Instagram Marketing Strategies 2019

by Swadesh Baniya | October 17, 2019 | blog

Instagram Marketing Strategies In Nepal

Did you know? Instagram had over a billion active monthly users. So, its user base is too big for any marketer to ignore. You need to learn about Instagram marketing strategies in Nepal to grow your business.

Today Instagram marketing strategies are widely used all over the world. It is one of the most popular online marketing tools. It has a massive user base.

People use Instagram to share moments, find passions, inspired and take action.

When it first started, it was just a social media platform for people to share pictures. Now it has become an important social media marketing platform crawling with influences, brands, and marketers.

For now, Instagram remains the sweetheart of the social media scene of marketers. With more than a billion active monthly users, 50% of Instagram users are following their favorite brands. Business branding is a very important aspect of  Instagram marketing strategies in Nepal.

The amazing fact about Instagram

“Brands on Instagram have a 4.21% engagement rate. That’s 10x higher than Facebook and 84x higher than Twitter.”

“Over 95 million Instagram posts are created daily.”

Instagram can help businesses to find customers and grow. With an Instagram business profile, businesses can promote their products to a global audience of people who are most interested in what they do.

Let’s take a closer look at ways to do  Instagram marketing strategies in Nepal well.

Set up your Instagram business account

The first and most important thing that you need to do before you start marketing on Instagram is to set up a business account.

Instagram provides you with the option to either create a personal account or a business account. If you want to market on Instagram and establish your presence as a business, then the latter is the way to go. Moreover, it comes with its own set of advantages.

When you create a business account, you’ll be able to add an address field and contact buttons to your profile. You can include directions, a phone number and an email address, which people on Instagram can use to get in touch with you.

Optimize your Instagram account

Your Instagram profile is your chance to make a first impression on your profile viewers.

When someone views your profile, you have a very short span of time to engage them and convert them into customers. This is why it is important to have an optimized Instagram profile.

Some tips that you can do to optimize your Instagram profile.

  • Write an engaging bio to tell your story. And showcase your brand to prospective customers.
  • Select a profile name that accurately represents your brand.
  • Add a link of your website in your Instagram bio
  • Select an appropriate, high-quality profile picture that represents your brand.
  •  Promote your branded hashtag in your bio.

Developing an optimized Instagram profile capable of engaging Instagram users. It will require an organized plan of attack and plenty of patience. Being able to measure performance that makes changes in reaction to the numbers will put you well ahead of the competition.

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Take advantage of all types of Instagram format content.

Choose the right profile photo

Before visitors ever read your Instagram Bio. They will see your profile picture. It’s your first impression.

Most Instagram marketers don’t think about updating their Instagram profiles.

Update your Instagram profile image to suit current campaigns. The right profile photo for a business Instagram account is usually your logo.

But doing so can be a great way to keep the profile fresh and relevant. Adding logo variations or designs specific to a marketing campaign can encourage followers to check out your profile more frequently than they might otherwise.

Instagram stories

To increase engagement rates, become a storyteller instead. Offer them micro-stories via your captions, videos, Instagram Stories, and profile. So, Instagram stories are valuable part of Instagram marketing strategies in Nepal.

Instagram Stories are an engaging and fun way for brands to connect with their audiences and market themselves. The short, temporary format requires you to create fun, attention-grabbing content to engage your audience.’

What kind of content should post as Instagram stories?

  • Promote a giveaway or contest

This is an easy and effective way to grab your audience’s attention. Increase your followers, and drive audience engagement all at the same time.

Giveaways immediately grab the audience’s attention and encourage people to learn more. Also, you can ask people to follow your social media profiles to be eligible to take part, as this will help increase your followers.

  • Ask question

This is a simple, yet brilliant way to engage your audience and start conversations with them. But, you need to understand your audience well to start successful conversations with them.

Ask a relevant question that will spark your audience’s interest and encourage them to answer. Instagram Stories have a specific sticker that you can use to ask a question.

  • Add purchasable  links in stories

Instagram Stories ads are another great way to utilize the Stories format. They have an advantage over normal Instagram Stories because these can help you reach a larger number of people.

Your Instagram Stories will be available only to people who follow you, but ads can be targeted to a much broader audience. The format remains the same, just the reach increases.

  • Creates polls and quizzes

Polls and quizzes are, by their very nature, engaging types of content. The moment someone sees a quiz, they get tempted to answer to find out if they can answer correctly. Similarly, polls feed on the human need to relate to others and that’s why people want to know if their opinions match those of the majority or not.

To create polls, you can simply use Instagram Stories stickers. For detailed quizzes, you can share the link or promote the quiz via Stories. This will direct viewers to your website to take the actual quiz.

  • Showcase your achievements

If you’ve recently won any awards or achieved an important milestone, then you can share that with your audience via Stories. While this may not directly drive conversions, it will definitely enhance your brand image and encourage people to try your products.

  • Highlights

Instagram Highlights are just Instagram Stories that you decide to keep permanently displayed at the top of your feed. The format, essentially, is the same as Stories but the position is different. Instead of showing in your followers’ feed, Highlights are displayed on your own Instagram profile.

So, you can think of Highlights as a part of your Instagram profile and use these to showcase content that you want to draw attention to.

Use Instagram traffic to increase website traffic 

Instagram traffic can help boost visits to your website. It allows for a single clickable link in your bio. Maximize the potential of your website link with special offers. It makes promotions to encourage followers to click through.

Most of the Instagram users will be accessing your page from a mobile device and providing a poor impression can seriously hurt your chances of hurting the visitors to become loyal visitors.

In addition to providing a mobile-optimized experience, page speed should be lighting fast to all devices.

For those interested in driving website traffic from Instagram profile to a company webpage. Make sure that the entire company website is mobile optimized. Mobile optimized website can bring more traffic because of more numbers of mobile users.

Instagram marketers should review their company profile on a variety of devices to make sure that experience is positive and consistent across all devices.

Choose the right hashtags

Did you know? “91% of posts by top brands use seven or fewer hashtags.”

Selecting the best hashtags for your Instagram posts. It can mean the difference between appearing as a top post or sinking to the bottom of the feed without a trace.

Announce new product launches

A lot of brands use Instagram Highlights to announce their new product launches. This is effective because Highlights are displayed right at the top and center of the profile. And Highlights immediately grab attention and thus are a good way to bring attention to the new product launches.

Take advantages of Instagrams videos format

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is worth millions. There is no challenging the popularity of online video content. It can recognize this and offers a suite of video options for marketers to deploy.

From Instagram Stories that can mash up videos and stills into a single ad to standalone 60-second videos ideal for long-form features. Make sure you use the strengths of each video format.

For instance, consider Instagram Stories’ live video option for big reveals about new products or services or use a prerecorded ad to offer up authentic, behind-the-scenes stories to your followers to increase Instagram engagement.

Use filters and emojis effectively

Instagram is about having fun with various forms of media. One way to do that through your Instagram profile is to use emojis in your Instagram account bio. A few emojis can take the place of words, giving you a few more characters to write a compelling bio.

Use emojis in the post along with a caption. Emoji capture the attraction of people directly to your post.

Instagrams most popular feature among marketers is the filter options that give your images and videos a distinct look and identity.

Target the right audience with ads

You might consider using Instagram ads to market your brand. Instagram offers five different ads formats: videos, carousels, photos, canvas, and story ads.

Each format is incorporated into your target audience as a feed or story, making it hard to miss.

Measure Your Performance and Improvise

After you have implemented your marketing initiatives and have run your campaigns, you need to test how well they performed. This will help you understand what works for you and what doesn’t. These insights, in turn, can fuel your marketing strategy and help you improve it for the future.

You can measure the performance of your Instagram marketing campaigns either by using Instagram’s built-in analytics feature. The analytics will help you in creating new Instagram marketing strategies in Nepal.

Many businesses feel the rising pressure to be available on all social media platforms without thinking through a strong strategy.

Instagram is different from other social media platforms. You’ll need a strong Instagram marketing strategy to grow a successful business.


Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya

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