A Guide On Creating Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

by Swadesh Baniya | July 26, 2023 | blog


Facebook Ads For Realtors

No doubt, Facebook is the unstoppable powerhouse social media platform that boasts billions of active users, and 89% of realtors use it in their business. Facebook realtors are favorites mainly because of the pipeline of leads they can secure from this platform. Although the platform does help to cash in quality leads, realtors know that they need to up their game and shouldn’t limit themselves in lead generation. This is where Facebook Ads give realtors the golden opportunity to capture new leads.


In this blog, we’ll discuss the strategic ways to create Facebook ads for real estate agents to generate leads within your budget.


The Importance of Facebook Ads For Realtors

The Importance of Facebook Ads For Realtors

Although there are various mediums for online advertising, Facebook is among the most effective platforms for real estate advertisement. By including Facebook ads in the marketing strategy, realtors are awarded a vast user base and powerful targeting options, which generate the opportunity to reach an interested audience and generate leads. Let’s break down the benefits of Facebook real estate ads below:


Extensive Target Audience Reach

With a whopping 2.8 billion active users, Facebook stands tall as one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms. The expansive user base offers real estate agents a massive quantity of potential buyers and sellers to target. By leveraging Facebook Ads, real estate agents can conveniently broaden their reach and exposure to their services and listing.


Enhanced Brand Awareness

Running Facebook ads benefits the realtors by strengthening and reinforcing their brand awareness and helps in branding. Realtors can use Facebook ads to broadcast real estate listings, share website content, and interact with the audience to establish themselves as market experts in the local real estate market and increase their brand awareness, contributing to increased referrals and repeat business.


Precise Targeting Options

The Facebook platform offers realtors advanced targeting options, enabling them to narrow down their right audience based on demographics, location, interest group, and more. This helps realtors form precise buyer personas and target individuals more interested in their properties. This guarantees realtors a return on investment (ROI) and reaches clients willing to invest in their services.


Measurable Results and Optimization

Facebook ads platform has in-built analytics and reporting features that allow realtors to track the performance of the campaigns they’ve run in the past and real-time. It shows the data on reach, engagement, click-through rates, conversions and more. By studying the data, realtors can optimize their ads, make informed decisions, and filter the targeting and ad copy to achieve better results for the next campaign.


Step By Step Tutorial on How To Run Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

How To Run Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

Now that you’ve gone through the enticing benefits of Facebook Ads let’s get into action. Creating an effective Facebook ad campaign involves a proper strategy to make the ad productive and achieve the desired results. Below mentioned are the steps for Facebook ads for real estate agents.


Create a Facebook Business Page

The first step is to create a Facebook business page for the real estate business to run an ad on Facebook. Having a designated Facebook page helps realtors get seen by the audience interested in real estate services, and it’s also easier to communicate.


Access Facebook Ads Manager

Realtors can set up their campaigns after creating the business page and accessing the Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook Ads Manager lets real estate professionals create their Facebook campaigns. Each ad is designed to achieve a specific goal: take leads to their website, increase sales, build awareness, etc. Realtors must choose from the marketing objective, the audience they want to reach, where to show their ad and the ad format.


Choose To Automate Ad or Go For Not To Automate

On the left-hand column of the Facebook Homepage, you’ll see the “Ad” section. Click on it to create your ad campaign. You’ll have two options- to opt for automated ads or to create your ad. Either choose the automated ad option, where you’ll answer questions related to your business and goals, then add images and ad copy. Based on that, it creates personalized ads, and you chat just hit “Publish”, and you’re done!



If you choose not to automate and design your ad, select “Create new ad.” To ensure that the ad drives the desired outcome, Facebook asks you to choose your ad objective. It provides a wide range of goal options, such as brand awareness, page likes, reach, traffic generation, conversion, post engagement, and more. Since the motive for our ad is to generate leads, select “lead generation.”


Select The Target Audience

The best part about Facebook is that it follows a highly targeted approach where you can choose your audience based on location, characteristics, and demographics. You can select the interest and age to narrow it down even further. You must be precise when selecting your audience to generate quality leads.


Set The Right Ad Budget

The amazing thing about Facebook ads is their flexibility in offering you to set your own ad budget. You’ll have complete control over the budget you want to allocate to your ads and the ad duration. In this stage of creating your real estate ad, it will show you an estimate of the reach your ad will get based on the amount you’re willing to invest. In addition, you can also decide where you want your ads to display- on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or a combination of all three.


Select an Ad Format

The next step is to select the right ad format for the ad you’re launching. Implementing the content of the ad format is crucial because this is what draws the user’s attention. You can choose from a carousel ad, single image or video ad, and video and 3D tour format for your ad.


Create an Effective Ad Copy

To generate conversion from the ad, your ad copy must be effective and engaging. The content of your ad has a massive impact on the audience as the audience is encouraged to click on the ad and become the lead only when the ad copy is compelling.


Add Quality Images

Real estate and Facebook are both visually driven, and this gives you an edge to appeal to your audience. Using eye-catching quality images, you can make your ad stand out and appeal to your audience. Whatever ad format you opt for, image, graphics with audio video or video, or carousel, ensure that it’s impactful so that the viewers engage with it.


Optimize the Landing Page

The call to action on the ad copy takes the viewers to the landing page, which broadcasts the offer or service you are advertising for. The job of the ad is done here as it has led the potential client to the landing page. The landing page is then responsible for converting the traffic into leads.

Since the goal is to encourage people to leave their contact information, the landing page must be optimized in terms of its content and design so that the viewers find it worth it and fill out the contact form too.


Click Publish

You can hit publish once you’ve carefully followed the steps above. With that final click, your ads are now live. The work doesn’t end here. Now you must monitor and evaluate your ad to ensure it’s reaching your audience and generating the leads you’d hope for. Based on the conversion and response the ads are generating, you can then tweak your ad to get the desired result.



Launching Facebook ad campaigns on time can be a real game-changer for real estate agents. Follow the steps outlined in this blog to reap the benefits of Facebook’s advertising platform to effectively reach and engage your target audience. Or hire a professional to gain the maximum benefits of a Facebook Ad and generate as much lead as possible to grow your business. If you need assistance to launch your next Facebook ad, Splendour Group can help you launch ad campaigns that provide a spectacular return on investment.


Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya

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