SEO Trends: What You Need to Know in 2023

by splendour123 | January 15, 2021 | blog


SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is self-explanatory; it is the practice of optimizing your website to bring the right traffic to your website organically. SEO is associated with conducting numerous tasks of content strategy preparation, link building, keyword strategy, on-site and off-site optimizations, keyword analysis, ads implementation, etc. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the SEO practices followed by different industries and the possible future trends to maximize the return on investment.

SEO Trends in Property Management Business



The importance of SEO has increased dramatically in the property management and real estate industry. As more and more buyers are scouting for properties and real estate agencies online, it’s imperative to have a website with strong online visibility to get the desired website traffic and leads to make sales. 

 Also, this is an industry where calls and deals are made based on the reputation and credibility of the agency. With the help of SEO, it is possible to rank a website high on the search engine, which, from the audience’s perspective, seems trustworthy and credible, boosting the audience’s confidence to partner with the real estate agency. 

Even a few years ago, only a few real estate agencies had included online marketing in their strategy to increase their sales because the notion was that business was gained from a referral or in-office visit. But now, the focus is completely on digital marketing because that’s where the potential buyers are. 

The real estate conglomerate, startup agency, or individual realtor competes for the top search engine result page ranking. The giants are ready to leverage paid ads to stay on top consistently, while agencies working within a budget prefer SEO all the way. 

 SEO Trends in Travel Sector:

In the last decade, customer behavior has changed a lot. Before visiting a place, people do internet research on the place and travel agencies with the best deals. If your travel agency can build a good presence on the internet, people will come looking for your travel business. 

People use the search engine for everything; to make decisions, search for the perfect travel destination, or to look for travel agencies with the best service. That’s how the trend is shifting. 

Now if you are a travel agency owner, let’s talk about how you should look forward to having an SEO strategy in place. 

Travel agencies have also been writing blog posts taking a lot of online reviews, and doing so many things to improve their SEO, basically to get visibility on the SERP ( search engine result page ) when people ( potential audience ) want to search anything about the travel industry. 

The possibility of SEO in the travel industry is going to increase in the coming days. 

SEO Trends in Education Sector

Not just travel and hotel but even the education industries use SEO to reach their potential customers. 

Just look at the image above; you see how much the education industry is focusing on SEO. 

“Just the review count you are seeing should be sufficient enough to gauge the trends in the education sector and how much focus the industry is giving towards SEO.” 



Now let’s talk about how you can meet your SEO goal and what you should be focusing on in 2023 if you want to do SEO for your website.

⭐  What can you do to improve your website: 

💻 Encourage your customers to leave ratings to prove that you are a company that is trustworthy

💻  Try to make your website mobile-friendly

💻 Using EMD ( exact match domain) or PMD( partial match domain) can be a quick ranking recipe often ( but use it cautiously)

💻 Update your NAP (name, address, and phone number) on your website. Customize your content for voice search.

seo trends that has changed

Over the years, Google has slowly refined what it considers to be “good” material, but it was the 2011 Panda update that served as the death blow to spam content and stuffing of keywords. 

After Panda, any gimmicky content-based tactics were nearly impossible to get away with, such as favoring a high volume of content while forgoing quality and substance.

Instead, the winners of the search engine were those who created the best, most valuable material, spawning the adoption among SEOs of content marketing, and content is still the best today.

Local SEO

local seo


Local SEO refers to the ‘optimization’ phase of your online presence to attract local customers and draw more business from specific local searches. It is the practice of optimizing the business website and online listings to rank higher for local search queries, such as “real estate agency in [city name]” or “best pizza place near me.”

Why choose local SEO tactics?

Mobile searchers who seek company-like knowledge Email, phone number of the phone, etc.
Searches that are done locally  46%
PC owners who conduct local searches 96%
People who use google map for location 86%

How much has SEO changed? What are its future changes?

SEO has been an ever-evolving and changing landscape over recent years. The shift has been geared toward optimization focusing on the end-user and providing them the relevant content. The focus is now more on quality than quantity, leading to malpractices such as keyword stuffing and low-quality content. 

The major changes in the SEO practice are:

Focusing on the topics more than keywords

In the past, the focus of SEO was mainly to optimize the keyword to rank high on the search engine. Now, as the search engine algorithm has shifted its priority to topics and semantics searches, high-quality content covering the search intent and comprehensively delivering information on the said topic is given importance. 

Mobile-first Approach

The number of people accessing the internet from their mobile devices has increased heavily making Google take notice of it and prioritize mobile-friendly websites in its search result. 

Voice Search

As smart speakers and Artificial Assistants have taken center stage, voice searches have become popular. Now businesses are focusing on producing concise and clear content for voice searches, understanding the search queries, and showing the results that match it the most.

E-A-T Score

E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trust, and these are the measures for the search engine to evaluate the legitimacy and ranking power of your website. Websites with strong E-A-T have better chances of ranking higher in the search results. 


Artificial Intelligence

AI plays a significant part in how websites are ranked on search results. The RankBrain algorithm of Google uses AI to understand the search queries and deliver results that are accurate.

What’s more about SEO that is changing within time? 

more about SEO changes

⭐ 24.7 % of the organization as of now has a well-integrated SEO planning      compared to 2018

⭐ More than 32.8% of organizations will expand their online advertising which can even surpass the IT spending plan.

⭐ Google has worked with IPSOS Hong Kong (global leader in market research) and found out that 2.8 times better revenue generations can be obtained for businesses using SEO compared to those who don’t.

Is SEO still important? 

It’s like asking do fish require water to survive. Just as fishes survive for a few minutes out of the water, without SEO, your business can survive only for a short time. 

You run the risk of losing your top-ranking spots in search results without ongoing SEO efforts, and rivals will leap at the opportunity to outrank you. You may have the most well-designed website, but you will not draw new customers or expand your company if no one can find it.

SEO is an essential digital marketing practice as it generates online visibility. As the number of people relying on the search engine to find information has drastically increased, SEO can be the best way to reach potential customers and build brand awareness.


SEO has always played an important role in providing sustainable growth and success for businesses, and it also holds true for the future. 

In the future, SEO the importance of will rise even more as the competition among businesses to have their business shine the brightest on the search engine reaches the new highest.  





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