When is The Right Time to Start SEO for Realtors?

by splendour | April 5, 2023 | blog


Have you ever wondered why your rivals, who are half as good and experienced as you, get the exposure and clientele when you have the experience and skills to close a deal in a few meetings? Well, chances are they are taking full advantage of search engine optimization(SEO) to get their leads and clients. 


Most realtors are familiar with search engine optimization(SEO) and must have incorporated this into their marketing strategy. To those looking for sustainable growth, the question is when to start SEO for real estate businesses and how to execute it to achieve SEO organic growth. 


Our experience in real estate digital marketing has shown the power of effective SEO strategies that assure an increase in traffic and leads, which ultimately increases the sales of the real estate business. The time and investment you make for SEO will generate sales and return on autopilot as time goes by.


So, when should you start with an SEO campaign for your real estate website, the sooner you start, the better. Now, not to say that if you haven’t yet started your SEO campaign, you are deemed to fail. In such cases, we say better late than never. But before you launch your SEO campaigns, let’s go through some important strategies which will maximize the output of your SEO campaign.


SEO For a New Real Estate Website

If you’re launching a new website for your real estate business or even redesigning your existing website, you should know that you can begin your SEO journey right from the website development stage. Right from the conceptualization stage of the website, SEO strategies must be considered to enhance the ranking and exposure of the website. 


So the real question here is why is new website SEO so crucial? A brand-new website doesn’t have the authority and history required to rank well in the search engine. When a search engine bot crawls a website, it has a set of algorithms against which a website is analyzed, such as the quality of a backlink, content quality, and user experience, all of which a new website lacks.


In addition, the new website doesn’t have the authority and trust search engines seek. Thus, the ranking of your new real estate website takes a beating. To save your real estate business from losing out on leads and make a mark in the industry, the website development team and the SEO team should collaborate right from the nascent stages to promote the website’s search engine visibility from the day it’s launched. 


For newbies starting their SEO campaign for the first time, you need to understand that SEO is a constant process of optimization which takes its sweet time and practice to deliver the organic growth one would have hoped for. But once you’ve started with a solid SEO plan, you get to witness its benefits in terms of website traffic, leads, and online exposure without relying on and investing in paid ads. 


SEO for Redesigned Website


When we talk about SEO in regard to a website that is being redesigned, it is under the same domain name. It’s of utmost truth that website design has a huge role in turning your website traffic from mere visitors to leads. So, website redesign with the ambition to enhance the design of the website gives a boost to the overall appearance, user experience, and conversion rate. 


While the advantages of website redesign are great for the business, it can have a negative impact on your search engine ranking and website traffic. 


To avoid the pitfalls, it is important to take the SEO team hand in hand with the website development team when redesigning the website. The things to consider when redesigning a website from an SEO perspective are:


Reviewing The Current Status of The Site

Prior to redesigning a website, it’s best first to review the current status and performance of the website. The review helps you to work on the problem area rather than modifying the features that are working in your favor. Some important metrics to take note of would be your keyword rankings, bounce rate, Domain Authority, website visitors, sales, and leads generated from the website. 


Analyze The Content on Your Website

List the pages and content with the most traffic, good search engine ranking, shares, user interaction, and inbound links. Such content is a valuable asset for your website, and you must secure such content to ensure your ranking is intact.  


Content Optimization

Content is crucial in ensuring your website performs well on the search engine result page (SERP). Each page on your website must incorporate relevant real estate keywords that support the content of that page.


Similarly, the blogs on your website should have quality content to enlighten your audience, along with keywords that support your real estate services. The SEO content strategy focuses on listing the industry-relevant keywords and optimizing the content on those keywords.


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Optimizing Website Architecture

When redesigning your website, prioritize the website architecture and navigation of your website. The pages on your website must have seamless navigation from one page to the other so that the website user understands the flow of the relationship between the pages and it becomes intuitive.


What To Do?

If you’re looking to attract genuine homebuyers and generate leads from your website, encourage them to go through your services and listing and persuade them into the sales funnel to generate the sales for your business organically without having to buy clicks and leads, you achieve that through SEO. 


Now let’s shed some light on the prominent approach to optimize your website for SEO and its impact. 


On-page SEO

On-page SEO encompasses optimizing all the elements on the web pages to make it search engine friendly and boost your SERP result. It includes keyword optimizing the content on the website, URLs, HTML tags, and media content. 


Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is optimizing features that are not part of your website but helps to build the relevancy and authority of your website from the perspective of the search engine. Off-page SEO includes link building, guest blogging, social media marketing, press releases, influencer outreach, and more to strengthen the backlinks of your website. 


Technical SEO

Here the technical aspects of the website, such as the backend infrastructure, website architecture, coding, and server configuration, are optimized to improve the user experience and search engine visibility of your website.


What Else Can Be Done?

Taking baby steps and making achievable goals should be the strategy when starting with SEO campaigns. To achieve results significantly quickly, real estate businesses should focus their optimizing their website for local searches. The nature of a real estate business is such that it benefits the most if it has visibility in local search queries courtesy of local SEO.


Focusing on making and optimizing location-based service pages, using dedicated realtor’s hyperlocal strategies to dominate the local searches, and listing the website on local directories can be some solid real estate local SEO strategies. Also, focusing on the user experience of the website always delivers the result. 



Investing in an SEO campaign for your real estate business is more so about the point at which you need consistent leads and sales for your business without having to go heavy on the marketing budget. Today, the success of a business is determined by its online presence; thus, SEO has become an integral part of real estate marketing strategies. With some time and patience and you’ll rank well on the search engine, all thanks to SEO. 


When it comes to deploying the right SEO practices to give your real estate business the push it needs to survive in this competitive industry, nothing can beat the experience and skills a professional SEO expert can offer you. Just as how you are an expert at selling properties and all things real estate related, some things should be best left to the experts. 


If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that has expertise in the real estate business to kick-start your SEO campaign, then we are here to offer you our expert services to increase your visibility and beat your competition. 


Splendour has been a real estate digital marketing expert, with over a decade of experience working with real estate clients. Our SEO services have produced unprecedented results for your Real Estate Clients. Partner with us, and the next success story will surely be yours!  





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