10 Easy steps to start your E-commerce Business

by Swadesh Baniya | September 13, 2019 | blog

Steps to start your eCommerce business in Nepal

What is an E-commerce business?

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods or commercial transactions online. You need to take various steps to be successful in the e-commerce business, and the first step is Digital Marketing. An E-business is a company that does commercial transactions using the Internet. E-commerce is the platform to pick your business at a high level. It is an online platform or website that allows sellers to sell their products to a wide customer base. It is an extra sales channel with a wider customer reach.


It provides 24×7 connectivity between buyers and sellers and provides clarity and transparency of information. An E-commerce business is like the physical market. It brings buyers and sellers together on a common platform. It involves digital-enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and individuals.


Tips to Start E-Commerce Business

It removes the barrier so the seller and buyer can meet virtually. Starting an e-commerce business is easy, but developing and promoting e-commerce is hard. E-commerce demands many steps and decisions to come together at the right time. If you’re looking to build your e-commerce business, here are 10 easy steps to start your e-commerce business:

1. Plan as Per The MarketPlace

You should choose your marketplace if you want to sell your product to the entire world. First, you have to choose the marketplace according to your product. Before evaluating your company, you need to conduct qualitative and quantitative research. It would be best if you analyzed your competition. The company has to build good strategies for its business.


Companies should plan their objectives and set a goal around their strengths to operate in the marketplace. You must develop your e-commerce website or use other reliable e-commerce sites. Now, if you are going to develop your own e-commerce business, then you have to make your website which is unique to your business. 


While doing this, you have to develop premium products/services and make a new channel for the product. If you want to leverage the e-commerce services provided by Amazon, Daraz, AliExpress, and Alibaba and sell your product there, then you have to put your product on those sites and let them do the rest of the job.


 2. Analyze Your Competitor

In the marketplace, you will find a lot of competition. You have to analyze your competition and study their behavior, policies, price, and quality of the product. This will help you to make your own policies and strategies to develop your business and find ways to be better and distinctive than your competitors.  


The customer always wants something new product, a qualitative product. You need to understand what type of product your customers want. For example, if you are going to sell a smartphone in the marketplace, then you need the latest smartphone, which has more features. You need to highlight the features and specs of the smartphone so that the customers are interested in it. If you give a suitable discount on the price tag, then the customer will attract to the product.


3. Establish your brand or E-commerce Business site

Before you set up your business store, there are some crucial steps you must take, which are listed below.  


i) Register your business: Pick your suitable store name. Get your business license, and register your company.


ii) Create a logo: Create an attractive logo for your business.


iii) Apply for a permit: After registering your business, you have to apply for a permit. Get legal permission for your business.


iv) Create your online store: After the legal registration of your business, you now have to think about design. You have to create a suitable website. For this, you need to:

  • Register domain
  • Register relevant URL
  • Check loading speed, features, payment types, business structure, SEO-friendly structure, etc.


4. Product Selection

Before starting your business, you must make sure about what kind of product you sell. It is one of the most important steps to start your e-Commerce business. Without this, there can’t be any eCommerce business. The product of your business site has to match the expectation of the customers. Product details like price tag, discount, quality, brands, etc., should show. Are you manufacturing your own product or selling another product? You have to verify and confirm the product that you are selling to customers if you are selling something other than your own product.


The need the ensure is the main point one must focus on when choosing the products, so select those types of products which has a good value and need in the marketplace


5. Presentation and Catalog To Catch Audience Attention

In e-commerce, customers cannot touch and feel your product. So, the presentation and catalog play a vital role marketplace. You need a strong presentation of your product to attract customers. You should have to give proper details about your product in a presentable manner, along with clear images. The photos of products should be clear and can view from a different angle. Only then will your product grab the attention of customers. 


The first impression will always be the last impression, so make your product looks good. Provide proper details about the stock of your product, whether it is available or not.


6. Marketing your Product and Store

In e-commerce, you should have good strength to reach your customers. For this, you have to advertise your product and provide information. Advertisement is the main resource to provide information about your product and business. There are different ways to advertise your site and product to customers.


 Promote your business before you launch and after launch. People will be aware of your product. Interested customers can wait early for its launch. After you launch your business, promote your product and store. For marketing your business, you can follow the following digital marketing strategy to process:

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is using email to build a relationship with your audience. By using emails and marketing communication flow, you can send relevant information. You can convert prospects into customers. People who are interested in your store and product service can join the email list. Email marketing is full of control and ease of use, and easy to measure results in the evaluation through email marketing.

  • Display Marketing

It is a key digital channel to promote your e-commerce business. A well-designed display ad can generate a lot of clicks as well as build awareness.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of leveraging the network to interact with your audience to traffic and sales to websites. While social media can be used to promote the product, it is primarily a place to interact with users and tell them what makes your brand unique. You have to decide which social media platform is best for your business and product.

  • Facebook

It is the world’s largest social network. Facebook’s massive audience can convert into an online business. Frequent industry news, product promotion, and information content can generate increased brand sales.

  • Instagram

In Instagram, e-commerce performance is affected by product images. Making this dominant social platform a key driver of brand awareness to the customer.

  • Twitter

Twitter is another platform of social media to promote your business. It has a massive audience that is converted by online businesses.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is best suited for leadership content, particularly for the high-end.


Promoting and selling on social media networks is right around the corner. It changes the way online business approaches and interacts with customers and society.

  • Search Engine Optimization

For the advertisement, you can do SEO for better ranking of your website. So that people will reach your website on top ranking while searching on a search engine. It is the way to increase the rank of your website on the search engine results page. It is comprised of many different factors, including the actual content on your page. It contains keyword research to find the types of keywords customers are searching for.

7. Delivery


Home delivery is the best way to deliver the goods to the customer because it saves their time as they don’t have to visit a store to receive the order. You have to provide your delivery methods and time to customers for the product they order. It shouldn’t take more time to deliver the product. The customer wants their order as fast as possible. 

So, the delivery of the product should be faster and delivered to the exact location of customers. Customers love to receive their products in good packaging. So, pack the product and deliver the product within the committed time to the customer.


8. Payment Mechanism

When you start your e-commerce business, you have to care about payment strategies. You should have your own payment mechanism that is safe and reliable. There are many digital payment methods that are easy to use. Besides digital payment, credit cards, master cards, etc., can use for payment of the product.


9. Refund and Returns & Terms and Conditions

The marketplace gives a very small margin, and it will take all your money from returns and refund cycles. The return policy state clearly the time and conditions acceptable for it if it does not reach customer expectations. You have to attach some terms and policies on your site that customers need to read. They have to follow your policy while doing online transactions. Terms and conditions policy must be in place to protect your business. 


10. Reviews from Marketplace

Reviews from the customer are the most important part of your business. Reviews help your product match customers’ expectations. For this, you can provide a rating review for your product and your facilities. You can also add a review that helps get reviews about your product in the comment section. It will help to downplay your weaknesses.

If you are getting a proper review from your customer about providing satisfaction. Then you will able to develop your business in the advanced marketplace. More customers will reach you. It is better to show the review that you are getting from the customer on your product and site.



Thus, starting an E-commerce business is no easy task as people think. To make your business successful, the steps to start your e-commerce business needs to be followed properly. It will be easy if you follow some relevant steps for doing e-commerce. Technology will change, but the principles of how to start an Ecommerce business will always remain the same. So focused on your goal, follow the principles and strategies. Give your best to customers, and then you will achieve success with your business.


Swadesh Baniya

Swadesh Baniya

Adept with the latest industry trends and a commitment to excellence, Swadesh is on the journey to guide fellow marketers and businesses toward unparalleled success with his valuable insights.

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