Is selling products on Facebook in nepal a good choice?

Is Selling Products On Facebook A Good Choice?

by splendour | February 10, 2020 | blog

Since people invest more time in Facebook life than in real life, their world is influenced by how well you present yourself on Facebook. Imagine the last chat you had with somebody about anything interesting. It usually begins with them describing the video or picture they saw on Facebook. Then Imagine the benefits of advertising pictures, videos & gifs of your products on Facebook.  Now you may get the answer to “Is Selling Products on Facebook In Nepal a Good Choice? ”. The answer is big YES!

Selling Products On Facebook In Nepal

With almost 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. It is a newsfeed, an address book, a video conferencing application, now an amazing online storefront. The majority of today’s consumers are logged into Facebook for products searching and made a purchase! Selling products on Facebook has expanded by 23% every year. It has demonstrated to be an awesome stage not just for B2B (Business-to-business) and B2C (business to consumer) organizations but also for P2P(People-to-people). It is an extraordinary medium to reach your targeted customers and create your brand ideas effectively. Furthermore, it is the leading social media network for total revenue driven to online businesses. So, selling products on Facebook in Nepal can be very profitable. This is the reason, no business can ignore this highest preferred online networking system for their expansion.

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Selling products on Facebook in Nepal is very easy. Facebook let the salesmen come online and sell their products and services to potential buyers after creating an e-Commerce store on their Facebook Page. If you take a look at the platform from a business point of view, you’d see a lot of advantages selling on Facebook than selling in a physical store. Facebook is absolutely free to use which minimizes your expenses. Not only that, Facebook marketing covers and reach your maximum potential customer in a short duration of time. That’s why businesses have invested their time and efforts on Facebook. From the individual entrepreneurs to the small vendors and the big brand names, everyone is busy making a strong customer relationship on Facebook by targeting the bigger masses.


Let’s talk about a real-time example. Recently we have realized how powerful Facebook is for online business. We have a Facebook shop named Guchaa OnlineStore. And guess what, in two weeks of time, we sold out 2 sofa furniture by simply uploading the photos. Our customers are well satisfied with our product as we offer them at a low price compared to other physical stores. We do not require a physical store with dedicated staff to sell our products which reduces the daily expenses. We just need a Facebook Online Store page to sell our products. Most importantly, a Facebook page can be handled easily with limited employees. We contact our customers through our page or phone calls. Facebook Online Store is absolutely free to use and doesn’t need to invest much like in a physical store.  That’s why we offer products of the same quality at a low price to customers than physical stores. More than that, we are available 24×7. So there is no doubt that Facebook online stores can reach your endless potential customers organically. Also, to reach customers to a greater extent, you can simply boost your product with a low cost compared to other offline marketing strategies.

Along these lines, so, why not use this platform for your advantage, particularly if you are an e-commerce business entrepreneur! With the strength of Facebook to lead people to your store and to sell your products immediately to active customers. You can genuinely take your online business higher than ever by using the Facebook Store App! 


If you are new to this, this article will assist you to understand the benefits of selling products on the Facebook store and how to manage Facebook storefronts as a sales generator! A Facebook Store is a Facebook business page tab application where potential buyers can buy items directly and immediately on your Facebook Store. This app allows potential clients to scan, offer and buy your products without leaving their Facebook windows!

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Some of the benefits of selling products on Facebook in Nepal are:

  • 1. Low-cost Marketing


Facebook permits less expensive selling strategy compared with some other platform making it simpler for the seller to sell their products and promote their brands online. This is a better option for any medium or beginners in business to make their product visible in the market.  It also depends on where your targeted audience is found. For example, in case you’re focusing on South Asian nations, you can find a good pace thousand preferences with only 3 dollars! It is much more effective than investing in any other marketing approach. 

  • 2. Provide Basic Information


People are not inspired by your products until you explain your product and its benefits in real life. As we realize that Facebook has numerous visitors consistently, it can assist you with giving essential information to your clients and update them with your product value. Pictures and Videos are a decent method to attract people. Facebook gives a superb platform to post content as well as lets you upload videos and pictures and tag them to your targeted customers.

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  • 3. Boost Website Traffic


Boosting traffic to your website is considered the most ideal approach to sell on Facebook. If you are trying to sell any products, you have already recorded that product on your website, and don’t need to include the total details on Facebook as well. Simply post a photo describing the best highlights and connect them to your website. You can check Facebook Insight to see what number of clicks the post got and evaluate its suitability yourself. This way, there will be organic traffic to your website. 

  • 4. Target  Audience


Facebook allows you to reach your focused clients who are really interested in your product and trying to be with your business. While creating advertisements or boosting your posts, Facebook permits organizations to target more focused on traffic dependent on different dimensions like age, segment, interest, areas, hobby, and so on. 

  • 5. Monitor and Evaluate


Something that makes Facebook the best online social media to sell things on is the Facebook Insights highlight. It presents infographics about each post you’ve made and how well it is getting along with the targeted audiences. You don’t need a degree in advanced advertising to understand the details that Facebook perfectly shows and shape your selling method equally.

There’s no denying that, Facebook Online Store plays a vital role in expanding your business. Yet have no clue where to start? 


Worry no more! I will guide… Let’s take a look!

Follow These Steps to Sell Products on Facebook Shop:

1. Set up Your Facebook Business Page


To set up a Facebook Store, you’ll have to make a free Facebook Page for your business. You can’t make a Facebook Shop in a private Facebook account. The Facebook Shop feature is only accessible on Pages. Having a separate Business Page offers many advertising advantages over personal accounts, including: 


  1. It gives your consumers an approach to find your business and follow your posts. 
  2. It gives you tremendous facilities for free promoting strategies. 
  3. It lets you sell your products directly to Facebook’s large users from your Facebook page. 


You’ll have to make a Facebook business page. The purpose behind this is because many people will look at your business page to ensure your organization is real before making a buy from you. You need these guests to know, like, and trust your business, so take time to refine your page. 


When creating a business Facebook page is finished, make your Facebook Shop. For that, you’ll need a way to list products and approve orders and payments through Facebook. The most ideal approach to do this is with a Facebook-friendly e-commerce platform.

2. Evaluate Your Options for Selling on Facebook


Facebook offers a complete online shopping experience by means of the completely integrated Facebook Shop. There are two choices to consider when selling on Facebook: 


 a. Upload Products to Facebook Shop Yourself 

You can upload products for sale directly to your Facebook Shop for free. Facebook has clear guidelines that walk you through each step, including how to connect payment providers. For payment gateway, you have the choice of PayPal or Stripe.


 b. Sell Products Through an E-commerce Platform

From Facebook, You can connect with an e-commerce platform that makes it easier to sell multiples of the same products and integrate with your other sales channels. Top e-commerce platforms like Woo-commerce, Shopify, and Ecwid let you list and sell products in a Facebook Shop, also too numerous different spots if you wish. The greatest plus is that you can sell pretty much anyplace utilizing an online business stage. Going this way, the time you spend entering items into a selling system can convey returns far beyond Facebook.

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3. Create Products For Your Facebook Shop


Now, its time to create the products list. But, before creating your product listings, you’ll need to assemble four key components:

  1. Good images of your products,
  2. Product descriptions, 
  3. Product size & weight information,
  4. Product numbers or inventory stock-keeping unit (SKU) numbers. 

You’ll also need to include four pieces of store information to let customers know what to expect when they order from you. You can create a page in your online store to display this information. The page should include:

  1.  About us information
  2.  Your store’s contact information
  3. Customer service & privacy policy
  4. Shipping rates and policy

4. Link to Your Facebook Shop to E-commerce Websites


Once you have this information gathered, you’ll enter it into your e-commerce platform. Each e-commerce platform makes it easy to enter product information and images, plus set up payment methods, shipping rates, and store information. Every platform provides detail guidelines that walk you through every step. After connecting to your Facebook Shop, the new Shop section will automatically appear on your Facebook page.


If you have an existing Facebook page with a Shop Now button that’s already connected to your website, you have one more step to do. You need to edit the Shop Now button link to connect to your Facebook Shop. After all of the above is complete wait for some time because Facebook reviews all new Shops to make sure images and content meet Facebook Shop guidelines. Once approved, as you add new products, they will automatically appear within 20 minutes or so. 

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5. Market Your Products for Facebook Shop Success


There’s one extremely pleasant thing about having your products available for sale in your Facebook Shop. Because your products and potential clients are now there. Your Facebook Shop products are ready for advertising to your Facebook followers and endless potential clients. With your products already linked on Facebook, you can easily and quickly select certain product items to promote by means of Facebook posts and advertisements. 


Additionally, your viewers don’t need to leave the Facebook page to become familiar with your items or to make a buy. This expands engagement inside the Facebook Shop. This is the reason Facebook Shop is quick turning into a most preferred sales channel for online sellers, of all shapes and sizes. 


There are both free and paid ads services to advertise your items to followers and bigger crowds, including offers. Start using Facebook’s paid advertising features to give your business maximum exposure for a relatively small investment. 

Bottom Line:


Facebook is a huge social media platform presently. Online store platforms that coordinate seamlessly with Facebook offer the easiest Facebook Shop solution, particularly if you’re new to e-commerce. It’s true that Facebook has various tools to help you grow your business smoothly. It has the great capability to spare your brand and its potential.


Selling products directly to your Facebook audience is easy but in the long run, we suggest an e-commerce website. Using an e-commerce platform is recommended for businesses selling products on a Facebook Shop, and is also necessary for multiple channels, such as Amazon, Google, etc. WooCommerce is a great e-commerce platform that makes it easy to manage multiple sales channels.


What do you think about Facebook Shop for your business? Is a website more important than a Facebook Shop? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below. And if you want an e-commerce website design service or Facebook Marketing Services in Nepal, Feel free to Contact Splendour Group.