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by Swadesh Baniya | March 3, 2023 | blog

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Real estate is a highly competitive industry, especially in the online domain. The first page of the search engine is usually dominated by commercial real estate marketing companies ready to invest as much money as possible to retain their position.


Realtors and real estate agencies must be agile with their marketing strategies and feel confident to try new marketing approaches so that they are not dependent on search engine ranking to get the leads and audience they need.


Digital marketing for real estate comprises a range of marketing practices to hook your target audience, including hyperlocal real estate marketing.


Here, you can directly start with building a real estate digital marketing strategy for a set number of people from a particular geographical region and head-on approach the leads and people you want to provide your services to.

How Hyper Local Marketing Works for Realtors?

Going hyperlocal is the best local SEO strategy for real estate agents and realty companies to position themselves better than the competition and generate higher-quality leads. The goal here is not to compete on a global scale on the search engine, but the focus is on ranking high for a locality or neighborhood.


The main advantage of going hyperlocal is realtors and realty agencies no longer have to compete with the big established names, and a massive chunk of competition is cut down based on the geographical area working to target.


And the added benefit to going hyperlocal is the audience you’re targeting is also limited, making it easier to address the issues and queries.


Now all realtors have to do is produce insightful local contents that the audience wants to see, optimize the website content with hyperlocal keywords, and create location-specific pages.


These efforts snowball into a higher ranking in the local search results, which increases visibility; thus, quality leads and higher conversion are given.   

Best Channels for Hyper Local Marketing

Website & Blog

The website of your real estate business is the most incredible platform you can leverage to promote your business to a local audience. Optimizing your real estate website with keywords on each listing based on the location and blog with local content is how you show up on the searches of your local audience.  

Online Ads 


Social media channels have ad sets in place to manage whom and where your ads are to be shown. You can narrow down the exact location and age group of your audience to target. Similarly, Google Maps is a crucial platform for reaching local people. Your real estate business will benefit from running ads on Google Maps because it’s easier for people to find you from your location. 

Direct Mail


Direct mail hits the nail because it is a highly targeted and personalized medium to approach your audience. Generally, businesses with a physical location get their clients from a one-mile radius of the space. At the same time, this might only sometimes be the case for real estate businesses; you will always benefit from forming an association with your local people and making them aware of your services and offers on a timely basis through your personalized catalogs, postcards, and more.     

Social Media

The power social media harnesses to reach millions and billions of people while also addressing a segment group of people is why it is considered the preferred space for digital marketing for real estate investors. Social media can set location so that your posts are visible when someone is looking for services in a particular area. Different social media platforms have unique features and audiences; you can make them in your favor by cashing in on them. 


Snapchat is heavily focused on video and images and best for localized campaigns. You can post interactive snaps and videos and connect with your audience in real-time. The location feature in Snapchat makes snaps and videos available for the public to consume when they search for that location.

Facebook Groups

Utilize Facebook’s feature where you can make groups or join groups of your niche to build a community. Forming a real estate group by adding the target audience where you share listings, price trends, updates, and info about the real estate market and more will make you a person of great knowledge while also marketing your services.


Sharing videos of the real estate properties, following trending videos to talk about your services or just some facts on real estate, you never know when it can get viral and bring you the traction you need. Sharing property videos of the community, you are targeting to make your video seen by the target audience because now the whole world is into TikTok consumption. So jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the many advantages of TikTok.


Instagram has gained immense popularity and a reputation for being valuable for businesses to grow their followers and build a brand. Consistency is what makes you a start on Instagram. Create an Insta page for your business and use local hashtags and ads location to your posts to get the best use of Insta for hyperlocal marketing.


Twitter has the option where you can use the city accounts and city names when sharing your tweets for your hyperlocal real estate marketing campaign. Using city names in your tweets increases your chances of retweets and shout-outs from the city accounts, increasing your visibility in that city. 

Linkedin Groups

Linkedin is a professional platform perfect for businesses trying to connect with serious clients and build a name for themselves. Similarly, with Linkedin Groups, you can post content or answer people’s queries about real estate around the area you are targeting and let them know of your services. LinkedIn marketing is effective for those who are in B2B sector.

Phone Calls

It makes sense to directly call your leads and target audience rather than just sit and wait for them to approach you. With the limited number of people you have to call for your hyperlocal marketing, you can opt to call them and market your services directly through a call. The interaction gives you a real-time impression of how the person on the other end responds.  

Pay Visit

Absolutely nothing can beat your physical presence when marketing your business. Nothing gets lost or miscommunicated when one-on-one physical interaction is made. Hyperlocal real estate marketing makes it easy for real estate agents to make their best impression on the local community with personal visits as the list of houses to approach is also narrowed down. With excellent interpersonal skills, you can win over those people and make them choose you as their realtor or your real estate agency over others. 

Going from a ZIP code to a neighborhood mindset

It is a prevalent practice for real estate agencies to use multiple listing services (MLS) from a zip code for a vast neighborhood. You must understand from being in this business what your clients are for. Your audience is looking for information about a particular area and locality they’re interested in. 

Create an Informative Area Page

Start by making individual pages on your website based on the cities you provide services to and the listing of those areas. Include the features and facilities of those areas, such as the number of marts, parks, schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics, and more that people consider when choosing an area to live in.


Also, add content about the families living in the neighborhood without listing their names and personal info. This is a great way to describe the neighborhood while increasing your chances of ranking on the search engine with long-tail keywords. 

Write Local Content

I’m sure you must have heard the phrase content is the king, and it is. Compelling content has the power of ranking in the SE and giving your target audience just what they are looking for. Supporting your content with keywords specific to your target audience and making it local to connect with your leads makes your messaging adequate while establishing your brand more personal. 

Create Area-Specific Lead Magnets

With various mediums, all thanks to technology, creating an area-specific lead magnet is not a big deal. Publishing resources like blogs, PDF study material, or even eBooks doesn’t need to be hefty in your pocket, and you can even do it without spending a single penny.


Your guides can be a market report, informative starter guide for new property buyers, or property listing files; the list is endless, and take their email in exchange.  

Contribute to Local Newspapers

You can contribute your knowledge, experiences, and expertise about the local market and the constantly changing rates in the local newspaper column. Writing for a local newspaper is easier than one might think. With the correct information, a solid tone, and a well-constructed piece, writing is a piece of cake. This will help your branding in the local communities and make you the knowledge source.

Social Media Networking

social-media-marketing (

Social Media channels have these groups based on industry, you can join or form a local group with your geographic people and add professionals to impart valuable thought and information and become an influencing entity in your local community. Using social media‘s power and reach, you can achieve your objectives by posting on such groups.

Contribute to Local Programmes

To be the point of difference, you have to position yourself as an active figurehead in your focused community. Take charge of organizing events, show your support for local causes, participate in society-building services, and connect more with local people. Your time and effort serving the community will not go unnoticed, and you will add a feather to your cap.

Do Interviews with Local Podcasts/media

When you have successfully built a name and stature for yourself through all the various local marketing strategies, the next decisive step is to approach local media and podcast channels and participate in them.

By participating, we mean giving interviews to various media channels, and with podcasts gaining popularity, don’t miss out on that, either. Share your experiences and knowledge, show your personality, and over your target audience with these long-format marketing channels. 

Benefits Of Hyperlocal Real Estate Marketing

Whether it is a small real estate agency or a local agent trying their hands at hyperlocal marketing, its captivating benefits make it a worthwhile marketing campaign. Here we’ve listed the benefits of hyperlocal real estate marketing for you to go through.


  • Real estate marketing can feel daunting, and a massive challenge as one might feel overwhelmed with where to start. Designing an effective marketing strategy requires properly studying the market trend and audience. With hyperlocal marketing, you have already segmented your marketing for a target demographic, focusing on a set area and people of that area. It saves you a considerable chunk of your marketing budget and time, and you get higher chances of building your local brand.
  • As you’ve narrowed down your focus group, you’ll be hands-on with your audience and go the extra mile to understand the people you are marketing for and what marketing strategy will be effective for them. When you’ve got your exact lead demographic, it’ll be way simpler to maximize that and get the desired conversion.
  • The smaller your niche, the smaller your audience, and the smaller your marketing budget, but the larger opportunities you have to explore innovative strategies. You can run as many local marketing strategies within your hyperlocal area, narrow it down to the one that hits the nail, and then use those strategies to go full power.
  • Hyperlocal marketing is the best for referral businesses. Real estate is an industry that works on the connections you’ve formed with people within your industry and your clients to get repeat business and new referrals. Working for a small demographic area makes it easier to build a close bond with prospects and existing clients and set up opportunities for referral business. 
  • Nothing is more exciting than gaining popularity and recognition from the people you’re trying to encapsulate into being your paying customer. When you choose hyperfocus marketing, you participate in local events or organize events to build your presence and actively reach out to as many people in that community as possible. Your effective presence makes you a notable figure in your community.


Popular websites with heavy investments are there to dominate the first pages of the search engine with paid ads and heaving marketing campaigns, but you don’t have to get flustered and worried thinking those massive companies are your competition. We understand the importance of securing the ranking on the first page of the search result page, but with alternatives like hyperlocal marketing, you can easily attract your correct audience. 


You no longer have to compete with the more prominent companies and instead strengthen your position on the local market as the trusted and expert service provider with hyperlocal real estate marketing without exceeding your budget. The cherry on the cake is the bond you form with your community; with that, you’re in for a long win. 


So join forces with Splendour, the best agency providing digital marketing for realtors, to beat out the competition and make your way toward your local community in full force. 



Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya

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