From Views to Conversions: Elevate Your Business with Video Marketing

by Swadesh Baniya | August 27, 2023 | blog



With the advancement of digitization, digital dependency is insurmountable, where people seek validation from online mediums for every minute of information to big purchase decisions. However, with the depleting attention span of today’s online users and the battle among competitors to win over the same audience segment, businesses can’t restrict their online marketing strategies- be it on their website, social media, or any other online platform, to solely rely on written content and images to win consumers.


Every business owner looks for new mediums, trends, and strategies to take their advertisement to the next level. Video marketing is a tool that can add value and drive results to captivate the target niche like never before. In this guide, we’ll unravel the potential videos have to connect your brand with your audience and strategies to distribute it for everlasting impact.


What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing means strategically using videos to market your business, service, product, or brand. Though video marketing has gained significant momentum over the last few years, with brands favoring it to promote their services on social media, it has been a prevalent marketing practice from way back to the 1940s. Then, it was the more traditional style with TV advertisements, and now it’s evolved and made its way into the online space.


Video marketing follows a versatile approach used across various online channels based on the goal to achieve. Be it to introduce a new product/service, share an informative piece, or share your brand story, videos are a powerful source to convey your message in a way that makes its way to the heart of your consumers.


Whether introducing a new product, sharing valuable insights, or simply telling a brand’s story, video marketing offers a dynamic way to convey messages effectively. The blend of vision, sound, and narrative has risen above conventional advertising norms, opening new avenues for businesses to establish authentic bonds with their audience. Whether it’s the captivating charm of a meticulously crafted product demonstration or the heartwarming journey of a brand’s inception, videos have emerged as the ultimate canvas for conveying messages, eliciting sentiments, and etching an enduring memory in the minds of consumers.



How Does Online Video Marketing Boost Conversion?

The days of traditional marketing making an impact via TV ads, banners, and hoardings are long gone. We’re in an era where everyone has a smartphone in their hand and internet access, which has subsided the viewership of television by a considerable margin. With that, for videos to get views, marketers moved from TV to the online realm because that’s where their audience is most active.


It has become a powerful medium because the visual experience can grab the audience’s attention across platforms. The liberty video allows brands to narrate their story and take their audience on a journey through an immersive video that promotes brand trust and loyalty.


Online video marketing has proven to boost traction for businesses of all sizes- startups or established corporations. A report presented by Renderforest Survey states that videos have increased qualified leads by 83%, traffic by 78%, and sales by 44% for businesses. Now, isn’t that impressive data?


Benefits of Video Marketing

With the rise of social media, video content is in high demand- especially short-length videos on platforms like TikTok and YouTube that can be consumed within seconds. Businesses must be proactive with what’s appealing to their target audience, so video marketing must be a part of your marketing campaign to achieve your target. The power video marketing holds to propel your business are:


Video Marketing Boost SEO

One of the significant factors that boosts the SEO of your website and your social media channels is the time users spend on it. When you have videos on your social media platforms and site, it increases the time people spend on the page watching your videos, which generates a positive impression, boosting your SEO. According to research, you increase your chances of ranking on the first page of Google by 53 times if your website includes video content. Thus, integrating videos increases your visibility and engagement, bringing you potential consumers.


Increases Sales and Conversion

91% of marketers today invest in video marketing because it has boosted their brand awareness and increased sales. Adding videos on your landing page and social platforms escalates your discoverability and gives the consumers a better understanding of what you have in store. When more and more people find your brand and can comprehend your services, they willingly invest in your services.


Increases Brand Awareness

Video content has proven to be an effective strategy for elevating brand awareness because it fosters strong emotional bonds with your target demographic. The viewers can grasp 95% of the information a video relays compared to the 10% retention rate of a written piece of content. Including video content in your marketing strategy helps you resonate with your audience, thereby etching your business in their memory.


Types of Video Content for Conversions

Now that we’ve covered how video marketing can skyrocket your business to success, let’s turn our attention to the different types of video marketing niches that brands can use best to advertise their services to their target sector.


Product Videos/ Demo Videos

Product videos are content you can create to educate people on your products and services. It can be a short educational video clip or a detailed demonstration of how a product works. In this type of video, the unique selling point, key benefits, and call-to-action strategies are used to make the viewers interested in investing in your services.


Brand Videos

Brand videos are the perfect medium for businesses to explain the vision and mission of your business to your customers. This type of video aims to boost brand awareness and show your audience what makes you unique from your competitors. Brand videos show your audience your passion and commitment towards your business and your customers, making them see the larger picture of why they should invest in your company.


Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Hearing positive experiences and reviews from your past clients is the social proof to show your potential customer how you’ve provided quality services to your client that’s made an impact. Consider it the vote of confidence to people in the consideration stage contemplating whether or not to partner with your brand. Distributing the positive testimonials of your clients across platforms will improve the likelihood of people choosing you over your competitors.


Behind-the-Scenes Videos

These videos are made to allow your viewers to see the face and know the people behind the brand. Marketing can be just about advertising and selling your services. Still, when you give people insights into what’s happening within the brand and the people associated with making the brand, it shows authenticity, which helps foster a genuine emotional connection with your audience.


How to Make Professional Videos for Business

Now that you know the popular video formats businesses use to reach their audience, let’s discuss the video marketing strategy bound to generate traction for your business.


Understanding Your Goal & Target Audience

Before starting your video campaign, it is the first step to identify the goal of your campaign and the people you’re targeting. Once you’ve figured out your goal and target audience, you can work on your audience’s pain points, interests, and preferences and tailor your video to resonate with your audience’s needs.


Storyboarding and Scriptwriting

Storyboarding helps you plan the visual elements of your videos and form a blueprint to follow throughout the filming to stay on track. In the scriptwriting stage, focus on your video’s overarching message and what you’re trying to convey to your audience. This ensures that your video has a clear message and flows smoothly. Keep your script concise and focused on delivering value.


Choosing the Right Tone and Style

The tone and style of your video should align with your brand identity, mission, and vision. It should convey the message in the most authentic tone to your brand. Whether it’s humorous, heartfelt, or informative, consistency is critical to building a recognizable brand voice that strikes a chord with your target demographic.


Publish Your Video Across The Online Platforms

Once you’ve shot and edited your video, then comes the publishing part. Post your video content on all your social media accounts and websites. The more platforms you post your video on, the better it is for visibility, enhancing your scope to reach your customers.


Track & Measure Results

After publishing your video, pay close attention to how it performs across the platforms on which you’ve shared your video. The data gives a clear report on which videos are performing well, what is working, and what can be improved, which you can incorporate in your next video.



Videos are the ultimate medium that will help businesses engage their audience and convey their message in the style consumers prefer most. It has become a non-negotiable element for consumers looking to associate with a brand. Not just your consumers, social media platforms, too, are tilting their priorities to video content. Integrate video marketing and unlock unique opportunities to grow your brand.



Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya

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