Why is Google Business Profile For a Real Estate Agent Important?

by splendour | April 19, 2023 | blog


Would you appear on the search result if a person were to look for real estate agents within your location? The majority of your potential real estate clients are starting their house-hunting journey online, like searching for properties and realtors that appeal to them. Solid online visibility ensures your services reach your target audience generating a pipeline of leads for your business.


Considering real estate is a cut-throat competitive place online and offline, leveraging Google My Business for realtors is the sought-after way for local businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Google is the leader in the search market amongst other search engines, accounting for 84.69% of online searchers as of January 2023, and about 86% of the audience uses Google Maps to look at local businesses.


It’s not rocket science to understand from these numbers that having a dominating presence on Google’s local search results equals credibility, the spike in leads, sales, and conversion. Thus, if you haven’t set up the Google Business Profile for your real estate business, you’re holding back the potential your business can achieve in terms of leads and sales. Managing Google Business Profile is going to help you a lot in local search engine optimization.


Why Google Business Profile for Real Estate?

First things first, Google Business Profile is a free platform designed especially to help local businesses get seen, so why not? In this digital day and age, Google Business Profile has become the new-age newspaper that people use to find real estate agencies and realtors within their location. It has catapulted into the most vital tool for service providers in increasing their exposure and bringing in leads. Now, why is Google Business Profile for realtors such as essential tool?


When a user searches with local intent, such as for a realtor near their location, Google displays results that are hyper-local to the user. Google is an extremely smart search engine for showing accurate results because the search results are based on the user’s IP address. So, if a user is situated in New York, the search results will appear for businesses in the New York area. Thus, when you have the Google Business Profile of your real estate business, your chances of getting seen by your local audience are elevated. 


Benefits of Google Business Profile for Realtors

Google Business Profile is a powerful marketing channel to attract potential real estate clients and increase their online visibility of your real estate business. It is a valuable tool that must be included in the Local SEO strategies for realtors. Here are some of the notable benefits of Google Business Profile for Realtors:


Increase visibility in Google SERP and Google Maps

When you create the Google Business Profile for your real estate business, based on your reviews, listing, and activity, it ranks on Google Maps, Google Search, and other Google platforms. Ranking high on these platforms increases your online visibility on local searches, making it easier for interested clients to find information about your business, such as the operating hours, contact number, location, etc. 


Rank To Get Local Leads And Clients

When your real estate business ranks in the top spots in the local search results and map packs, it makes the users trust your business. Ranking high on the search result equates to a successful and trustworthy business. Thus, ranking high will generate quality leads, which will convert your paying clients. 


Gain Local Market Insights

Google Business Profile you can use the local trends section to get insight into the local search trends in your area. It provides comprehensive data on your area’s search categories, queries, and search trends. You can then evaluate the search trends based on your real estate niche and tailor your listings accordingly. 


How to Setup Google Business Profile Account?


Now that we walked you through the potential Google Business Profile holds in marketing your business, let’s get into how to create your profile there. It is relatively straightforward for realtors and real estate agencies running their businesses to claim their Google My Business Profile; you need to get the technical details and business information right, and you’re good to go. We’ll walk you through the steps to create your Google My Business profile. 


Step #1: Go to google.com/business  and click on “Manage Now”.


Step #2: Once you click the “Manage Now” button, fill in the name of your real estate business.


Step #3: In this stage, Google will ask you whether you want to add the location of your business. Click on yes.


Step #4: Now, fill in the address of your real estate business.


Step #5: Google then sends you a code on your email and phone number to verify your business.


Step #6: Once you’ve verified your business, you can then log in to your Google Business Profile account. Now you can proceed to add the details of your business. 


Step #7: You can select your real estate business’s category, address, and service area. Ensure you enter your business’s correct NAP(name, place, address). Add the phone number, photo, and website address of your business. 


Step #8: Add the description of your real estate business. Write about your services and business hours. 


Step #9: Now, you can post your real estate listing.


Once you’ve completed all these steps, you’ve successfully set up the Google Business Profile of your real estate business and now your audience can easily find you on Google Maps and Google Search. 


Google Business Profile Reviews

Now reflect on your search behavior when looking for a company or even a product online. Don’t we all search for what we’re looking for and then immediately browse through the reviews of the top results and start comparing them? 


So, as important as it is to appear on the top spots of the search result, reviews are of equal importance as well. In your Google Business Profile, your customers can leave reviews and ratings. 


To make your real estate business credible and trustworthy in the eyes of your audience, you must encourage your clients to leave you reviews on Google, respond to your customer’s reviews, and answer the queries people have left on your Business profile. So, reviews are the factor that compels your audience to take the plunge. 


Tips to Optimize Google Business Profile for Real Estate

Optimizing your listing is essential to rank high on the search results. Based on the preference of Google, below are the way to optimize your Google Business Profile listings:


Image Focused Listing

 Always add images on your listings, be it the images of the real estate properties, the image of your office, the logo of your business, or any other image related to your business. Images are the visual aid that makes your clients engage in your listings. 


Well-Maintained & Active Profile

Make sure you are consistently active and posting on your Google Business profile. You can show your activity by posting your success stories, property listings, posting offers, or even blogs. Also, reply to all the queries or any comments your audience has left on your profile. The key is to update your profile regularly so that Google gives your business priority and ranks high on the search result. 



Reviews are not a direct factor that affects your ranking on the search result, but rather they act as the vote of confidence for both Google and Google’s audience, as Google is the most trusted online review platform. If your real estate business has ample positive reviews, it solidifies the confidence of the audience in your services. So, encourage your past and existing clients to leave a review for your business on Google.  


Similar Tools to Google Business Profile 

Although there isn’t a tool that is as complete and feature-rich for your local search optimization as Google Business Profile, we’ve listed down some tools that can also help you optimize your local search presence:

  • BrightLocal
  • Semrush
  • LocaliQ
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub


Hire an Expert

Now, you don’t have to worry about fighting for space in the search result pages with the big players of the real estate market; instead, aim for the local search spot. It not only lessens your competition but brings the high-intent leads directly to your lap. So set up the Google My Business profile for your real estate business and claim your listing is the key to unlocking genuine leads and clients through Google searches. 


We understand that you might have the time and resources to run your Google My Business profile as efficiently as you’re operating your business where you’re the expert; that’s why we’re here to help you assist you. As you’re an expert in the real estate department, we’re the real estate digital marketing experts. Splendour is a complete real estate digital marketing agency with proficiency in all aspects of online marketing. Hire us to help you with your Google Business Profile, and we’ll set you up for success.





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