Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

by splendour | February 17, 2023 | blog

Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Marketing for real estate business is deemed challenging because of the competitive nature of the industry and the fluctuating landscape with changes in market values and client requirements, but one thing for certain is that it is a high-income generating industry.


To match the demanding market changes, real estate investors and realtors have tried their hands at all the trending real estate marketing strategies prevalent among their competitors.


Direct mail marketing strategy is a strategy that has remained an industry favorite for real estate marketers as the audience always values the personal touch.  


Direct mail marketing strategies are designed with the mindset to build awareness and interest in your business and ultimately drive more sales and leads.


By targeting specific demographics and measuring the results of your campaigns, you can refine your approach and maximize your return on investment.


Direct Mail can become a game-changing marketing approach for your business with engaging mails and postcards that resonates with your audience.


Also, with technology coming into play, direct mailing has incorporated digital automation to generate the desired result.


What are Direct Mails?

Direct Mail is an advertising practice that involves sending out promotional mails of various kinds directly to engage prospects.


Marketers can utilize this marketing campaign to form a meaningful connection with prospective clients, leads, and existing clients.


Direct mail marketing in the real estate industry involves sending promotional materials directly to potential clients through the mail.


This strategy aims to reach a targeted audience and promote the real estate business. This campaign can be customized to specific demographics, such as age, income, or location, and can effectively cost-effectively reach a large audience.


The marketing campaign can take many forms, including postcards, brochures, letters, and flyers.


A successful real estate direct mail marketing strategy typically includes several key elements, such as a personalized greeting, a clear brand message, testimonials from satisfied clients, a list of properties, high-quality photos and virtual tours, a clear call to action, and complete contact information. 

Things to Know Before Designing Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

As effective as direct mail has proven to be for the real estate industry, it is crucial that you have narrowed down some necessary elements before starting your campaign. Take a look at the make-or-break factors for your direct mail to achieve your goals. 


Know the Goal

The goal of every real estate business with direct mail is to lead the recipient to convert and invest in the services they provide. However, every direct mail campaign has its own set of goals.


It can go from building brand awareness, nurturing relationships with the audience, and generating genuine leads to making sales.


It would be best if you went about defining your key drivers before each direct mail campaign to make sure you’re on the right track.


List out Direct Mailing Audience

Planning and executing a direct mail campaign takes great time, effort, and finance. The money and care you’ve spent planning your direct mail campaign goes down the drain if your mail list is outdated.


You must ensure that you have an accurate mailing list for all your efforts to pay off. 


Design your Direct Mail

Design Your Direct-Mail

To have a lasting impression on your audience and to lead them to make sales, your direct mail must be designed keeping your audience in mind.


Attention to detail is crucial to design the direct mail that converts. Designing the mail that looks premium, well-sized, and shaped and has engaging content impacts how your audience perceives it.


Thus, design plays a huge role in how effective your mail is.


Types of Direct Mail

Direct Mail can be sent in different ways as there are various options and creative options to design these mail campaigns. Based on the industry we are talking about, i.e., Real Estate, we have listed some effective types of direct mail to align with your goals and target audience. 


Postcards are the most popular and effective type of direct mail, and how easy and quick it is to design a postcard adds to why most people go for postcards.


They are a pleasing and simple yet effective format to send a concise message with attractive graphics and images to grab your receiver’s attention. Postcards give you an abundance of options to play with images and graphics.


A highlighted CTA and compelling message must be used when designing a personalized postcard.



In an industry like real Estate, where the reason for a direct mail campaign is to make your audience aware of the services and the latest offers you’re running so that they make an informed decision, a professional and standard letter is the way to go.



Catalogues have an aesthetic touch, which makes them very pleasing for direct mail advertising. The plus point of opting for a catalogue is the high page count and additional size.


It provides ample space to fill with promotional content to advertise your real estate business. The effective use of images to represent the services and text description makes catalogues the preferred choice for a business like Real Estate. 

How Often Should You Send Direct Mail?

According to American Marketing Association, the recommended strategy is to deliver mail every 21 days. The recommended gap in days ensures the receiver doesn’t get overloaded with mails and gets an overwhelming feeling with the aggressive marketing tactic.


As a real estate business runner, you must ensure that your direct mail campaign is to make your existing customers and prospective leads excited and aware of your services and not overwhelmed with the barrage of mails they get within a short interval. 


However, consistency is the key to any marketing campaign, including direct mail. Your target audience may not engage or, in the worst case scenario, even skim through your mail, but the key is to keep going at it and not get discouraged when you don’t receive the desired response from your audience from the first drop itself.


It might take multiple times before prospective buyers respond and take the desired action. Keep going at it by sending your audience direct mails to remind them of your real estate business and the services you provide.


This also allows you to experiment with your campaigns until you zero down on which generates the most success. 


Why Direct Mailing Strategy is Successful?

The upsurge of digital media has skyrocketed digital consumption among consumers, and marketing campaigns’ repetitiveness to captivate the audience is now a norm.


Most people now realize that they are the prey of mass marketing campaigns. Hence, ad campaigns now get negative implications. 


Whereas direct mails give a personalized touch which makes the receiver special and valued, they are the most followed and sustained marketing strategy in the real estate industry, where customers are king.


For your ease, we’ve listed some important reasons why direct mail must be a part of your campaign if you want to nurture your relationship with your existing customers and build relationships with your leads. 


People Love Mail

Who doesn’t enjoy getting personalized mail crafted with special care and effort just for them? The answer is we all love it.


To validate that, a survey by USPS Research concluded that direct mail is a popular and result-driven campaign because it gives a personal touch compared to digital communication.


It also states that 38% of conversion in website visits has been recorded owing to direct mail.


Better Response Rate


Amid real estate businesses going through a digital transformation by incorporating digital channels in their marketing campaign, direct mail still is an unshaken marketing campaign to increase sales.


It has an average response rate of 4.4%, compared to only the 0.12% response rate of email, which is lead and bounds effective. 


Less competition 

The real estate business will surely go ham on digital marketing campaigns in the coming years, which reduces the effectiveness of online campaigns because of the excessive competition.


Imagine the intensity at which your competitors will email real estate traffic. By choosing the direct mail route, you’ll cut competition at a large scale and make a lasting impression.  


Can be creative

You’ll get plenty of opportunities to let loose your creativity in a direct mail campaign. From a wide assortment of choices of postcards, catalogs, handwritten note, and merchandise to designing options, the choices to make the best-personalized campaign is unlimited.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Mail Advertising

The odds of your campaign returning the results one had hoped for when planning it are very slim, and the same goes for direct mail. While direct mail has proven returns in increasing sales, you can only expect guaranteed results from it sometimes.


On that note, have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of direct mail. 


Advantages of Direct Mail Advertising:


Targeted Marketing: Direct mail allows advertisers to target specific demographics, such as age, income, and location, to ensure that their message reaches the right audience.


Measurable Results: Direct mail campaigns can be easily tracked and measured through response rates, which can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of the advertising.


Cost-Effective: Compared to other forms of advertising, such as television, print ads, or PPC campaigns, direct mail can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience.


Flexibility: Direct mail can take many forms, including postcards, letters, brochures, and catalogs, allowing advertisers to choose the format that best fits their needs.


Tangible: Direct mail provides a tangible item that consumers can hold onto and reference later, increasing the chances of conversion.


Disadvantages of Direct Mail Advertising:


Low Response Rates: Despite its targeted nature, direct Mail still experiences low response rates compared to other forms of advertising.


Cost: While direct mail can be cost-effective, it can also become expensive, especially when considering printing and postage costs.


Time-Consuming: Creating and executing a successful direct mail campaign can be time-consuming and require significant resources.


Clutter: With so much direct mail being sent, consumers can become overwhelmed and ignore or discard it, making it difficult for advertisers to stand out.



For a real estate business that is both B2B and B2C, direct mail offers realtors easy-to-create campaigns with a guaranteed return on investment. So, hop on the trend and incorporate the marketing campaign that works.


Practice a direct mail campaign in your real estate campaign to ignite conversations with your customers and prospect leads that will surprise them. 

With this article’s detailed benefits and approaches, you might have gained a sense of the significance of direct mail marketing in real Estate. Splendour is your dedicated Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency that strives to deliver effective campaigns and strategies to build your online presence and enhance your network with your audience. Count on us to handle your direct mailing campaign, and we’ll guarantee you the result that ensures the growth of your business. 






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