smaller audiences are increasingly important and engaged.

Social Media Stories

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Trend #4: Stories Will Take Center Stage

Instagram and Snapchat stories are already popular today and we will see a greater amount of it in the future.  You can encounter more advertisements in our stories. Instagram stories are especially picking up a favor from brands with respect to digital marketing.

Users will, in general, discover Instagram stories more authentic & genuine than Instagram posts that are inclined on excessive filters. Social media content that is only available for a limited amount of time and then disappears continues increasing in 2020.

As highlighted in Instagram trends, interactive Stories and polls are brilliant ways to go back and forth with your audience, making your content feel more engaging.  Stories are an ideal method to get attention. For a few valuable seconds, an audience can get the

informative & authentic creative content that they like. Stories are a great way to add value to your social media post using emojis, videos, and stickers.

Smart brands and businesses should make this a greater focus in their 2020 marketing strategy if they want to have a higher level of success reaching their audiences, and increasing engagement. Stories have been one of the greatest social media trends of recent years and 2020  looks to be the same.

Trend #5: Instagram Will Remove Likes


It’s an obvious fact that brands (and even common users) regularly focus on “likes,” comments and followers on social media as a measure of popularity and brand recognition. In any case, this obsession is negatively affecting our psychological health and can really frustrate the free flow of engagement.

Instagram is recently trying to make likes less prominent. You will never again have the option to see the number of likes other Instagram posts get, but you can still see likes on your own posts. In any case, if likes do leave, advertisers, brands and influencers should find ways to adjust to these changes.

The big question is, how will this strategy work?

2020 social media trends

Well, we all are familiar with Instagram stories. Despite the exclusion of likes, Instagram stories manage to gain popularity and push users to concentrate on the content. Rather than a number, users might have the option to see two or three users who have reacted or liked a post. Essentially, the number of likes a post earns always has an effect on how people see it. With the absence of likes, the popularity of posts will be a non-issue.

Trending Social Media

Trend #6: TikTok will lead social video


The emphasis on video implies that video-driven stages, for example, TikTok Lasso and Snapchat will continue to grow in popularity. Of these stages, TikTok is the social media disruptor as of now driving the way, particularly with teens and youth.

The Chinese-claimed social video application is all around situated to shape this pattern as it offers rich ground for influencers, including smaller-scale influencers.

TikTok is increasing user’s engagement. With its engaging, fresh and entertaining content, it gained popularity in a short period of time.  Advertisers and entrepreneurs whose target audience are teenagers and youngsters should consider TikTok as a winning marketing platform.

TikTok is already an attractive platform for YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch bloggers since it’s easy and enjoyable to make videos and gain fame there. TikTok is the new social trend of 2020 with a large number of users, especially in Asian Countries.

Trend #7: Connection + Community 


In 2020, the big trend will be social media communities. First, identify who is your audience? What are their interests and challenges?

When it comes to creating content, brands need to check the social media post or ads, that actually resonate with their key audiences. That all starts with the communities.

Your customers are looking for connections on a personal level with businesses and brands that feel like part of their community. Businesses need to put more effort than ever into being more of a helpful, understanding in a community than simply a service provider. Making them feel like they’re part of a group will ensure brand loyalty and great social media engagement.

It is very important to know your audience and provide value to them. Don’t just solely use your social media channels to promote your products/services. With more and more competition on social media, truly connecting with people will help refine your brand and gain the trust of your audience. Which will help your sales!

This is the reason why you need to create communities on social media.

Facebook is especially concentrating on putting groups and communities at the focal point of its operation. Brands will likewise have the option to exploit these online communities with customer segmentation. Groups and communities made on social media are all about personal communication, not just posting and waiting for the comments to roll in or paying for an ad and waiting for a click.

Social Media DMs

Trend #8: Direct messaging (DM)


In an offer to get more personal with customers, brands are taking the discussion to DMs. As a method for streamlining client support and assisting in sales,  direct messaging is getting one of the most growing social media trends of 2020. Through messaging applications like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger, or through private messages on social media like Twitter or Instagram, brands are building more grounded relationships with their clients. These discussions offer the convenience of text with the quickness of a telephone discussion. All in an environment the user is already familiar with from talking with friends.

Brands see DMing customers as productive for fashioning relationships, whether addressing complaints, taking sales orders, or even just goofing around. The huge requirement here is the

customer agreeing to it. A client DMing you first is completely different from you DMing them first.

This method works best when you encourage customers to message you by giving your username, and possibly boosting them with a selective deal or coupon code.

Trend #9: Sentiment Analysis of Customer will Increase


A large portion of human communication is trying to make sense of what each other is thinking. And keeping in mind that, hundreds of thousands of years of biological advancement haven’t aided us much in understanding each other, after only a couple of long periods of AI innovation and we’re now making progress. Sentiment investigation, or social listening, is the act of analyzing the responses of customers and clients to products or administrations, commonly on social media or other places online.

Social Media Analysis

Online reviews and posts don’t always help to know the sentiments of the customers towards your products or services. Maybe a user likes the product on a whole but one specific feature disrupts the general flow. Maybe the product is fine just not what they were expecting. So, it is very important to know your customers/ visitors sentiments. 2020 and the future will be all about knowing customer sentiments.

Sentiment analysis usually includes information-gathering tools and algorithms to search online reactions to your brand and evaluate them. This is not a new social media trend, yet new innovation is making it more well known than ever before. Advances in natural language processing help computers understand the meanings behind what people say online, including slang and emoji.

Sentiment analysis tools like Critical Mention, Repustate or Lexalytics reveal what people truly think about your brand. You would then be able to utilize that information to your products also for strategies for sales, advertising, social media, and content.

Social Media Ads

Trend #10: More advanced, dynamic and direct social ads


Brands are still investing massively in social advertisements for good reason. Since consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the concept of social shopping in general. With the advancement of the ads, it’s easier than ever for brands to encourage direct business from customers on social media.

For instance, Facebook’s recent roll-out of personalized ad experiences delivers products dynamically to customers, changing formats: carousel-collection and calls-to-action based on who it’s being served to. Meanwhile, the recent introduction of Instagram shopping additionally features the growth of direct social selling.

The platform essentially represents another arm for e-commerce and retail brands looking to begin selling on Instagram without having to funnel followers to a bio link. Even LinkedIn’s ad platform has recently advanced to help B2B (Business to Business) brands get their products in front of relevant customers.

The point here is that companies don’t need to be shy about selling through advertisements in 2020. They have a  lot of choices to be more targeted and compelling growing almost universally across all the significant social platforms.

Ready for Social media marketing in 2020?

As usual, social media is changing. Are you aware & keeping up?


The top 10 social media trends in 2020 are, paradoxically, both more human and more power-driven. It appears the general pull of social media goes in the direction of more personal relationships with more targeted niches. The core of social media marketing remains the same: getting people what they want, when and where they want it. And 2020 trends are just opening new doors to get there.


We need to hear from you. Which of the most recent social media trends do you think will define 2020? What are your strategies for these trends? Tell us in the comment down




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